Letter to BLM: Rogue roundups must stop

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Neil Kornze, BLM Director
Joan Guilfoyle, Division Chief BLM Division of Wild Horses and Burros jguilfoy@blm.gov
Juan Palma, Utah State Director, BLM   jpalma@blm.gov
Jenna Whitlock, Utah Associate State Director, BLM   jwhitloc@blm.gov
Todd Christensen, Color Country Utah District Manager BLM utccmail@blm.gov
Salvatore R. Lauro Director, Office of Law Enforcement and Security BLM SLauro@blm.gov
BLM Utah State Office utsomail@blm.gov

Re: Rogue Roundups

Dear Sirs & Madams,

We officially request you put an immediate stop to rogue roundups and incidents of wild horses allegedly being trapped, harassed and sent to auction where kill buyers have been known to purchase horses or shot or poisoned on or nearby public land in Utah, Nevada and elsewhere. Not only is it wrong, cruel and against federal protections but it is also a global embarrassment

Chasing wild horses onto private property, luring them onto private property or any other method of getting unbranded wild horses on private land to shoot, kill, trap, load, abduct, take is in violation of the Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 and must be stopped immediately. Wild horse and burro harassment must stop. It appears to be a federal crime to “willfully remove or attempt to remove wild free-roaming horse or burros from public lands, without authority from the Secretary.”

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) appears to be violated by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) granting–without public input–the removal of horses from public lands. It appears you are in violation of NEPA. This must cease immediately.

It appears the county commissioners are engaging in retaliatory acts, connected with lobbying groups, against federally protected free-roaming wild horses and burros because the BLM is reducing livestock grazing. This must stop now.

There is no emergency such as fire, disease, catastrophic incident to merit a roundup. It appears you are joining in an act of subterfuge.

As it is foaling season, according to your handbook, you must prohibit vigilante roundups to avoid the loss of lives and to prevent animal cruelty–chasing young foals for miles on their tiny hooves as well as chasing and harassing heavily pregnant mares, other wild horses and burros.

Loss of life from being harassed and chased by men is not a form of natural predation. This appears to be in violation of the 1971 Act.

You appear to be failing your job to protect America’s beloved free-roaming wild horses and burros in the West due to your conflict of interest. The current example in Utah merits Congressional investigation.

We hereby request to be copied on all communications regarding roundups or removals in Utah, all press releases, included in all conference calls and meetings pertaining to the issue, etc. You must become transparent.

Reports are coming in that Utah residents and officials have declared protected wild horses “feral”, are driving them onto private land, baiting them onto private land, trapping them, killing some, giving some away by the truckload to alleged kill buyers, and trucking many to auction where kill buyers allegedly purchase them for slaughter.

What proof do you have that any unbranded wild horses are anything but free-roaming wild horses? Kindly disclose all photos and videos on this matter with in 7 days of this letter.

We hold the BLM accountable and request immediate and full disclosure of all photographs and videos showing dead horses shot from land as well as those shot from the air and all horses who have been injured and were euthanized.

This is not the 90s. This is an era of social media, whistle blowers and widespread truth. Our supporters are watching. The whole world is watching. They want you to do the right thing.

Anne Novak

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustang

Read about native wild horses: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=562
Protect Mustangs educates, protects and preserves native and wild horses. The nonprofit conservation group strives for a 10 year moratorium on roundups and science-based holistic land management to reduce global warming.

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PM Stop Rounudps T-Shirt


Dear Friends of Wild Horses & Burros,

I want to let you know about the new awareness t-shirt campaign https://www.booster.com/protectmustangs to stop the horrible roundups. The T-shirts costs only $18 each and come in adult and kids sizes.

BLM could be trying to roundup 1,700 wild horses in Utah soon and that’s just the beginning . . .

Despite public outcry, the BLM received $12 million for brutal helicopter roundups this year. Foals are often killed in the cruel roundups. It’s time we stand up and say “NO!”

