SHARE it’s URGENT: Help Move & Feed the WY14, Rescued from the Slaughterhouse

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

Ghost Dancer arrives in California

Their parents were all slaughtered after the roundup…

Now the WY14’s new destination has fallen through!

We rescued these 14 wild youngsters back from the slaughterhouse after the brutal BLM roundup in 2014. Horseback Magazine reported on National treasures saved from the slaughterhouse

Today they are 2-3 years old plus 2 miracle foals who were born despite the papas being slaughtered. The small herd has finished wintering at the layover and they need to be moved from Susanville by the end of the June–but their new location just fell through! The WY14 urgently need your tax-deductible donations for hauling, paddock rental, vet and hay. Please donate here:

Please make a donation today and share this information to help get the word out!

We need some pasture/paddock space in Calfornia to house these young wild horses. This is a temporary situation until Protect Mustangs can secure land for the sanctuary to keep them together after all they have suffered.

All their parents and everyone over the age of 2 was slaughtered in Canada for human consumption abroad. Anne Novak and Mark Boone Junior saved the WY14 before they were live shipped to a place like Asia to end up as sashimi.

Protect Mustangs also needs a donated truck and stock trailer, fence panels, halters & lead ropes to care for them as needed at the new location. Please contact us via if you have a truck, trailer or equipment to donate.

Protect Mustangs is an all volunteer 501c3 sponsored organization. Our sponsor is the Andean Tapir Fund noted on this Go Fund Me. All donations are tax deductible.

The WY14 thank you so much for helping them stay together after all they have suffered at the hands of people rounding them up and slaughtering their herd.

In gratitude,

Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director

URGENT: Help the WY14 get their hay!

Here is the first video clip released of some members of the WY14. Please help them raise the money before 3 p.m. (Pacific Time) March 31st to get their semi-load of hay. Donations are tax-deductible and sharing helps too. Here is the link:

The survivors need hay to grow strong and heal from the trauma of the roundup that sent all their herd members over the age of 2 to slaughter. The clock is ticking.. . Please help the WY14 and Baby Spitfire! It takes a village.

They send their love and are so grateful you care.

Many blessings,
Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director

Tax-deductible year end hay drive for rescued wild horses



Donate to the Hay Drive here:

“Here is a two-fer fer ya: Give a generous donation to help feed the Wyoming 14 and get a year end tax deduction. Make it big enough and maybe you can drop into a lower tax bracket: a real win: win for you and for the mustangs. Don’t hesitate though–only a few days left to do it. Or please just do it for the sake of keeping these wild mustangs, saved from the slaughterhouse from going hungry over the winter.” ~Carl Mrozek, filmmaker of the burro film in the works called Saving Ass in America. You might have seen Carl’s nature footage on CBS Sunday Morning News. Here is an example:

Please share the fundraiser with your friends:

Thank you for helping the 14 orphans from the cruel BLM roundup!


Urgent: Need hay to feed young wild horses rescued from slaughterhouse


Dear Friends of Wild Horses,

We must get more hay for the 14 rescued orphans from Wyoming (WY14) to eat this week so I want you to know that your donations are SO NEEDED to keep the young rescued wild horses from feeling hungry.

Please share the TAX-DEDUCTIBLE fundraiser widely ( or donate directly on our website. It takes a village to care for these wild horses after the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) used taxpayer funds to pay for pricey and cruel roundups and the State of Wyoming sold them to a Canadian slaughterhouse to be butchered, packaged and eaten abroad.

Left in the wild, they cost virtually nothing, heal the land and live in freedom for the public to enjoy anytime they can find them. After the roundups some lucky ones are saved but many disappear. . .

Sadly all the wild horses over three-years-old from the WY14’s herd were slaughtered at the Canadian plan to be eaten abroad as a “delicacy”. The WY14 were being fattened up in the feedlot surely to be live shipped to Asia to become foal sashimi. Expensive foal meat is pink whereas the pricey meat from 3-year-olds and up is dark red. That’s the only reason the WY14 were still alive when we found them and rescued them.


Basashi Sushi (Horse Meat)

We are a 100% volunteer organization with no salaries. We give all we can. The WY14 need help to buy hay for them to eat. When you donate, you are providing direct aid to keep them fed so they won’t starve.

With your help we can make sure the WY14 are well fed and taken care of. Together we will honor the native herd that was brutalized and slaughtered by taking care of the 14 young orphans eventually in an eco-sanctuary.

As of September 26th, all the money raised up until that point has been spent. Hay prices are outrageous and are going to get worse this winter. This is becoming a dire situation. The WY14 need your help today!

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The WY14 know they have angels out there like you, helping them. . . They need everyone’s prayers to heal from the trauma of the roundup and loss of their families. It was brutal and their healing will take a long time.

Please help the WY14 with a hay donation today. Thank you for your kindness and compassion for the 14 innocents who have been so traumatized. God bless you!

