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November 3rd, 2013

Please help! Join the Thunderclap to Stop the Brumbie Killing:

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April 19, 2013

Request your elected officials intervene to freeze the roundups & return stockpiled wild horses, burros to the range! #Sequester

What to ask for: Put a freeze on all roundups due to the Sequester. Return captive wild horses & burros to their public sanctuaries known as Herd Management Areas (HMAs). Tell the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board NO slaughter for native wild horses! Contact your elected officials and Sally Jewell, the new Secretary of Interior. Ask them to intervene.

Keep them safe!

Join the international rally on April 27th to stop horse slaughter, stop the roundups and stand up for the voiceless wild horses and burros!

Read about our call to put a freeze on roundups due to the Sequester. Horseback Magazine reports Below is an excerpt:

WASHINGTON (April 8, 2013)–Last week Protect Mustangs, the California based conservation group, officially called for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to put a freeze on roundups and return all wild horses and burros, in government funded holding, to herd management areas in the West. They cited the current climate of federal economic instability as putting captive wild horses and burros at risk. As of April 7th, Protect Mustangs has not received a response from BLM officials.

“It’s fiscal folly to roundup more wild horses and burros than they can adopt out,” explains Anne Novak, executive director for Protect Mustangs. “The roundups need to stop now. We are calling for the more than 50,000 stockpiled native wild horses and historic burros to be returned immediately to public land. We are concerned the government won’t be able to pay for their feed and care during the federal fiscal crisis. We need to be proactive to ensure their safety. If a government shutdown occurs, their only chance of survival is in the wild.”


December 7, 2012

Help save Nevada’s Virginia Range wild horses from cruelty and probable slaughter

The public around the world is outraged at the photos showing cruelty toward young native wild horses.

We want Governor Sandoval to stop allowing the Nevada Department of Agriculture to let citizens cruelly trap wild horses.

We strongly encourage you to call, email and/or fax Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval,

Office Phone: (775) 684-5670

Office Fax: (775) 684-5683

The baby horse was manhandled–the men put twine around her neck and inhumanely pulled her into the trap. Next the Nevada Department of Agriculture processes the wild horses and sells them at an auction where kill buyers shop for horses to sell to slaughter. This is heinous!

Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund has been buying all the Virginia Range wild horses at the auction. They are saving them (125+) but they are a small volunteer nonprofit and can’t afford to do this anymore unless you help them to help the wild horses in this crisis.

What’s the long term answer? Cooperative agreements with Nevada and local advocate groups such as Hidden Valley to help those wild horses labelled a nuisance by developers because urban sprawl has encroached on the mustangs’ wild lands.

Nevada is a fence out state. Developers, such as the one who hired the men in the photo to catch wild horses, should fence out their property if they don’t want wildlife on their land.

Native wild horses should never be treated this way. Nevada needs to stop this condoned cruelty now.

Here is a comment from the photographer:

Bo Rodriguez says:

“The foal was three weeks old, an the developers DiLoreto and Damonte are responsible for this also. They have allowed an continue to allow Nevada Department of Agriculture to trap horses on their properties. I have photos of them there at the trap an heard Mr Damonte say he didn’t care for the horses, an wanted them all gone. Tom DiLorreto said he followed states guide lines to the tee. But as you can see, the state must have changed its policy of handling animals humanly to do what you have to, to get rid of it an get the money from the kill buyers as fast as you can.

I did not enjoy taking these photos of the three week old foal being drug around by a piece of bailing twin, it was a long and traumatic for both protesters and horses. There has to be a better solution.”

Please send your donations directly to Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund so they can keep saving the Virginia Range wild horses from going to slaughter. The link is here:

Thank you for taking action to save Nevada’s wild horses from cruelty and probable slaughter.

All my best wishes,

Anne Novak
Executive Director of Protect Mustangs

Past Actions:


Members of the public can fax the BLM head office in Washington DC to request the Carson City, Nevada helicopter hearing be rescheduled with a 30 day notice given to the public so the public will be able to make oral comment. The fax number is: 202-208-5242. They may also email their request to Deputy Director Mike Pool at .


Salt River Action posted from Becky Standridge on 6/2/2012 ~ Current:
At present, the most important thing everyone can do to help the Salt River wild horses is to place a polite phone call to your Congressman and to both of your Senators.


Time is critical. Removal and disposal of the Salt River wild horses may be imminent.

We are asking for phone calls because all sincere, concerned constituents can generate positive impact. Once a sizeable number of phone calls has been recorded, an alert is triggered which elevates the issue to the Legislator’s attention as something that needs personal involvement. Our outreach to our elected officials, in sufficient numbers, offers an effective means of support for the horses.

Below are options and suggestions to help you place a call.

If you for one name and number to call – then we suggest you call Reta Laford, Deputy Forest Supervisor for the Tonto National Forest, at 602-225-5200

Suggested comments for a conversation with Reta:
Please be polite.
Tell her you are calling with regards to the horses that live in the Tonto National Forest.
Ask their intentions for the horses and request she sends you a letter or an email (provide her with your email or mailing address) stating the details of their intent.
Tell her you believe the horses are wild and request her support in protecting these horses.
Thank her for her time.