According to the 14-year study by the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) working with scientists at Princeton University, wild horse herds with functional social structures contribute to low herd growth compared to BLM managed herds. Click here to read the study: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=6057

We’ve asked BLM for a 10-year Moratorium on Roundups for recovery and studies. Here is the petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/sally-jewell-urgent-grant-a-10-year-moratorium-on-wild-horse-roundups-for-recovery-and-scientific-studies

We’ve kept the cost low to cover printing, raise a couple of dollars per shirt for the horses and maximize outreach via the t-shirts.

The 2014 Stop the Roundups shirt is a tool to educate the public. Please go to https://www.booster.com/protectmustangs to share the campaign widely on Facebook, Twitter and on other social media to get the word out

Thank you so much for caring about protecting America’s wild horses.

Together we can turn this around.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak

Executive Director

Protect Mustangs


BREAKING NEWS: Sons of Anarchy’s Bobby Elvis wants to save 37 iconic wild horses from being butchered

© Dennis Van Tine/Future Image / WENN

Dennis Van Tine/Future Image / WENN

For immediate release

Horse advocates will protest roundups at BLM Advisory Board meeting April 14 in Sacramento

Los Angeles, Ca. (April 2, 2014)–Mark Boone Junior, who plays Bobby Elvis in Sons of Anarchy, is working with Anne Novak at Protect Mustangs, a nonprofit based in San Francisco, to buy 37 Wyoming wild horses including 2 colts from a Canadian slaughterhouse before they are butchered for human consumption abroad.

“We hope we can get them before they slaughter them,” explains Boone. “Wild horses are a national treasure and we want them back.”

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) did not notify wild horse groups about the helicopter roundup. Instead they handed over 41 free-roaming wild horses, including 6 youngsters, to the Wyoming Livestock Board who quickly sold these living icons of freedom at auction. 4 foals were purchased a Montana buyer to save them. 37 wild horses including 2 youngsters were purchased by a Canadian slaughterhouse.

“If we had known what was going on, we would have bought the wild horses directly from the Wyoming livestock board and put them in a safe place,” explains Anne Novak, executive director of Protect Mustangs. “Why didn’t the BLM notify horse protection groups that the free-roaming wild horses were going to be rounded up and sold?”

The Wyoming 41 were a small herd roaming east of US 310 between Lovell and Greybull, Wyoming. They were likely descendants of the Foster Gulch/Dry Creek Herd Area that was zeroed out in 1987 to make room for other uses. In 1971 there were 339 wild herds in the West, but today there are only 179 left in all 10 western states combined.

Despite spin created by the BLM and industrial interests who don’t want to share the land with federally protected wild horses, the truth is that they are gravely underpopulated. The National Academy of Sciences reported there is no evidence of overpopulation in 2013. Therefore, Secretary Jewell’s push to control population is unnecessary.

Independent estimates report only 21,354 wild horses are left in the wild while there are approximately 240,000-480,000 heads of livestock in wild horse and burro areas. As a result of roundups more than 48,000 wild horses are warehoused in captivity at taxpayer expense. Native wild horses should be returned to the original herd management areas established in 1971.

A 13-year study of wild herds done by the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros working with Princeton University shows wild horse herds with functional social structures contribute to low herd growth compared to BLM-managed herds.

In the wild, the majority of herds need to recover from recurring roundups so they can self-regulate. Protect Mustangs is calling for a 10 year moratorium on roundups for recovery and scientific studies. Their Change.org petition to Secretary Jewell is here: http://www.change.org/petitions/sally-jewell-urgent-grant-a-10-year-moratorium-on-wild-horse-roundups-for-recovery-and-scientific-studies

Since the EPA categorized native wild horses as pests in 2012, to pass the restricted use pesticide and immunocontraceptive known as PZP, the BLM doesn’t care to notify the public about roundups on public land outside of herd management areas. These horses are sent off to auction and are purchased for probable slaughter.

The public is furious to learn the BLM rounded up free-roaming wild horses–using taxpayer funds–with no public input on the roundup. The Wyoming 41 should have been tested to see if they were descendants of the Foster Gulch/Dry Creek Herd not just handed over to the livestock board and sold off to a slaughter company.

