Slaughter men explain how BLM wild horses go to slaughter

Captured wild horses Nevada. Jan 2012 (Photo © Anne Novak, all rights reserved.)

Despite Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spin claiming BLM wild horses don’t go to slaughter the truth is revealed.

“Individuals sell the horses. There are no BLM horses going to harvest facilities. That’s against the law. Individuals collect them at different sale locations around the country, gather them. They end up in places like Shelby Montana which is not far from the border . . . so they live through the 6 month withdraw period of time to match the EU specifications . So individuals sell them to people who buy them in the process and they ultimately sell them to the packing plants in Mexico and Canada.”—Trent Loos, rancher.

“What Trent said is exactly correct except that your Shelby Montana is an example. There are other places, stations, lots where horses are held ending their arrival. One of the things you stated is the horses change hands. They apparently cannot go directly from BLM to a plant. So the horses are purchased and when the purchaser of that horse gets control of that horse that’s his horse. He has the democratic right to deal with that horse they way he wishes. With the exception that there are other standards as a result of animal rights activists, etc. etc. that are confusing the situation and making it more difficult. So I think we gotta work through this progress and that’s what this summit is all about. And I hope that we come out of this with some plans that will help the flow of commerce–rightful and just commerce to take place. . .

With respect to the gentleman that said BLM horses cannot go to slaughter . . . The fact is when those (BLM) horses cross that parralell up there, north of here, they’re Canadian horses . . . My understanding is the law says they can’t go to slaughter. Not withstanding that law, if they are transported across the border, they’re Canadian horses. And, and we do see them in the plant.” —Bill deBarres from pro-slaughter group called Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada.

The roundup and removal is paid for by the American taxpayer—often costing a million dollars each time they round them up and “process” them. The work is done by the BLM and their contractors. Most American wild horses who are “sold” go into the slaughter pipeline and are cruelly killed at the slaughterhouse.

If you don’t like this then take action. Write your senators and representatives, meet with their aides, ask them to stop this cruelty for profit paid for with American tax dollars. Include this You Tube video in your email so they can watch the truth.

Thursday March 1st is National Wild Horse and Burro Protest Day. Take action.

Video by Deniz Bolbol taken for AWHPC.

17 thoughts on “Slaughter men explain how BLM wild horses go to slaughter

  1. Is there a petition online to stop this from happening? If there is, does a copy of it go directly to indivdual politicains in that persons state. I’ve signed petitions that are sent to Debbie Stabenaeu, Mike Rogers, and Sen, Levin of MI.. I wish there was a tweet option on this story, not just fb. I have far more followers on twitter, and they’re more like-minded then most of my fb friends.

  2. If you start a petition that goes directly to Senators, and Rep., and have a tweet option attached you’ll get far more signatures than just fb. Make it easier for people to sign and they will. Most people want to help, but may not want to call politicians directly. If you include the abilitiy to send the message to a persons indivdual state rep. then it will be more effective in my opinion.

  3. And while you’re talking with your legislators tell them we want a true accounting of exactly what horses were taken off which HMAs, and what their disposition has been. Let’s send an accounting firm into those Long Term Holding pens and start to add and subtract–my bet is that like all the other BLM paperwork, the numbers won’t even be within waving distance of what they should be.

  4. It was asked, “who’s horses are these?” This horses belong to the earth, to their bands and to all of the people of the world. They do not have to be owned, by a human,. News flash, like all wildlife that was here before us, we belong to it,, more than it belongs to US. Humans are power and greed driven, and we have to find a better way to show good stewardship and reverence for these animals besides hauling them off to slaughter. The are as much a part of our history as our veterans, and should be treated with respect. I work with horses in and equine assisted therapy setting, and I have not met a horse yet, that was as much a healer as any doctor I have ever seen. They are such em paths and they do amazing work on the planet. They are not a PRODUCT, they are precious. I am horrified and disgusted by those that cannot see.

  5. How do we CHANGE all of this? What can we do to get to Obama and Congress? #1I do not want my federal dollar spent on removing wild horses from their granted lands in favor of cattle/oil/fracking etc. I can tolerate PZP. #2 I do not want horse slaughter. Obama let us down on that. What can we legally do about this tragedy? Yes–I call/email/sign petitions/donate……..

  6. Continue to talk, write, call, email, post and spread the word. Question pre-conceived ideas. We are increasing awareness.

    Regarding the President, I don’t think there is a way to get him to act on this because of his need to keep Senator Reid in control in the Senate. Senator Reid is the one who approached former Senator Conrad Burns to amend the 1971 WFRH Act to allow slaughter, and it is his constituents, the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association and the Public Lands Council that are behind Sue Wallis.

