Expose BLM’s backdoor to slaughter!

How many are left?

When I first heard about wild horses in the Pryor Mountains being brutally rounded up in 2009, Nevada was home to 80% of America’s federally protected wild horses. Wyoming was the next state who had the most wild horses and California only had a few herds left.

Today Nevada has only about 50% of America’s wild horses and I believe California now has the second largest population. In Wyoming, the feds are proposing to remove another 1,029 wild horses. One of their former congresswomen even wanted to kill them!

The Department of Interior is giving away grants for university students in Wyoming to cruelly collar mares from the Adobe Town herd. They want to find out where they hide in the desert. Then the agency in charge of protecting them can find them and wipe out the ancient Adobe Town mustangs too.

Invasive cruelty against America’s wild horses must stop. The law states they are to be left alone and not be abused. How dare they collar wild horses! This harassment will cause deaths and these deaths will be hidden. . . Hidden like the others.

The deception continues. People who once spoke out against mustang cruelty back in 2009 are now mute because they are playing a political game to get what they want. I’m disgusted and will never sell out. Never.

In 8 years of roundups, experiments, removals, pesticides for “birth control”, 3-Strikes to sell truckloads for slaughter and taxpayer-funded propaganda campaigns, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has decimated America’s wild herds on public land. Now wild horses are in danger of dying out because they lack genetic diversity, population and strength. Natural selection is being ruined by the “one foal” on the range breeding programs run by Pesticide PZP darters in partnership with BLM. Remember Pesticide PZP sterilizes wild horses after multiple use. Yes sterilizes. The public is fooled by those trusted to manage the last American wild horses and their nonprofit partners peddling for donations to “help” them.

Overpopulation is a lie. Population control is based on a false premise that wild horses are “pests”. Follow the money behind population control experiments and the donation cash cow for the nonprofit who claims they solved the wild horse “problem”.

Know the truth: Wild horses are native wildlife, period. Cattle and sheep are not.

Right now we are witnessing a wild horse and burro underpopulation crisis in the West. This is our last chance to help America’s wild horses and burros survive the ugly greed wiping out our herds. It’s time to expose the overpopulation lies. It’s time to expose all the trucks sneaking wild stallions to slaughter over the borders. . . expose the lies that there are “too many” wild horses on public land. Count them.

The truth must be exposed by your elected officials now before it’s too late.

I urge you to sign and share the petition to investigate the wild horse and burro count in captivity and freedom: https://www.change.org/p/u-s-senate-investigate-the-wild-horse-burro-count-in-captivity-and-freedom Join us to double the numbers on the petition in the next 7 days!

America won’t be the same without our iconic wild symbols of liberty running freely on public land . . . The wild herds are to be protected by the law–but because of the greed for resources (oil, gas, livestock grazing, etc.) the law is being twisted, lies are spread in the media and spoon-fed to your elected officials acting on your behalf.

It’s time to know how many wild horses and burros are really left so we can all stand up to protect them.

Prayers and miracles are needed right now. Please contact me if you can help with a lawsuit to save America’s last wild horses and burros.

For the Wild Ones,
Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director
Protect Mustangs


Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses. www.ProtectMustangs.org

23 thoughts on “Expose BLM’s backdoor to slaughter!

  1. Can’t believe this type of action exists in a country as great as ours. Appears barbaric corruption and ineptatude underly our basics at some sadistic level. Apparently my taxes are supporting these actions, for which I am ashamed.

  2. Horses are our history and heritage. They need protection not slaughter. They do not need birth control. Cattle damage and destroy the ecosystem with high emissions of methane gas for excessive feces. They rip grass from the ground by the roots. Horse do neither of these. Their feces feeds the grasses and they nip the tops of grass leaving it to regrow. Stop the slaughter.


  4. I feel like a worthless wild horse advocate right now because I live here and I know they are doing it over and over and I have done everything I know to do except try to find where they are working and go there and we all know they won’t allow that so I will just keep pushing on writing to people and getting madder than hell every time I see this! Keep them free and wild for the length of there lives and let them die naturally in the wild as it should be. Being a wild horse running wild and free isn’t an easy task but what ever happens happens the natural way, as it was intended and they don’t need any interference from people who try to make decisions for them!! Leave them alone and let them run free!!