A protest is being planned in reaction to BLM’s slaughter-friendly policies and the clandestine Wyoming 41 roundup at the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting in Sacramento April 14-15.

“Americans are outraged that their tax dollars are being used to chase iconic wild horses from freedom into the chambers of death–so they can be a eaten abroad,” states Novak.

If anyone has any information about clandestine roundups or removals please contact Protect Mustangs.org

Protect Mustangs educates, protects and preserves native and wild horses. The nonprofit conservation group strives for a 10 year moratorium on roundups for recovery and science-based holistic land management to reduce global warming.

“With this latest action, the Bureau of Land Management seems to feel that they can act with impunity and these fabulous animals should never be passed to a middleman for sale to foreign markets who wish to devour a spirit that exists only in these animals, only on our nation’s lands,” says Boone. “Wild horses are now wrongfully designated as “pests” so that they may be pursued and cleared from lands, so that those very same lands may be used solely by corporate interests (fracking, mining, and ranching) supported by tax dollars by the Department of the Interior. We need to stop this momentum now.”

# # #

Media Contacts:

Anne Novak, 415.531.8454 Anne@ProtectMustangs.org

Kerry Becklund, 510.502.1913 Kerry@ProtectMustangs.org

Photos, video and interviews available upon request

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Washington Post (Viral) U.S. looking for ideas to help manage wild-horse overpopulation  http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/us-looking-for-ideas-to-help-manage-wild-horse-overpopulation/2014/01/26/8cae7c96-84f2-11e3-9dd4-e7278db80d86_story.html

The Horse Magazine, BLM Seeks Ideas on Wild Horse Management http://www.thehorse.com/articles/33289/blm-seeks-ideas-on-wild-horse-management

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Huffington Post: Advisory board recommends BLM sterilize wild horses: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/20121030/us-wild-horses/

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BLM and the slaughtering wild horses: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=1141

BLM doesn’t track cattle on Public land: http://www.peer.org/news/news-releases/2013/01/24/blm-says-it-cannot-track-cattle-on-its-lands/

EPA Pesticide Information for ZonaStat-H http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/chem_search/reg_actions/pending/fs_PC-176603_01-Jan-12.pdf

National Academy of Sciences report: Using Science to Improve the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=13511

Rallies held in 50 states to drum up opposition to roundups, slaughter http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/80561cc4e8a64b43ae909f7d09a0473e/NV–Wild-Horses-Rallies

ProPublica: All the missing horses: What happened to the wild horses Tom Davis bought from the gov’t? http://www.propublica.org/article/missing-what-happened-to-wild-horses-tom-davis-bought-from-the-govt

Princeton University: Wildlife and cows can be partners, not enemies, in the search for food http://www.princeton.edu/main/news/archive/S32/93/41K10/index.xml?section=featured

International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros Study: http://www.ispmb.org/herd_social_structures.html

Horseback Magazine: Group takes umbridge at use of the word “feral” http://horsebackmagazine.com/hb/archives/19392

Petition to Defund and Stop the Roundups: http://www.change.org/petitions/defund-and-stop-the-wild-horse-burro-roundups

Petition for a Moratorium on roundups for recovery and scientific studies: http://www.change.org/petitions/sally-jewell-urgent-grant-a-10-year-moratorium-on-wild-horse-roundups-for-recovery-and-scientific-studies

Wyoming tourism “Roam Free”: http://www.wyomingtourism.org/

Anne Novak on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/theAnneNovak

Protect Mustangs’ press releases: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=12

Protect Mustangs in the news: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=218

America’s native wild horses: http://www.Protectmustangs.org/?page_id=562

Protect Mustangs.org


Sons of Anarchy’s Bobby Elvis will 37 Wildpferde vor der Schlachtung retten!

PM Boone Panel © Gage Skidmore

Für die sofortige Befreiung:

Pferdeschützer protestieren gegen die Roundups auf dem BLM Advisory Board Treffen am 14. April in Sacramento.