Suggested comments for a conversation with your Congressman and Senators:
Please be polite.

Give your name and let the office know you are a constituent.
Ask to speak with the person is responsible for public lands in the National Forests.
Inform the Aide you are calling regarding the horses that live in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona.
Express you concern that the Forest Service is labeling the horses as “feral” or “trespass” and may be moving towards removing them without a period for public comment and without preparing an environmental impact statement as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The rational of the Forest Service is the horses are not wild but “feral” or “trespass” horses from the adjacent Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, however, neither have claimed the horses.
Tell the Aide you have heard there are historical documents housed in the Arizona Room of the Burton Barr Phoenix Public Library and at the University of Arizona that dates the ancestors of these horses to Father Eusebio Kino who brought them in the 17th century to the Pima, to the Conquistadors who came to help the Pima during attacks by the Apaches and to the US Cavalry in the 19th century.
Tell the Aide you are aware that people in the area have reported seeing these unrestricted, free-roaming horses in the 60s and there is photographic evidence dating to the 50s.
Tell the Aide you have heard there is material obtained under the Freedom of Information Act that indicates the Tonto National Forest has removed horses in the past using the label “feral” to circumvent protections due “wild horses” as provided under Public Law 92-195 – The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, to avoid a period of public comment, to avoid completing a NEPA, and to complete the work without putting it out for public bid.
Explain the fact that these horses, without a doubt, are NOT feral but ARE wild so they should be protected under the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.
Tell the Aide that you do NOT want these horses removed. Instead, they should be humanely managed.
Request that the Congressman inquire on the plans of the Tonto National Forest with regard to the horses.
Ask them to send you a follow up letter via USPS mail or email, provide your address as you prefer.
Be sure to thank the recipient of your call for their patience and support of this important issue.



Permission given to use to raise awareness crediting © Protect Mustangs


Wild Horse Wednesday™: Call Congress to stand up for the Free Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Act

December 7, 2011

Dear Friends,

The Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act was signed into law 40 years ago on December 15th, yet today half of their roaming land has been taken away, herds are being wiped out and mustangs suffer at the hands of man.

They are wildlife. The horse is indigenous to America.

Despite the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) expensive PR spin—paid for with your tax dollars—America isn’t hearing the real story. Wild horses and burros are not destroying the range and they are not starving. How many tax dollars are spent to fool the American tax payer and global public?

Today’s industrialization of the West is the mustang’s biggest threat. Roundups are paid for with your tax dollars. The win-win is not being considered by corporate America . . . it’s all about the public land grab now.

Corporations are avoiding spending money on environmental impact reports and mitigation by encouraging the wild horses and burros to be rounded up before their projects break ground. You are paying for these cruel roundups with your tax dollars. The corporations are reaping the benefits.

Help us spread the word and voice your concerns about your tax dollars being spent on cruel roundups and removals. Ask Congress to demand an independent exact head count of how many mustangs are left. Ask your government representatives and senators to focus on the win-win for our wild horses and burros to remain free-roaming on the land in healthy genetically viable herds—not sterile groups.

The Salazar plan has gone ahead—despite public outcry with nationwide protests. It is a wipe-out plan leaving only a few wild horses in zoo-like settings on the range. Ask Congress to stand up for wild horses and burros—protect them to be living in freedom on the western range.

Be a hero for the wild horses and burros of America. Call your senators and representatives and ask them to stop the cruel roundups and removals. Call them every day through December 15th. Remind them that they work for us—even with corporate lobbyists making contributions—they are in government to be our voices.

Thank you for your help.

In gratitude,

Anne Novak

Executive Director of Protect Mustangs


OBAMA poster Created by Lise Stampfli 2009

Mustang Monday™: Contact Congress 11/28/11

In all time zones, email, fax or call your senators and representatives to let them know that “Old Gold”, an American wild horse was rounded up near Gerlach, Nevada on November 19th and euthanized later by the BLM because of being old. At the trap site she was traumatized, slammed into a metal panel and was surely injured. Explain that BLM is not counting her death as a roundup-related death. Tell them Old Gold is an example BLM’s poor accountability and using tax dollars for animal cruelty. Remind them that Congress gives BLM  $75 million annually for this broken program. Ask Congress to stop the Calico roundup and freeze all others until an independant, accurate headcount is made and a sustainable manage plan proves that more wild horses and burros need to be removed in order to have thriving natural ecological balance (TNEB).

We see TNEB in Calico except for industrialization and right of way projects like the Ruby Pipeline. Wild horses and burros are not the problem. Be sure to let YOUR representatives in government know how you feel.

“The roundups in the Ruby Pipeline zone are questionable,” states Katie Fite, biologist and biodiversity specialist. “The public is not being told the truth. There needs to be an investigation within all levels of BLM considering the unavoidable damage to our public lands. There is no mitigation provided for to restore this biologically wild, remote, and untrammeled landscape in northwestern Nevada and southeastern Oregon.”