  5. What a Constant Struggle to protect what They BLM are supposed to be protecting ! Shameful !! Have sent the petition on actual count to my Representatives , hopefully Everybody will do the same ! It’s more than just a wish for it that way !!

  6. Ok let’s do the math. Since 1980 the Bureau of Land Management had rounded up 270,000 plus wild horse’s and burros.
    The GAO has documented that during the mid 80’s with video witness interviews with kill buyers, slaughter house owners and slaughter house employees that thousands of titled Mustangs we’re slaughtered in a Nebraska slaughter house for dog food and dinner plates in Europe.
    There are documents where the Bureau of Land Management sold horse’s to individuals who sold and shipped thousands more to slaughter. And how many where sold under the table as speak with no traceability records.
    Only a small percentage of those horse’s that the Bureau of Land Management considers adoptable horse’s are adopted.
    Where are all the horse’s and burros that the Bureau of Land Management consider’s none adoptable. They sure in hell are not in long term holding pastures.
    I have my private satellite link. Why are there pits and trenches covered with lime on and every and at wild horse and burro holding facility and corral.
    After a period of time the Bureau of Land Management destroys documents as they do they do every 10 years which I was informed by the National Archives.
    The Bureau of Land Management considers records nonessential after 10 years or do they have them hidden away from the public.
    I am sorry but the numbers don’t add up.
    As a tax payer I do not approve or except my money that is removed from check being used to terrorize and to kill defenseless horse’s and burros and for the killing of any animal
    I have taken up this issue with one of my Reps David Rothfus and I have still to wait for his reply.
    No reply I wonder way

  7. I cannot believe that men and women and children can’t get together in a large group and block the roundup(s) as a line of bodies in the sand. Be armed or not.
    Yes you may go to jail, but it’s the only way we have of forcing the media to report fairly. Take your own horses, 4-wd’s, whatever it takes and block those pens. Look what a slingshot did to Goliath in David’s hands.

    We’ve tried everything else. They won’t listen.



  9. If we, as any type of Horse Advocates what so ever, except the tawdry excuses we have seen, by BLM, HSUS, and those that support them — WHE, RTF, AWHPC, and other non-profits who support Pesticide PZP – and people actually believe that crap, and follow and support BLM and those others – then the scam is on – and we will not see any wild Horses on Public Lands in the not so distant future what so ever!
    The Above organizations are corrupt = Misinformation – Corrupt finances – Lies for Profit! This simple!

    I am always amazed at people’s avoidance of simplicity, and why people except the entangled drama of a scam, as excuses to dart, to send wild horses to slaughter, to kill, and to essentially roundup all Wild Horses on America’s Public Lands – and after the scam starts everyone is amazed, when they discover that the horses continue being slaughtered, STILL, amazed at the cottage industries built around, entirely, from corruption and the scam nothing more than the foundation piece of this same corruption, and then people have the gull to be surprised no resolution exists yet – and demands resolutions from the honest folks!

  10. While most Americans love and want the wild horsrs not enough of them are involved.. Some just think others will do this for them.
    We must keep workinh to save our wild horses. While welfare ranchers get to use the land for horses for their cattle in the end I believe the oil clmpaniez will have this land to drill oil and frack.
    Too few wild horses left as is. Write your congress and president tell them they want voted in they better heaar us.

  11. What an outrage that the DOI/BLM are getting away with the murder and imprisonment of our wild horses and burros.
    We should not be paying THEM to do their jobs so miserably; let the cattle ranchers pay them from their own pickets since they obviously receive such preferential treatment by protecting cattle – the true invasive species. The DOI now has a new Secretary, Ryan Zinke, who has already wreaked havoc on his very first day in office by repealing the lead ban. Don’t waste time waiting to see if things will improve because clearly they will not. Contact your legislators over and over and make them realize that THEIR future is in YOUR hands.