Los Angeles, Kalifornien. 2. April 2014. – Mark Boone Junior, Dasteller des “Bobby Elvis” in “Sons of Anarchy”, arbeitet zusammen mit “Protect Mustangs”, einer profitfreien Organisation in San Francisco, um 37 Wyominger Wildpferde, inklusive 2 Hengsten eines kanadischen Schlachthauses zu kaufen bevor sie für die Lebensmittelindustrie im Ausland geschlachtet werden.
“Wir hoffen wir können die Pferde kaufen, bevor sie mit der Schlachtung beginnen,” erklärt Boone. “Wildpferde sind ein nationaler Schatz und wir wollen sie zurück haben.”

Das Bureau of Land Management (BLM) benachrichtigte keine Wildpferdeschutzgruppen über den Hubschrauber-Roundup. Stattdessen brachten sie 41 freilebende Wildpferde, inklusive 6 Jungpferden, zum Wyoming Livestock Board, wo sie diese lebenden Symbole der Freiheit auf Auktionen verkaufen wollen. 4 Fohlen wurden von einem Montana Käufer gerettet. 37 Wildpferde, inklusive 2 Jungpferden, wurden vom Schlachthaus Bouvry Export von Fort Mcload in Alberta, Kanada, ersteigert.

“Wenn wir gewusst hätten was vorgeht, hätte wir die Wildpferde direkt vom Wyoming Livestock Board gekauft und sie an einen sicheren Ort gebracht,” erklärt Anne Novak, Leiterin des Protect Mustangs. “Warum hat die BLM keine Pferdeschützer benachrichtigt, das die Wildpferde zusammengetrieben und versteigert werden sollen?”

Die Wyoming 41 waren eine kleine Herde die zwischen Lovell und Greybull, Wyoming lebte. Sie waren wie Nachkommen der Foster Gulch/ Dry Creek Herde, welche 1987 ausgerottet wurde, um Land für andere Zwecke frei zu machen. 1971 gab es 339 Wildpferdeherden im Westen, doch heute bestehen nurnoch 179 Herden in allen 10 Weststaaten zusammen.

Aufgrund der Gegner, bestehend aus der BLM und industriellen Interessen welche ihr Land nicht mit staatlich geschützten Wildpferden teilen wollen, ist die Wahrheit das die Wildpferde verheerend niedrig populiert sind.

Die National Academy of Scienses (nationale Akademie der Wissenschaften) belegte das es keinen Beweis für eine Überpopulation in 2013 gibt. Aufgrunddessen ist Secretary Jewell’s Druck der Populationskontrolle nicht gerechtfertigt oder von Nöten.

Unabhängige Schätzungen befürchten das nur noch 21.354 Pferde in der Wildnis leben, wärend sich etwa 240.000 – 480.000 Stück Vieh in wilden Pferde- und Eselgebieten aufhalten.

Ein Ergebnis der Roundups ist das mehr als 48.000 Wildpferde auf Kosten der Steuerzahler gelagert werden.

Einheimische Wildpferde sollten zurückkehren, in die ursprünglichen Populationsareale, welche 1971 gegründet worden.

Eine 13-jährige Wildpferdestudie welche von der internationalen Gesellschaft für den Schutz der Mustangs und Esel in Zusammenarbeit mit der Princeton University durchgeführt wurde, zeigt das Wildpferdeherden mit funktionellen sozialen Strukturen im Vergleich zu BLM-gesteuerten Herden einen sehr niedrigen Wachstum aufweisen.

Die majestetischen Herden der Wildnis brauchen Schutz vor den wiederkehrenden Roundups, damit sie sich erholen können. Protect Mustangs ruft auf für einen 10-jährigen Aufschub der Roundups im Sinne der Erholung und wissenschaftlicher Studien.

Seit die EPA die einheimischen Pferde 2012 als Plage kategorisiert hat, um die eingeschränkte Verwendung von Pestiziden und Immunokontrazeptiven zu umgehen, kümmert sich die BLM nicht mehr um die Benachrichtigung des Folkes über die Roundups außerhalb der Populationsareale.

