URGENT: Action plan to adopt out 700 slaughter bound wild horses by 6 p.m. November 30th


Action plan below

I offered to go out to the International Society for Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) in Lantry, South Dakota back in early October with a friend who previously had a nationwide horse transport business for show horses and had started out working for Bob Hubbard. My request to come out to take photos and videos to generate adoption interest from our network of supporters was refused.

I was told that someone was in charge of all the adoptions and that everything was taken care of. That’s fine. All I wanted to do was to have my boots on the ground to help our network of people adopt these fabulous wild horses from Wild Horse Annie’s organization the way I have helped adopt out many other mustangs.

November 1st we signed a lease for an 8 acre farm 25 miles east of San Francisco and so I’ve been very busy starting to fix the place up to bring horses in. I knew I could travel before November but not afterwards.

When I heard that only a fraction of the ISPMB mustangs had been adopted I hoped and prayed I could find someone to help me with boots on the ground in South Dakota. I called around and found someone who had gone back to South Dakota to help teach children on the reservation. Her name is Nancy.

Last week I offered to send Nancy to take photos for potential adopters but my request was again refused. I told Nancy I couldn’t send her.

I was told 1000 photos were on Facebook . . .

It’s easy to get lost on Facebook. . . How could I guarantee the mustangs from the photos were still there?  I was hoping to help adopt some ISPMB mustangs, the way I know how to do it–with boots on the ground. This time it would have been Nancy’s boots–except my offer to send her was refused.

As it turns out, Nancy went out of her own free will. Her on-site offer to take photos for adoptions was refused so she left.

My plan was to take photos of at least 60 mustangs, place them and generate interest for others to get all the mustangs to safe places. I’ve been feeling so sad and so helpless as I’m sure many of you do. I don’t want any of these mustangs to go to slaughter!

I’ve seen posts on the Sheriff’s Facebook page made by potential adopters who aren’t being served. They want to adopt, they have filled out and turned in applications but people aren’t getting back to them. This is a huge rescue effort and I imagine this bottleneck is normal if there aren’t enough people involved so I’m not casting blame. This is, what it is.

Let’s turn this around and make things work to get all the mustangs adopted, but not delivered, in 3 days! The deadline I believe is 6:00 p.m. November 30th. Together we can save their lives!

Previously I suggested that many leaders should be at the helm of this rescue so they could facilitate the rescue of ISPMB mustangs within their networks. I can’t sit on my hands any more and let up to 700 mustangs go to auction where they will end up being purchased by kill-buyers.

Here is my proposal for the next 3 days:

 Picture this: At least 25 Tree Leaders at the top of their trees (networks). They each find adopters that will take a total of 28 ISPMB mustangs! Tree Leaders are going to find adopters (private parties, nonprofits, rescues, ranches), answer questions, encourage and help adopters fill out and send in their applications. Tree leaders can help find boarding for adopters if needed.

Here’s how we break it down: 25 X 28 = 700 mustangs saved from the kill buyer auction before the auction!


At this point I want to ask you to open your hearts and PLEASE fill out an application to adopt ISPMB wild horses and save them from slaughter! You could board them somewhere if you don’t have room at your place. The legacy ISPMB mustangs are from Wild Horse Annie’s organization!

1.) Fill out the application here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdXEVFZhWzY6qKuPr5qAzaQcFF2-s7Ojpx-n1Qqi8zHgYlWjg/viewform

2.) Make sure to click on the button to have a copy send to your email

3.) Adoption contract agreement terms are negotiable, so line through any terms that you feel are unacceptable and initial those lines. The agreement to protect the horses from slaughter is non-negotiable.

4.) If you want me to follow up to ensure your application gets processed then please send a copy of your adoption application to me by TEXT to 415-531-8454 or email it to Contact@ProtectMustangs.org . I will make sure the group doing the adoptions gets your application and I will follow up on your behalf if you request that I do so.

5.) Let’s get the adoption applications approved then you can work with Fleet of Angels (FOA) to haul them out to safety! There might be some grants from FOA for hauling.

6.) Tree Leaders: Call me 415-531-8454 with any questions.

All applications are going to be approved by the ISPMB/Fleet of Angels team. Protect Mustangs will not approve any adoptions.

I don’t know exactly how many need to be adopted and how many the ISPMB will be allowed to keep if any. Of the up to 700 ISPMB mustangs left, I heard there are more than 60 mare-foal pairs who need adoption. I know that together we can find homes for ALL the ISPMB mustangs that need to get to safe places.

I was told the Sheriff will take control of the ISPMB mustangs December 1st to sell them at the livestock auction where kill-buyers are waiting for them.

I ask you to open your hearts, fill out and turn in the applications to adopt these wild horses without seeing their photos. You can help save them from being picked up by the Sheriff December 1st, shoved into trailers, hauled to a disease infested auction house in Phillips, South Dakota with kill buyers licking their chops at the hundreds of wild horses they can buy to take to slaughter!

