LIARS push for Experiments and Slaughter!

PRO-SLAUGHTER, PRO-EXPERIMENT Activists, PZP-Pushers, BLM wives, with BLM supporters LIE to create confusion. They slander real advocates to create a distraction because we are here only for the wild horses and they want to slaughter them. They are worried the public will find out how many have already gone out the back door to slaughter. They don’t want their pipeline to get shut down.

Well these creeps are LYING again because they don’t want this petition to get attention but it’s too late for them! We want a head count. People aren’t stupid! states that “This petition will be delivered to:

U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
President of the United States”

Of course we don’t change the petition letter either. Updates are updates. They really try to play the Facebook public for fools.

That’s the #TRUTH and these liars just lost their credibility–again.

We also deliver our petitions to elected officials and others in meetings working for change. The Bureau of Land Management is bureaucracy and corruption at its worse. Change seems to take a long time. Perhaps if the nationwide protests start up again to Stop the Roundups it will help the push for change.

Take action by sharing this petition ( by email to everyone you know so we can STOP the cruelty!

Join the Thunderclap to spread the word about the petition on social media: to get this petition out there! It’s free. You have until midnight March 29th to sign up.

For more information go to and type the word “experiments” in the search bar.

For the Wild Ones,
Anne Novak

Executive Director

Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

4 thoughts on “LIARS push for Experiments and Slaughter!

  1. I oppose the underpopulated Wild Horses being rounded up, PZP being used as a birth control,all it does is bring the wild Horses closer to extinction,besides all the deadly effects it has on them.I will never consider it safe.BLM has lie to us/the public, leading us to believe that the wild horses are overpopulated and PZP is the only way to saved them from all Natures elements.Unbelievable, really???So in return give the wild horses a pesticide, that cause deformity,still borne babies, ovaries cyst,Tumors and even death.I will always oppose PZP and experimenting on the Wild Horses and Burros,the BLM should be punished for their crimes, yes crimes, I called it by what I have seen.We should also received head counts of all our Wild Horses and reports about where the Wild Horses are kept.I want to know if there’s any left? I want BLM accountable and the Gov. Who allowed the BLM actions in the past and still going on? What is their problems? The Wild Horses have been our history for hundreds of years, before I was borne.I want them to be in our futures for generations to come.I want my children to not asked about them in the pastence, like the dinasours.They have been our transportation, workers and companions.We need to protect and honor them,that is what the Wild Horses deserved, us being loyal back.This is what the Wild Horses need,they our a living being just like us, not an un-needed pipeline.please stop this insane persecution of the Wild Horses.I thank you Protect Mustangs for all you do.

  2. There is no overpopulation of wild horses that is a farce that is used by the BLM to get rid of them not only for the welfare Ranchers but for future oil and fracking . the use of PZP to destroy our wild horses is just about the sickest thing I could ever think of to do to any innocent animals. They call it a way to keep the wild horses on the land without overpopulation? Well I’d like to know how they figure because it has been proven to do harm to the reproductive organs and also has never been proven to be used to their benefit but to destroy them. I do not condone the use of any drug or any methods being used to take down the population of our wild horses. These horses belong to America after all they made America they didn’t just exist without having beenused by Ranchers and everyone else at the time to better America. They were our true Freedom Fighters of old.

  3. President Nixon in the early 70’s signed the Freedom for Wild Horses & Burros Act on Public Lands & managed by the BLM. From the get-go the BLM has catered to a special interest group, the Livestock Industry, which has been a money loser & those costs have been covered by the tax payers! That agency has illegally altered the intent of the law. First by exercising the number of horses by rounding up the herds every four years & cutting the herds by half. That wasn’t effective enough so they have implemented ways to slow the reproduction of the horses. Their most recent devise is rounding them,state by state, relocating the herds to holding pens where their intent is to slaughter them! Freedom for the HORSES means they have to die?

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