Diese Pferde werden zu Auktionen gesendet und zu großer Wahrscheinlichkeit an Schlachter verkauft.

Die Öffentlichkeit ist wütend darüber, zu erfahren das die BLM freilebende Wildpferde – mit Nutzung von Steuergeldern – ohne öffentliche Aufklärung eingefangen hat.

Die Wyoming 41 hätten auf Verwandtschaft mit den Foster Gulch/ Dry Creek Herden getestet werden müssen, und nicht einfach zu Auktionen gebracht und an Schlachter versteigert werden dürfen.

Ein Protest ist in Planung, als Reaktion auf die schlachterunterstützende Politik und die heimlichen Roundups des BLM und soll stattfinden auf den Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Treffen in Sacramento, welches am 14. und 15. April stattfindet.

“Die Amerikaner sind empört das ihre Steuergelder dazu genutzt werden die Wildpferde von der Freiheit in die Kammern des Todes zu treiben – nur damit sie im Ausland verwertet werden können.”, so Novak.

Wenn jemand Informationen irgendeiner Art über die heimlichen Roundups oder Entfernung der Mustangs hat, kontaktieren sie bitte www.protectmustangs.org

Protect Mustangs informiert, schützt und bewahrt einheimische und wilde Pferde. Die gemeinnützige und profitfreie Organisation strebt nach einem 10-jährigen Aufschub der Roundups, für die Erholung und wissenschaftsbasierendes ganzheitliches Landmanagement um die globale Erwärmung zu reduzieren.

“Mit dieser letzten Aktion scheint das Bureau of Land Management zu denken das sie ungestraft handeln können. Diese fabelhaften Tiere sollten niemals zu irgendwelchen Zwischenhändlern gebracht und an den ausländischen Markt verkauft werden, wo der Geist der nur in diesen Geschöpfen, nur in unseren heimischen Ländern existiert, verschlungen wird.”, sagt Boone. “Wilde Pferde sind fälschlicherweise als Pest ausstaffiert worden, sodass sie gejagt und vom Land entfernt werden sollen, damit genau diese Länder aus Unternehmungsinteressen (unter anderem Bergbau und Viehzucht), unterstützt von Steuergeldern, verwendet werden können. Wir müssen diesen Impuls jetzt stoppen.”


Thanks to MF for the translation.

Request for federal accountability and transparency for captive wild horses in Nevada facilities


——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Carson & Fallon
From: <anne>
Date: Tue, April 01, 2014 5:17 pm
To: “Peters, Stacy” <skpeters@blm.gov>, ““James (Jeb) Beck””
<j1beck@blm.gov>, “Deborah Collins” <dacollin@blm.gov>, “Dean Bolstad”

Dear Jeb,

The public is concerned about captive wild horses being moved from place to place because of a lack of transparency.

Thank you for having Stacy email the answers to our questions about the wild horses who have been moved out of Palomino Valley as seen here: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=6656

The public has been contacting us with questions about the large numbers of wild horses going to NVF83 Northern Nevada Correctional Center, Carson City and WOF56 Fallon Maintenance Facility. They would like transparent answers.

How many wild horses have shipped out of NVF83 Northern Nevada Correctional Center, Carson City from January 1, 2014 to April 2, 2014?

Kindly explain exactly where they went, how many have left for each destination, and how many remain at the Northern Nevada Correctional Center as of April 2, 2014.

How many horses have left the Northern Nevada Correctional Center under “sale authority” since January 1, 2014? Where did they go?

How many wild horses have left the Correctional Center under “sale authority” from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013? Where did they go?

How many pregnant mares are at the correctional facility?  How many foals?

How many deaths have been documented from January 1, 2014 to April 2, 2014? How many undocumented deaths (before being branded or other)?

How many births at the correctional facility?

How many mares miscarried or foals were born dead?  What is the correctional facility manager’s definition of live foal?


How many wild horses have shipped out of WOF56 Fallon Maintenance Facility, Fallon Nevada from January 1, 2014 to April 2, 2014?