Here is a press release we wrote breaking the story for The Cloud Foundation during the last Calico roundup titled: Ruby Pipeline the real reason behind BLM’s push to remove wild horses?

RIP Old Gold.


 Mustang Monday™: Email President Obama 11/21/11

#MustangMonday Stop the Roundup! (Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved)

In all time zones for Mustang Monday please email President Obama and ask him to Stop the Calico Roundup now. Tell him that less than 2 years ago 1,922 wild horses were rounded up and that you don’t want them zeroed out. Mention there is no accurate head count and estimates cannot justify a roundup when thriving natural ecological balance (TNEB) exists on the range. Bring up the fact that the National Academy of Science is conducting a study on management but needs to have mustangs on the Calico range to study. Tell the President that wild horses are valuable and should not be cleared off public land to make way for the ‘New Energy Frontier’ but rather there can be a win-win with the wild horses roaming freely on their home land.

Click here to send your email  Send us a copy to and we will post it on this site.

The last Calico roundup was the deadliest roundup in history. Let’s make our voices heard and stop this now!

In gratitude,

Anne Novak

Founder and Director of Protect Mustangs

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @ProtectMustang 

Stop the Calico Roundup Petition

Freedom Lost & Hell Begins (Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved)

Share with friends, family and everyone to get the word out about the waste of tax dollars to roundup wild horses and burros during a national financial crisis. Friends abroad please sign and share to preserve the wild horses of the West you love.

The petition is here:

In gratitude,

Anne Novak

5 thoughts on “Call 2 Action

  1. Bait trapping is not new. Using it with helicopter roundups for years to come is a new plan to completely wipe out what few wild horses remain, however.
    Thanks for speaking the truth , Anne.

  2. Since BLM seems to have a general form to be able to roundup horses and use any methods not matter the costs; it seems that we, the American people should have a general form to remove these people that are misusing the offices that they are employed in; well, it’s must just be about money. And, that is really putting on a strain on the American people who by all rights have the say so in gov. affairs, especially those pertaining to the economic viability of the U.S. To explain that wild horses and burros are tied in with Agenda 21 and with the L.O.S.T. treaty is a task only made for those who will do your own research. But, in facts, theses are tied in together – just as they have written the bills concerning the wild horse and burros to implement and mandate the subsidized holding sites, and the subsidized slaughter industry. Mandated! That means that it is a LAW that states that this MUST be done. Good Lord, I am living in the twilight zone. The BLM knows that it can take the advise of any expert in animal welfare and behavior; and, it is not restricted in its policy of the wild horse and burro program to do anything that is for the wild horses and burros; but the exact problem of falsified federal documents claiming over population; the accrued expenses of helicopter roundups, bait trapping and all methods used by BLM except the methods suggested that will factually improve the quality of the public lands, the health of the horse herds, and require payment and restrict the cattlemen from over breeding and over use of public lands they do not lease; and enforce the law as to filing of falsified federal documents by cattlemen who lease on public lands, and all BLM employees as to the census and availability of the public lands that can be opened up to wild horses and burros without any interference to any other program under the office of BLM . We have made polite phone calls begging for the appropriate actions and the appropriate field studies; but as GAO reports record, BLM received a failing grade in all efforts of data collecting and lacks the ability to access the information that they collect. (which doesn’t make sense, they don’t properly record information, don’t properly record census on wild horses, improper records and inadequate studies of land management; and software programs “calculating” these conditions can not be deemed as factual as it is a calculation – not actual data. Which leads to the fact that the data collection is still falsified and the assessing of any falsified data or documentation or reports are falsified, and nothing of assessments can be done except falsified reports based on falsified data collected by “calculation” instead of actual facts.) This roundup at the Jackson Mountains is not necessary, ever. It can be done with the goal in mind to encourage migration, and allow the migrations of every wild horse herd to be included in the HMA. The terms used by BLM is also suspect; in that it does not clarify the capabilities of the BLM to better manage the PUBLIC LANDS, which are owned by the American people, not ever property of the Bureau of Land Management. Since there seems to be a conflict of interest with the BLM running the wild horse and burro program due to the slaughter industry and the philosophy of the BLM and Secretary Ken Salazar, I request their be an internal investigation and that the persons in office who have inadequately ran these offices, the misuse of their offices for personal gain, and the lack of ability to run these offices, along with the continuous falsified federal documents, I respectfully request that these people be removed from office as federal investigations undergo the task of investigating the Office of Interior, Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar and under the directions of Secretary Ken Salazar, the Acting Director, Mir. Pool, and all employees they have hired who have a conflict of interest, falsify records, and who have abused the offices in which they are employed. Respectfully submitted, Jennie B. (copy to BLM)

  3. Please stop the cruelty. We are smart people who, I believe, can put our heads together and solve problems without having to resort to cruelty and abuse. Round-ups, etc., are not an acceptable solution.

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