BREAKING: Is the Bureau of Land Management going to kill all the club footed wild horses now?

Rumor has it that during the pre-election frenzy, the Bureau of Land Management decided to kill all the wild horses in their care with any club feet or alleged defect. Yes KILL America’s mustangs who were being offered for adoption after they have  been chased by helicopters in roundups, separated from their family bands, live in feedlot settings and forced to be branded,  processed, then trucked around to different holding facilities.

Have they pulled them off the adoption and sale authority lists? Do the feds want to kill them instead of adopting them out or selling them to good homes or sanctuaries for $125-$25?

Who gave the order to do this? Where are they putting them now before they kill them? Will they secretly dispose of them by selling them to slaughter? Or do they want to kill them at the facilities and bury their dead bodies in pits?

Tibet (#9783) is a wild horse yearling from Wyoming who is being saved by Protect Mustangs and will be in the San Francisco Bay Area. Email us if you want to sponsor or adopt him.

Tibet is from the Divide Basin Herd in Wyoming. He had 2 Strikes and was facing his 3rd when Protect Mustangs saved him several years ago. Because his native terrain in Wyoming is different than the captive pens and different than terrain in California, he grows a lot of heel bar. If Tibet’s not trimmed regularly and correctly he starts to look like he’s getting clubbed feet. Would the Bureau of Land Management have ordered that Tibet be killed too if we had not saved him years ago with Blondie? They were both long yearlings facing their 3rd Strike back when the Bureau of Land Management was selling wild horses by the truckload for $10 a head to dispose of them.

March 14, 2013

Tibet and Blondie, March 14, 2013


Blondie Tibet Oct 27 2013


PM Tibet Trot Oct 27, 2013


PM Tibet Halter Headshot March 14 2013 Marked

Are they killing them now when everyone is distracted with the election?

Don’t let the Bureau of Land Management give an order to KILL all wild horses with club feet or other alleged deformities without offering them to compassionate members of the public who want to save their lives or get them to sanctuaries. The Bureau will try to sneak this by the public when no one is watching and everyone is focused on the election, the new Congress and President. Call The White House Comments: 202-456-1111. Switchboard: 202-456-1414 and call your elected officials in Congress now to request they intervene to stop the killing!

Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

11 thoughts on “BREAKING: Is the Bureau of Land Management going to kill all the club footed wild horses now?

  1. please help stop this horse killling! there are better alternatives! please help these horses!

  2. Can you find out concrete information on how many such horses they want to kill? We could mount a rescue effort once the numbers are known

  3. The BLM is a murderous agency. De-fund BLM.
    Save OUR wild horses. BLM Has no reason nor right to kill OUR qild horses on OUR wild lands.

  4. Where is our president on this? Where is the FBI on this? The cruelty only escalates. BLM only gets more money, taxpayers are left with paying for cruelty. Hope this ends with the new presidency.

  5. What is the contact for Bureau of land management? We should all write and call them to stop the killing.

  6. Just horrific. Killing innocent, precious horses just because they have deformities?! And, it’s going to get even worse — a lot worse (if you can imagine THAT) — once the Trump administration takes over. That’s why we’ve got to continue to fight as hard as we can for animals, and never stop!

  7. Please don’t take the lives of our Wild Mustangs I have owned 3 of them. I have one now and their wonderful horses to own.

  8. Wild Mustangs ran on this land BEFORE we were here. THEY deserve to be left alone. WHY are they being killed? BLM needs revamping. TO President Elect TRUMP — you need to tell Management at the BLM…”YOU’RE FIRED!!:

  9. Where lis our president? Good question, since our new president has stated his determination to nullify environmental protection laws and policies we have worked for fifty years to achieve. I was one who signed petitions to BLM about their mustang roundups years ago. It seems they paid no attention, so we must write and call more and more! We know this new administration is pro-oil, so may be pro-fracking and tar sands mining. Both of these procedures have proven deadly to wildlife of all sorts. BLM and big oil both need to be reexamined and restricted severely before more of our country ends up like Oklahoma or northeastern Canada.

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