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Tel: 415.531.8454

PS: Remember Sharing is Caring <3

California drought sends hay prices soaring (Associated Press)

Breaking: 2 wild horses killed at roundup–7 year old mare and yearling filly

Dear Friends of Wild Horses, This is hard news to announce. . . The BLM has rounded up 101 wild horses in Blawn Wash, Utah. Today thirty-one wild horses were rounded up–10 studs, 15 mares and 6 foals. 2 American wild horses were killed. Here is the death report according to BLM:

  • 7-year-old sorrel mare came in with a super enlarged right hock. The vet evaluated the injury and said that the hock had been broken for some time and had healed. Her leg was deformed, irregular hoof wear and hip protruding.
  • 1-year-old grey filly ran into a corral panel at the temporary holding facility dying on impact.

Here are the text messages between me and the BLM’s PR agent:      

I never received any photos of the 2 wild horses and we know BLM documents the wild horses at the roundups.

The BLM’s roundup report is here:

Politicians who want to get public land transferred to their state pushed for this roundup. They went all the way to Washington to convince elected officials that wild horses were starving and ruining the range despite the fact that cattle outnumber them more than 50 to 1 and the wild horses are healthy and fat. . .

These are the same politicians who are pushing for the Wild Horse Oversight Act, H.R. 5058 to let the states manage them and be able to ‘dispose of’ federally protected wild horses as they choose.

They want American wild horses ripped off public land in what seems to be retaliation for the Bundy Ranch incident and because local politicians have a deep conflict of interest favoring livestock grazing. They are trying to scapegoat range damage on wild horses when livestock is the culprit.

Elected officials in Utah have threatened to take the matter into their own rogue hands, round up native wild horses, kill them or sell them to slaughter! They don’t realize wild horses have a right to live on public land and grazing livestock is only a privilege. Their sense of entitlement to federal lands has warped their perspective.

Despite public outcry against the proposed roundup, BLM buckled under pressure and started chasing wild horses with helicopters on Monday. . . On day three, legendary wild horses are killed because of the roundup.

Roundups are cruel.

In March 2014, 37 Wyoming wild horses were sold to a Canadian slaughterhouse–after the BLM’s Dry Creek roundup–to be killed for human consumption. We saved 14  youngsters we call the WY14 but sadly 23 herd members were slaughtered before we got involved.

In August 2013, many wild horses were sold to kill-buyers after the brutal Fort McDermitt roundup . . .

Then there is Tom Davis who wasn’t able to account for the more than 1,700 wild horses the BLM sold and delivered to him for only $10 a head after the roundups.

The public wants an immediate moratorium on roundups for recovery and management studies. BLM’s roundups and removals have increased the birthrate because native horses fear extinction when their population drops too low. Wild horses are not overpopulated on public land. If anything they are so underpopulated their genetic variability is at risk.

Please share this post with your friends and family so they can learn the truth about how the feds are spending their tax dollars to harass American wild horses with helicopters and scare them to their death or kill them after they have been trapped.

Pray for America’s wild horses. We need a miracle for them to survive corrupt politics surrounding public land. May the mare and yearling filly who died today rest in peace . . . forever running free.

In sadness,

Anne Novak
Executive Director
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#MustangMonday begins 3 days of action for wild horses

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Young Wyoming wild horses rescued by Protect Mustangs from the slaughterhouse feedlot after a BLM roundup in March 2014 (Photo © Cynthia Smalley, all rights reserved.)

Three actions to take before Congress goes on summer break July 31st.

1.) Call and fax your county commissioners to request they stop supporting the resolution pushed through the national NACO meeting to give the states the ability to manage federally protected wild horses and “dispose” of them . Politely let them know you will hold them accountable if wild horses are killed or slaughtered and the states have a heinous history of “taking care of wild horses.” Explain that livestock is causing range damage because cattle and sheep outnumber wild horses more than 50 to 1. Let them know people in all states across the country enjoy wild horses and as a federally protected animal–they belong to everyone. Request a written response from your county commissioners.

2.) Call and fax your representative to politely insist they stop Chris Stewart’s (R-UT) Wild Horse Oversight Act of 2014, H.R. 5058 from gaining any momentum in the House. Explain to them that the Act is misleading and would allow states to dispose of federally protected wild horses by killing them or selling them to slaughter. Request a written response from your representative.

3.) Call and Fax your 2 senators and representative the Declaration by Llyod Eisenhauer, former BLM manager, who states the pending Wyoming Checkerboard Roundup appears to be in violation of the law. Ask your elected officials to stop the Checkerboard Roundup scheduled to begin August 20th. Request a written response from your elected officials.

Contact us with any questions via email to

Links of interest™: 

Contact Congress:

Roundup abuse footage:

Defund the Roundups Petition:

Wild Horse Oversight Act of 2014, H.R. 5058

NACo passes horse resolution

Former BLM manager declares Wyoming roundup appears to be in violation of the law

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