Kindly explain exactly where they went, how many have left for each destination, and how many remain at the WOF56 Fallon Maintenance Facility as of April 2, 2014.

How many wild horses have left the Fallon Facility under “sale authority” since January 1, 2014? Where did they go?

How many wild horses have left the Fallon Facility under “sale authority” from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013? Where did they go?

How many pregnant mares are at the Fallon facility?  How many foals?

How many deaths have been documented from January 1, 2014 to April 2, 2014? How many undocumented deaths (before being branded and other)?

How many births at the Fallon facility?

How many mares miscarried or foals were born dead? What is the Fallon facility manager’s definition of live foal?


Who is in charge of authorizing wild horses become sale authority horses in Nevada?  Who is in charge at the national level?

How many horses may someone buy at a time?

If I want to buy a truckload of 3-Strike wild horses how do I go about doing that?

How many horses may someone adopt at a time?

The public wants accountability and transparency. Thank you for answering the public’s questions.

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs

Read about native wild horses: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=562

Protect Mustangs on Facebook
Anne Novak on Twitter
Protect Mustangs on YouTube
Protect Mustangs in the News

Protect Mustangs educates, protects and preserves native and wild horses. The nonprofit conservation group strives for a 10 year moratorium on roundups and science-based holistic land management to reduce global warming.

BLM reveals wild horse whereabouts

For transparency we are sharing this email. Our questions are in bold.

——– Original Message ——–
From: “Peters, Stacy” <skpeters@blm.gov>
Date: Tue, April 01, 2014 12:29 pm
To: Anne Novak <protectmustangs.org>
Cc: “James (Jeb) Beck” <j1beck@blm.gov>, Deborah Collins
<dacollin@blm.gov>, Dean Bolstad <dbolstad@blm.gov>

The public is concerned many wild horses have been moved out of the Palomino Valley facility. From January 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014 592 animals have been shipped.

Kindly explain exactly where they went, how many have left for each destination, and how many remain at PVC as of Monday March 31, 2014.

01/08/2014    14 to ORF52 Burns Preparation Facility
01/23/2014   201 to WOF56 Fallon Maintenance Facility
01/24/2014    15  to IDF51 Boise Perparation Facility
01/30/2014   200  to NVF83 Northern Nevada Correctional Center
02/07/2014       1 to CAF56 Ridgecrest Preparation Facility
02/25/2014     99 to WOF56 Fallon Maintenance Facility
03/04/2014     12 to WOF56 Fallon Maintenance Facility
03/22/2014     12 to UTF54 Delta Preparation Facility 
03/26/2014     38 to CAF56 Ridgecrest Preparation Facility 

Palomino Valley, as of March 31,2014 has 1,321 animals in the facility.

How many horses have left the facility under “sale authority” since January 1, 2014?

1 3 strike horse was transported to Ridgecrest for the United State Border Patrol.

How many wild horses have left the facility under “sale authority” from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013? 1

Stacy K. Peters
National Wild Horse & Burro Program
Palomino Valley Wild Horse & Burro Center
15780 State Route 445
Reno, NV 89510
(775) 475-2222  Office

Heinous BLM Roundup = Slaughter 4 #Mustangs

Stop the Roundups

URGENT: Sign and share the Petition to Defund the Roundups! This heinous act was funded by American tax dollars http://www.change.org/petitions/defund-and-stop-the-wild-horse-burro-roundups


TAKE ACTION! Call and email your senators and rep ASAP. Demand the American wild horses be returned to the American public!  http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

Tweet: BLM Roundup = Slaughter

Sign up for action updates www.ProtectMustangs.org

Free Roaming Wyoming Horses Rounded up by BLM and sold to Canadian Slaughterhouse by Wyoming Livestock Board

No public comment period and no transparency

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (March 31, 2014) – On March 24, The Cloud Foundation received an anonymous tip that BLM had rounded up and removed 41 free-roaming horses from public lands in northern Wyoming.  Further investigation revealed that BLM conducted a helicopter roundup of the horses and turned them over to the Wyoming Livestock Board who sold the horses directly to the Canadian Bouvry Slaughterhouse. The taxpayer-funded roundup was conducted with no notice of sale after the horses were impounded, giving no one the opportunity to step in and negotiate a deal to purchase any of the horses. Even Bighorn County Sheriff, Kenneth Blackburn, was surprised that he received no notification of the roundup, which was conducted in his jurisdiction. The horses were driven to Shelby, Montana, to the Bouvry-owned feedlot, the jumping off point to their Canadian slaughterhouse, the largest slaughterhouse in Canada.