Now that you have read this please become a Tree Leader to get 28 ISPMB wild mustangs adopted. Thank you and Bless you!

For the Wild Ones,

Anne Novak

Volunteer Executive Director

Protect Mustangs

P.O. Box 5661

Berkeley, California 94705


Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

21 thoughts on “URGENT: Action plan to adopt out 700 slaughter bound wild horses by 6 p.m. November 30th

  1. Please –begging, get this to proper agents who are taking on animal cruelty actions. This is huge. BLM breaking law over and over again so cattlemen can profit. The cruelty is phenominal for hundreds and thousands of our American heritage horses. Care to dot com has much info as well as pictures. Individual citizen by the name of Davis is biggest offender. All the while taxpayers are stung for the costs of the horses lives as they are run down at capture. horses die of thirst, are killed for unknown reasons, babies taken from their families and pure horror. Please respond as many of your public are counting on you. Let me know this is going to be investigated for BLM prosecution. Sincerely, Vicki Hood. phone 541 440 1966 or muttmomvicki@gmail.com

  2. HI,

    I will pay for a horse but have nowhere to keep one but if someone can place one I will
    help in any way. Please let me know what to do as I think your plan is wonderful
    and want to help. I would love one/700 of these horses but will help you.

    xo Jackie

  3. It is very sad even barbaric this happens in the USA!! I am not an American and cannot participate . We outside the US we cannot even believe such murders are happening! Also the reason? Why?? Money makers??
    Is this a way to make America great?? Destroying all your fauna and flora?? Like the 549 including Pedals the Bear were murdered in NJ!!??? I can only say, it’s a murdering Nation. Very disappointed in your people running the country.
    May we all just hope it will not take place, I have been sending this around the world as I guess everybody should know what kind of a Nation it is in reality!
    May God bless these Majestic Mustangs.

  4. I have been following this story. It appears that Karen Sussman may actually be witholding about 400 of the horses, maybe to pay off her debts.

    I do not think Ms. Sussman will allow what you have in mind based on what rumors are out there.

    I could fill out an application; but I live in Illinois and have no place right now lined up to keep 2 horses. Are you saying to do the application anyhow, and somehow you will take the horses. The application itself asks for a destination address. They say they will be checking on the destination address.

  5. Please keep these mustangs and burros from becoming slaughtered and save these wild horses and help them become adopted, so they can live the rest of their lives in freedom and safety.

  6. Hi it looks like several folks want to pay for an adoption, but cannot personally put the horses up. If this is you– Please go to http://www.fleetofangels.org
    They are the organization that will be helping find placement and homes for the mustangs, you will simply need to arrange with them to “adopt” in name only as a donor.

  7. Etienne de Meyer yes this is the United States a very two faced duplicitous nation innovator and leader of genocide whom cover their monstrous ugliness by masquerading in high fashion and nice talk…look – at the facts: crooked two ended mouth promoting more and more darkness & oppression throughout the world. God bless not “America” but good people like Anne Novak tirelessly fighting evil without becoming despondent.

  8. I will message my friends on Facebook. Some live on farms and who knows, we might get some favorable responses.

  9. I will gladly donate to adopt but like the others, I have no place. Is there a way to allow people to adopt them en masse? How can kill buyers just buy them and not have to meet the requirements that people who want to save them do? With the plans that President elect Trump has to put the likes of Sarah Palin in as Secretary of the Interior, the mustangs, burros, bison etc are pretty well without hope. Anything to save them will need to happen before inauguration.

  10. Hello!
    Is the white horse in the picture still up for adoption? Can we adopt from the UK? Could you send me please tge details to adopt this horse???
    Could you please update us how many horses still need homes?

  11. Hello!
    Is the white horse in the picture still available for adoption?
    Can we adopt from the UK?
    Please send me details WHERE I can adopt this horse.
    Can you also update us how many horses still need to find homes.
    Why did you send out this update so late?!?

  12. I have friends who want to save a horse–or, among us, horses–but we live in PA on half acre lots and have no where to keep them. I tried before to get information but got nothing. I was e-mailed to contact Anne Novak, but her voice mail was full for four or five calls I tried, and I was out later in the day. Then I saw a notice that the donation period was “closed.” How can a donation for saving horses be over? I had several questions that I e-mailed, but no one ever answered. Among them was: Can someone take them if I pay for one and friends pay for one or more?

  13. Hello Anne!
    Can you please update us?
    Many people here want to help but we need answers how to proceed.
    Most of all, how many horses still need homes???

  14. I have no where to keep a horse nor could I afford to. But I will pay the adoption fee(s) plus transport for one horse or a mare/foal pair if that will help.

  15. I am british so unfortunately cant help with any of this, but this is very upsetting. why are these beautiful creatures being slaughtered. if they are wild why aren’t they allowed to live free and wild. I just don’t know whats up with this world.

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