Prayers Needed for Wild Horses Today

America’s wild horses and burros are at great risk right now.

Please join us Tuesday April 25 at noon (California Time) to #pray for the safety, protection and freedom of America’s wild horses and burros.

Lobbyists are in Washington greasing palms to get what they want: slaughter, killing, pesticides for birth control and sterilization for extinction. This is not what the public wants. We love our wild horses and burros. We want them protected and forever free.

Truck in the pens (© Anne Novak, All rights reserved)

Sign and share the petition demanding a headcount and congressional investigation: This will help stop trafficking wild horses to slaughter and extinction!

There is a lot going on behind the scenes now in Washington. This petition is making an impact. It’s time for us to let more people know about the fake inventory before more roundups, experiments, sales, etc. are allowed to destroy the last wild herds in America.

Together we can turn this around. Thank you and bless you.

With Gratitude,
Anne Novak

Founder & Executive Director

© Anne Novak, all rights reserved.

Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

3 thoughts on “Prayers Needed for Wild Horses Today

  1. I don’t want any of the wild horses and burros slaughtered for their meat to placate the welfare ranchers. I don’t want our lands used as feed lots for their cattle who need to be grazed on their own property. Any public lands that they claim to be theirs are leased and the leases can be cancelled. The rents they pay per head should be increased to $25.00 a head and the mother and calf should be considered two animals. I am sick of the demands of the welfare ranchers to remove the wild horses and burros so that their precious cattle can be fattened for market.

  2. The wild horses should never be injected with a pesticide such as PZP.The wild horses are underpopulated and has never been Proven to be otherwise.If this was true you would see them in all wild areas.So if we continued to/or allowed the BLM to inject PZP in the wild horses for birth control,we are just as guilty for causing slow extinction,for causing deformities,still borne births,Tumors,ovaries cysts and even deaths in some mares,For committing murder.PZP is a dangerous pesticide,in which we humans are just as dangerous.PZP also kills song birds when spray.So I ask is this safe for even us/ humans to breathe?I ask is it safe for us/ humans to inject PZP in a wild Mare?I ask what would happen if the person doing the injection is injected?I ask WHY?I will fight for this to stop, end it now.I ask BLM to tell the truth to the public.I ask our government to tell the truth to its public.I ask for the right to be done for the wild horses.Let the wild horses live a healthy and free life without our interference.I am opposing all round ups, PZP, all experimenting,separations of families/young and most of all is the slaughtering/murdering.I am opposing the removal of the wild Horsesof public land to benefit the Rangers and pipeline industries.I oppose our tax dollars to be used in these matters.Nature is perfect when left alone.God bless our Nature and the wild horses.

  3. We can find better solutions and compromise when it comes to managing the western range, but doing so will require setting aside bias, relying on science and recognizing that, to the vast majority of Americans, wild horses are not a scapegoat. They, too, deserve to be treated well on our public lands.

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