“These were colorful wild horses I spotted several years ago while driving to the Pryor Mountains,” stated  Ginger Kathrens Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation. “They lived on what we’ve been told was a wild horse Herd Area southeast of the Pryors.” The small, remnant herd roamed a starkly beautiful landscape east of US 310 between Lovell and Greybull, WY. ‘”We stopped to admire them on March 10th on our way back to Colorado.” Kathrens adds. “The sight of these lovely, free-spirited animals, some with their newborn foals, against the backdrop of the snow-covered Bighorn Mountains was glorious. It’s hard to think about the horror they suffered just days later.”

On March 18, only eight days after Kathrens last spotted the horses, the BLM Field Office in Cody, WY supervised their roundup and removal. A BLM spokesperson told a Cloud Foundation representative that the horses would be held at the Worland Livestock Auction for 10 days and then sold.  However, later investigation revealed that the 41 horses rounded up by Cattoor Livestock Company on March 18-19 were delivered to the Worland Livestock Auction for brand inspection. Just a few hours later, once the brand inspection was completed, 37 horses were loaded onto a truck paid for by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and hauled to the Canadian border.

“According to Wyoming, Statute, Title 11, Chapter 24 entitled Agriculture, Livestock and Other Animals, ‘Estray horses rounded up must be held for not more than 10 days before going to auction,’” reported Paula Todd King, Communications Director for the Cloud Foundation. “These horses were rounded up and within hours they were on their way to the border. We found no notice announcing the roundup.”

The history of these horses is debatable. The BLM contends they are not wild, stating that they once belonged to an area rancher who died and his horses have only been in the area for 40 years. However, the Wild Horse and Burro Act (WHB Act) defines a wild horses as an “unclaimed, unbranded horse on federal lands in the United States.” Wyoming brand inspector, Frank Barrett, verified there were no brands of any kind on any of the animals.

Less than a mile from where Kathrens had been observing the horses is the boundary of the “zeroed out” Foster Gulch/Dry Creek Herd Area, designated for wild horse use after the passage of the WHB Act in 1971. “As they have done over a hundred times, the BLM decided not to manage wild horses in the area in 1987,” explains Kathrens. “If the horses have lived in the area for 40 years as BLM states, it is entirely possible that these horses were descendants of the herd eliminated from management in 1987.”

It is clear that these horses have survived for many years on their own, living in wild family bands, and thriving without human intervention.  Conflicting reasons have been given for the timing of this BLM roundup when the horses had newborn foals. BLM indicated that private landowners in the area have complained about horses trespassing on their land.  Sarah Beckwith, BLM spokesperson said that the horses were a threat to public safety – vehicles had killed two horses.  However, after further investigation, TCF found that a train struck one horse 6-8 years ago, and a private vehicle struck another around 5 years ago. Jack Mononi, Supervisory Rangeland Management Specialist for Cody BLM, told Todd-King that if the Agency did not spend the federal dollars by the end of March, the funds would no longer be available.

Kathrens called the Bouvry Exports Shelby facility in an attempt to negotiate purchase of the 37 horses. The woman who answered the phone would not confirm that the horses had arrived in Shelby and told Kathrens that “these horses were rounded up and removed for slaughter and that is where they are going.” Kathrens offered to pay more than the going price and was told that this was not possible. “I was shaking when I got off the phone,” Kathrens said. “To think that this could be happening sickens me.”

