Does PZP result in wild herds with lower immune systems and potential for die-offs?

PZP is an immunocontraceptive and pesticide which causes an immune reaction to reject fertilization, while the females still come into estrus. Besides wrecking havoc on the immune system, injecting herds with PZP results in more fighting between males and many other behavior abnormalities. Tule elk in … Continue reading

Lies, subterfuge and PZP

By, Carl Mrozek Unfortunately, the secret mandate to turn our public lands into vast oil, gas and coal fields–interspersed with millions of cattle under Bush–Cheney has continued unabated under Obama with geothermal fields, plus solar and wind farms being added … Continue reading

Fear of sterilization used to push PZP on free roaming wild horses

BLM’s plans for sterilization include the slow extinction drug called PZP which sterilizes after multiple use Since 2009 and surely earlier, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has always said they want to sterilize wild horses and burros. BLM and … Continue reading

Marybeth Devlin speaks out against PZP

Marybeth Devlin responds to PZP SPIN in High Country News titled: PZP: Where hope, science and mustangs meet Ms. Wilder is disinformed. PZP does not “cause eggs to reject sperm.” That hypothesis has been disproved. PZP is a registered pesticide … Continue reading

PZP Study Raises Concerns for Use on Wild Horses

The War on Wild Horses By Laurie Dixon of Horsetalk Behavior Changes not Considered in Past Studies Research indicates the long-term horse contraceptive, porcine zona pellucida (PZP), extends the breeding season in wild horses, raising concerns over the social consequences … Continue reading

PZP Pushers are misleading the public as there is no evidence of overpopulation

PZP = Slow Extinction While touted as a “vaccine,” porcine zona pellucida — PZP — is actually a perversion of a vaccine — an anti-vaccine — whose mode-of-action is to cause auto-immune disease. PZP tricks the immune system into producing … Continue reading

Legal petition filed to cancel PZP pesticide registration

It is with great pleasure to announce that Friends of Animals has filed a legal petition to cancel the EPA’s registration of wild horse fertility control pesticide, PZP and that Protect Mustangs’ education and outreach has culminated in this … Continue reading

PZP discussion and information

Rebuttal of Misinformation Posted by Pro-PZP Entities Issue # 1. Criticism of devoted scientists and advocates Discussion: Sometimes the truth hurts, and sometimes the only way to wake misguided people out of their imaginations is to speak in the strongest of … Continue reading

Media placement spins wild horses as scary pests to push PZP at upcoming BLM meeting?

Are the PZP PUSHERS buying CNN media placement ahead of the BLM’s Wild Horse Advisory Board Meeting April 22-23rd in Ohio to PUSH PZP, take over and control America’s wild horses that they see as “pests” deserving of a pesticide … Continue reading