PZP advocates push to dart wild horses to extinction now? They spin Pesticide PZP as “Humane Management”

Overpopulation is a lie Instead of fighting with their lobbyists and millions of dollars for wild horses to have their land and freedom, the #Pesticide PZP Pushers would rather sell-out and sell their darting program. Some jump for joy they … Continue reading

Perverted Darting with Pesticide PZP

10 things you need to know about Pesticide PZP 1. PZP — The Pesticide: PZP is an EPA-registered pesticide manufactured from the ovaries of slaughtered pigs. Some persons argue that, because PZP does not kill the mare, it is not … Continue reading

PZP Extremists Attack

As you know, I speak out to uphold the protection of American wild horses on public land and I’m against Pesticide PZP–made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries to be shot into mares. Now I’m getting attacked by PZP Extremists. Why are … Continue reading

BREAKING: Is BLM or Pesticide PZP at the root of stalking, coercion and threats?

(Unedited version: check back here as we are editing this post now) I have my right to free speech and to educate the public so they can make their own informed decisions. I should not be bullied, stalked, harassed, coerced, … Continue reading

Biased press reports ignore public comment against roundups, PZP, GonaCon®, sterilization, livestock damage and killing

Cross-posted from the Elko Free Press for educational purposes Advisory board suggests recommendations to the BLM by FALLON GODWIN-BUTLER FGodwin-Butler@elkodaily.com Fallon Godwin-Butler, Elko Daily Free Press Ben Masters, left, Dr. Robert Copeland and Dr. Julie Weikel discuss working group recommendations … Continue reading

Conflict of interest, wild burros and pesticide PZP

(Photo Credit Rylee Isitt/WikiCommons) Deadline extended to August 22, 2016 so please get your comments in. Below is what Marybeth Devlin sent in.  Postmarked or Received by: August 15, 2016 To: BLM-Arizona State Office Colorado River District Office Kingman and … Continue reading

Groups who want Pesticide PZP used on America’s last wild horses

  According to a press release by Return to Freedom Sanctuary, who seems to have received money from the BLM in the past, the following groups want to use PZP on wild horses: Alliance of Wild Horse Advocates American Society for the … Continue reading

#Pesticide PZP is dangerous for the last American herds of wild horses and burros

The old hypothesis — that PZP merely blocks sperm attachment — has been disproved. Kaur & Prabha (2014) found that the infertility brought on by PZP is ” … a consequence of ovarian dystrophy rather than inhibition of sperm-oocyte interaction.” … Continue reading

#BREAKING: Unions, wild equine advocates, scientists and Native Americans take a stand against experiments on wild horses and burros, PZP and sterilization

For immediate release: Coalition boycotts meeting Redmond, OR (April 13, 2016)—Americans are outraged. A government agency is experimenting and exploiting federally protected wild horses and burros. Advocates, unions and Native Americans are boycotting the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Wild … Continue reading

FACT SHEET: The Truth about PZP

  EXPANDED SUMMARY OF PZP’S ADVERSE EFFECTS, INCLUDING REFERENCES PZP — The Pesticide Porcine zona pellucida (PZP aka ZonaStat-H or Native PZP) is an EPA-registered pesticide derived from the ovaries of slaughtered pigs. PZP is approved for use on wild … Continue reading