Kim Michels of Red Lodge, MT, purchased all that appears to have survived of the small herd, four tiny foals born this year. “We will do all we can to see that these babies not only survive but thrive as a fitting legacy to their lost freedom and their families,” said Michels. The foals were rescued by Stacey Newby, co-owner of the Worland Livestock Auction, who fed and cared for the foals, bottle-feeding the tiniest, a 3-week-old filly. The foals are now in the care of equine veterinarian, Lisa Jacobson, in Colorado.

TCF continues to investigate the legality of what appears to be a carefully planned and executed operation at taxpayer expense. “Was it legal?” Kathrens questions. “It is clear to me that it was not moral and certainly inhumane. I do not believe that American taxpayers want their money spent to roundup and send horses to slaughter.”

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Share the petition to save Australian brumbies (wild horses)

Photo © Lynette Sutton

Photo © Lynette Sutton

To the Honourable, The Speaker and the Members of Parliament:
The Petition of the people of Victoria draws the attention of the House of their concern to the decision to remove all of Australia’s Heritage Horses the Brumby from Barmah Forest.The Barmah Heritage Horses date back to the 1870s and may have preceded this time. The combination of horses, cattle and active forestry under the eye of a multicultural established local community has selectively thinned and weeded the vegetation to support 236 species of birds including at least 13 species of long distance migratory birds nesting and resting in the Barmah. There are an estimated 54000 or more birds living in and visiting Barmah. There are also species of 8 frogs, 50 mammals, 30 reptiles, 21 fish, 553 + plants. Unknown numbers of insects, fungi and other forms of life making up the successful ecological formula to attract RAMSAR declaration in 1982, as the 14th listed in Australia’s of 65 wetlands internationally acclaimed.The Victorian Parliament has decided to remove all Barmah Brumby Heritage Horses after 150 years of coexistence that saw Barmah Forest internationally recognised and included in Ramsar. The Strategic Plan adopted at Ramsar COP6 (1996) equates “wise use” with sustainable use. Contracting Parties to the Ramsar Convention also recognize that wetlands, through their ecological and hydrological functions, provide invaluable services, products and benefits enjoyed by, and sustaining, human populations. The Convention also promotes practices that will ensure that all wetlands, and especially those designated for the Ramsar List, will continue to provide these functions and values for future generations as well as for the conservation of biological diversity.

Ramsar COP9 (2005) updated the definition of wise use of wetlands as “the maintenance of their ecological character, achieved through the implementation of ecosystem approaches, within the context of sustainable development”.The Barmah Brumbies have been a part of human occupation and forest management for over 150 years. The moira grass ‘lawns’ are highly productive. The flood plain vegetation supports waterbirds, spawning native fish and crayfish raising of fry, fingerlings, spat, tadpole, ducks and wading birds during high water events. The Brumby in the dry seasons groom these lawns to remain at their most vibrant and productive level. Fertilized seed and rhizomes are distributed and re-established across the region by Brumbies and their grazed green, ‘lawns’ significantly reduce fire fuel levels.To declare that horses and cattle threaten the biodiversity is ill conceived and deceptive to the Australian people.

Forestry, cattlemen and the Barmah Brumbies have a long history in the Barmah Forest successfully maintaining the security of the biodiversity well established prior to Ramsar and National Park declarations.

We believe the Victorian Government is violating its international undertakings to RAMSAR by removing its Heritage Horses and associated management systems. The Conservation status granted by RAMSAR was based on the results of local community management.

We strongly object and oppose the removal of the Barmah Forest’s Brumby population.

Huge disinformation campaign against native wild horses in rural Utah and elsewhere to pitch slaughter

Cows (Photo © Anne Novak)

Cows (Photo © Anne Novak)




Today wild horses are underpopulated on public land. The BLM’s roundups and removals have caused the herds to have an increased birthrate because they fear extinction and the social structure is unstable.

The ISPMB Study shows wild horse herds with functional social structures contribute to low herd growth compared to BLM managed herds. Click here to read the study: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=6057

We request a 10 year moratorium on roundups for recovery and scientific studies before wild horses are managed to extinction.