  7. Ann, the best way to get this madness stopped is to tell everyone you know. Talk about it in line at the market, email your relatives, call your friends. Help get the word out to the American public!
    I guarantee you that most people don’t know wild horses are being sent to slaughter…just one of many ways the BLM uses to rid wild horses from public lands.

    Dozens of mega-corporations are waiting to lease our public lands for gas and oil pipelines, mineral extraction, solar and wind farms, gas fracking, and of course, cattle grazing. Wild horses are in the way. The BLM can’t lease public lands with federally protected wild horses on them, so the horses must go and by any means possible.

    Not wishing to alarm the public, the BLM is trying to convince us that they are the ‘good guys’, trying to ‘save’ the horses. BLM released media showing skinny horses on barren ranges and a horse dead from dehydration. The graphic range devastation was actually caused by millions of corporate and privately-owned range cattle, allowed to graze in the wild horse habitats by the same agency in charge of ‘protecting’ those habitats, the BLM. Their newly released video shows hundreds of ‘saved’ horses running over grassy plains on one of their government-contracted, tax-funded (by you and me), privately-owned ranches back east.

    Wild horses live in family bands. It’s what they live for. The BLM spends millions chasing them with helicopters into capture pens. The stallions are separated from their mares and the babies are taken from their mothers. Horses that don’t kill themselves trying to escape are crammed into trucks and taken to temporary holding areas. Here stallions are gelded, mares treated with anti-fertility drugs. The babies, along with a handful of older horses, are kept for adoption. A few of the horses are released back onto the range. (Too few, however, to sustain genetic viability… which will soon manage them to extinction) The video showing hundreds of BLM ‘saved’ horses, in reality, shows an unnatural zoo-type environment of geldings in one field, fenced off from fertility-drugged mares in another and no babies anywhere in sight. No family bands and no freedom to ever form new ones. The public is not allowed to see or adopt these horses, why? There are no records kept for the 40,000 horses at these holding facilities and no way for the public to determine what happens to them, other than what the government tells us and that is,
    ‘horses are not sent to slaughter’. Well, we know that’s a lie!

    The truth is, wild horses were never starving, nor were they ever in danger of dying from thirst. The one horse died because it was fenced out of the waterhole by cattle ranchers hoarding water for their cows! The rest is propaganda, meant to trick people too busy trying to keep their heads above water to really understand what’s happening. Once they KNOW, we can STOP it!

  8. Trent Loos did his dead level best to keep the Canadian slaughter man from talking about how BLM horses are, in fact, being shipped to slaughter! You could almost see the sweat popping out on Trent’s brow- except his hat hid it! The guy probably didn’t realize that he was being taped. And, the ‘voice’ in the background later stating that there’s no brand inspection of horses going into Canada is pretty revealing, too. If anyone was interested in the truth, this tape would be most helpful. Unfortunately, no one with any power to make changes about that very illegal process cares about the truth- or the law.

  9. I don’t actually know what to do, Ann. I’ve been writing to my legislators in DC for over TWO YEARS and have yet to even get a meaningful response, let alone a promise to DO something.
    Many say keep on and remind them that 80% of Americans are dead set against slaughter. Remind them too that there is an election coming up. Not all are running for reelection, but many are – including mine.

  10. It’s time for the livestock industry (especially the corporate cowboys) to admit that they have greater threats to their profitability than wild horses. If the “ranchers” and the BLM are truly concerned about the health and quality of range land, watersheds, and food supplies, here is a new suggestion: manage public lands and entire watersheds against the spread of the deadly prion. One key strategy is to keep all livestock off of our cherished public lands — where prion disease is a growing threat.

    As more people are learning every day, prions are a form of deadly protein that builds up in the cells and bodily fluids of people and animals afflicted with various forms of prion disease, including mad cow disease, chronic wasting disease, scrapie, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. Prions now are such a formidable threat that the United States government enacted the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 to halt research on infectious prions in the United States in all but two laboratories. Now, infectious prions are classified as select agents that require special security clearance for lab research. The intent is to keep prions and other dangerous biological materials away from terrorists who might use them to contaminate, food, water, blood, equipment, and entire facilities.

    Dr. Stanley Prusiner earned a Nobel Prize in 1997 for identifying and studying deadly prions. President Obama awarded Prusiner the National Medal of Science in 2010 to recognize the growing significance of his discovery.