  12. Nothing makes sense in this country any more. Everything is distorted and fake news are clouding the American psyche and the American mind. The slaughter of Mustangs is one topic that should have raised holy hell around the entire country. These horses belong to the American people, period. They do not belong to the Bureau of Land Management which brutally culls them withe helicopters and sends them to slaughter. I do not have strong enough words to coin these cruel barbarians who believe themselves to be invincible. Nothing penetrates their stupidity and their self importance. The Mustangs are to be used to satisfy their greed. I am ashamed of my country any more. I am, ashamed because of lack of information and lack of education and illiteracy and the sinking of America like the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. I do not listen to mainstream news because even before President Donald Trump called them fake, I had known they were fake from long ago. I read the News in foreign languages and I know how to separate the lies from the truth. We hear nothing but lies from the mainstream media that is so fake and so shameful that makes my hair stand on end. The fate of our Mustangs should have made headlines on the News. But we hear nothing about this shameful exhibition of cruelty and barbarism and lack of compassion. All we hear is about hate groups who hate those that protect tho few Mustangs that are left. If I could, if I were a deity and I was able to punish these disgusting barbarians, these disgusting human imitations they would all be hanging from the highest tree by now and they would remain there for birds of prey to feed on. That’s the only befitting punishment I can think of. But make no mistake. God is extremely patient and since we do not know what’s on the other side of the barrier I am positive that these monsters’ fate will be worse than we can ever imagine. No one kills our Lord’s creation because of greed. No one kills the beauty he has given us to beautify our world and our lives without paying the price dearly. I know these disgusting monstrosities do not believe it, do not even consider it as a remote possibility but at the bat of an eyelid they will face the music but it is not music they will hear. It is their own screams of agony. Our beautiful Mustangs will be in God’s arms on the Rainbow Bridge watching those that did them harm slip down into the black hole on their way to Dante’s Inferno.

  13. We must continue to believe that truth and justice will prevail for our wild horses and for that to happen, we each must fight for victory for them. They are a national treasure and must not be destroyed because of lies and greed. An American west with no wild horses would be devoid of its soul.

  14. Please protect these beautiful innocent wild mustangs from round ups, sterilzations and slaughter and keep them free as they have always have! Stop BLM from their horrific treatment of these special animals!!

  15. Praying for God to protect our beautiful Mustangs and Burros! We need a miracle here! Obviously the ones that can stop this are truly heartless!!! This has made me sick to my stomach, and why would anyone have anything to do with the slaughtering, shooting, rounding up, sterilizing and torturing of these defenses, beautiful, care free animals, is just beyond words! May God have Mercy on their souls!!!!

  16. YEs, so much to be aware of, i.e. beware of, when it comes to the hypocritical often sinister true motivations and plans concerning the wild horses and burros who find themselves targets of people without conscience in this regard. So Wrong!!! This situation simply has to, must change!!!!

  17. The wild horses should never be injected with a pesticide such as PZP.The wild horses are underpopulated and has never been Proven to be otherwise.If this was true you would see them in all wild areas.So if we continued to/or allowed the BLM to inject PZP in the wild horses for birth control,we are just as guilty for causing slow extinction,for causing deformities,still borne births,Tumors,ovaries cysts and even deaths in some mares,For committing murder.PZP is a dangerous pesticide,in which we humans are just as dangerous.PZP also kills song birds when spray.So I ask is this safe for even us/ humans to breathe?I ask is it safe for us/ humans to inject PZP in a wild Mare?I ask what would happen if the person doing the injection is injected?I ask WHY?I will fight for this to stop, end it now.I ask BLM to tell the truth to the public.I ask our government to tell the truth to its public.I ask for the right to be done for the wild horses.Let the wild horses live a healthy and free life without our interference.I am opposing all round ups, PZP, all experimenting,separations of families/young and most of all is the slaughtering/murdering.I am opposing the removal of the wild horses off public land to benefit the Rangers and pipeline industries.I oppose our tax dollars to be used in these matters.Nature is perfect when left alone.God bless our Nature and the wild horses.

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