    Thanks to Prusiner and other researchers, we now know that various forms of prion disease already are spreading around the world. Prion disease has been found in livestock and a variety of wildlife species across the Rocky Mountain region, the northwest U.S., and southwest.

    As Prusiner and other scientists have discovered, the prion pathogen spreads through urine, feces, saliva, blood, milk, soil, and the tissue of infected animals (not to mention soil and water). With those attributes, prions obviously can migrate through surface water runoff and settle in groundwater, lakes, oceans, and water reservoirs. If prions must be regulated in a laboratory environment today, the outdoor environment should be managed accordingly.

    It’s time to develop a comprehensive prion management strategy that maximizes safeguards for human health, food, water, and wildlife around the globe. The stakes are too high for fragmented and misguided prion policies. Just ask the Canadian cattlemen what a few prions did to their industry. Ask the U.S. cattle and dairy industries if they want to increase prion pathways in the watersheds that feed our public and private lands. If not, then we need to keep all livestock off of public lands to minimize the risks of cross-contamination. We don’t need to increase the opportunity for sick wildlife to infect livestock or for sick livestock to infect wildlife. Tell the cattle industry to take a stand for food safety and stop grazing on public lands. Then so-called conflicts with wild horses become a non-issue and then public lands become multi-use again.

    We have very few mom-and-pop ranchers left in America. Mom-and-pop ranchers also have been wiped out by the “corporate cowboys.” The groups fighting to extinguish the wild horses and the wolves are fighting for every last penny of profit. Remember, this is the industry that decided that feeding dead animals to cattle was a good idea (meat and bone meal is cheap feed). They also decided that injecting cows with the pituitary gland of a dead cow was a good idea (that’s where growth hormones originated).

    Therefore, the battle for the wild horse in the American West also is one of greed. If the livestock industry continues its assault for our wild horses, alter your diet accordingly. Tell everyone that you know to do the same. If they harass horses by helicopter, is that a license for all to harass cattle from the sky? What happens when they break their legs running in fear (as happens with our magnificent wild horses). And while we are leveling the playing field, has the livestock industry completely quit using growth hormones derived from the brains of dead cattle? As a specified risk material (SRM) this should have been stopped long ago. How about the feed mills? How many still need to be inspected to safeguard us from mad cow disease? Take a REAL stand for food safety. And take a stand for a REAL symbol of the American spirit. You have your work cut out for you, so quit terrorizing and killing our wild horses.

    Do your own research. Read the “Pathological Protein” or “Mad Cowboy.” Search the internet. The prion threat is real and irreversible. Help us save the remaining wild horses and salvage some respect for the livestock industry.

  11. That’s good, I think BUT there is too much legal mumble jumbo so that only the mustangs get harmed. Those people are being sneaky exchanging the horses here & there. Canada or Mexico should not take horses from another Country either!!

  12. This is certainly no surprise to those who know the BLM mindset of greed. After all the millions of dollars taxpayers shovel out doesn’t go to the wild mustang’s welfare, anyway, it goes to pay the outrageous BLM salaries, and helicopter bills.

  13. There is always a way isn’t there! Why are they so hell bent on getting them to slaughter. They spend millions gathering and holding but sell them for nothing please tell me the reasoning behind this project, oh wait now I remember they are trying to get rid of all the mustangs and burros until all the free land will be for cattle and sheep, yea that’s it!! You are really silly bastards I cant wait until the oil companies kick your asses of the land so they can use it and they will for oil leases fracking and I don’t know what else. I do know you are going to experience the same fate as the wild horses and I can hear your voices on the wind whining cause there is no good land left to run your cattle!!! The sad part by the time anyone realizes they are being had it will be to late. I don’t feel one damn bit sorry for any of you. PZP advocates please think what will happen to the herds some of you even follow. I had to throw this in to the mix simply because anything that interferes with freedom of the wild ones is wrong!!! I have a tip if you can pet them feed them walk with them adopt them out they aren’t WILD HORSES !!!!!!! any more.

  14. We had a customer today coming into the UFA and she said that the american don’t really have a choice but to round up their Mustangs and send them to slaughter because there is no grass for them to eat and they starve if they leave them out there. So you see, there are many people who don’t even have a small clue as of what the BLM is up to

  15. Above says to include the video in our emails to legislators but all we can do is send the website for the video and I don’t believe any of them even open websites sent to them. Every time I email my legislators all I get back from them is their “canned” reply on the subject. And that is the government and BLM spiel about overpopulation etc. etc. etc. Nobody in government is listening to the people!

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