RED ALERT: Get Comments into BLM against roundup of 6,700 wild horses

Keep them in the wild and safe from slaughter!

YOU can help STOP the proposed ROUNDUP of 6,700 Wild Horses living in northeast Nevada! #TakeAction Get your comments in against the Roundup, Against PZP, Gonacon, Sterilizations, Give wild horses their fair share of public land and STOP scapegoating them for range damage by sheep and poor livestock management! Please get your comments in by 4:30PM PDT Monday August 21st (eclipse). Don’t forget!

BLM says, “The Antelope and Triple B Complexes Gather Plan EA is available for a 30 day review period beginning July 21, 2017. Submissions will be accepted until 4:30 pm Pacific Daylight Time on August 21, 2017. Interested individuals should mail written comments to the BLM Elko District Office, 3900 Idaho Street, Elko, NV 89801 Attn: Marc Jackson, Wells Field Manager. Comments may also be provided through email to this address: . Be advised that only the comments received by postal mail or to this specific e-mail address will be considered in the completion of the Final EA, Finding of No Significant Impact and Decision Record.”¤tPageId=125205 .”

If your email bounces back then maybe BLM put out a typo. Try this:

Stand up warriors! Speak Out. Demand an independent head count and no roundup, no birth control as there is no proof of an overpopulation of wild horses. as part of the NEPA before any plans for a Roundup!

Save the Mustangs!

Read about the wild horse crisis on our blog here:

Protect Mustangs is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of native and wild horses.

97 thoughts on “RED ALERT: Get Comments into BLM against roundup of 6,700 wild horses

  1. You need to stop this insanity our horses and burro’s are not yours to round up or kill they belong to the people and ranchers do not have the last say on if they live or die… So an independent needs to evaluate the herds and give a true scientific report before anything else is done.

  2. I am asking Respectfully, that The BLM please stop the Roundups, to own up to your mistakes ( lies) whether intentional or bad management!!!! Once you go through with these roundups and the poisoning of the Wild Horses under the guise of birth control, you are changing nature which you will not be able to repair. Get the Welfare Cattle and sheep off the land. Give the horses their rightful place!!!!
    And the oil leases and mining contracts what is gonna happen at the speed in which your moving, you won’t be able to blame the horses, when you have raped the Land, Our Land over GREED and when it won’t sustain the Cattle, sheep, Sage Grouse or any Wild game anymore, what then. Get the Politics out of The BLM and put people in charge that truly understand Land Management. STOP THE LIES STOP THE ROUNDUPS STOP THE EXPERIMENTS.

  3. As a citizen of this country I do not want our wild mustangs, horses and burrows to continue to be harassed by you. The BLM has rounded them up killing many in the process. You have held them in holding facilities where they don’t have sufficient protection from the elements. You have used unproven & unsafe methods trying to sterilize them. You have tried everything in your power to reduce their numbers, when there is no proof your numbers are correct.
    It is time to start listening to we the people and to start telling the truth bought the mismanagement of the obscene numbers of cattle & sheep on our unlicensed land!! Land that ranchers political donations buy access to from senators &congressman. It’s time to stop blaming our wild horses and PROVE your numbers are correct. The time is long past for the BLM to manage our public lands by listening to “we the people” and not the welfare ranchers and the politicians they buy off!

  4. As a horse owner I am against any further round ups & slaughter of wild horses & burros. Too many important herds have been removed. They are a part of America & helped make America what it is. They shouldn’t be endangered because of mining or ranchers wanting them removed. Wildfires are spreading because they have been removed from land that they grazed on & kept grasses down. I don’t want my tax dollars used for their removal. Leave them alone they are an intelligent animal that should be let alone & put on land that they will be protected on because the laws that protect them are being broken on their removal.

  5. Please save the wild horses that belong on our national lands much more than cattle and sheep. If ranchers cannot afford to buy land to raise livestock maybe they should get out of the business.

    The horses are paying with their lives for the years of mismanagement. I expected more with the new administration

  6. Stop the roundup .Leave them alone. They are doing just fine . Why do you need more horses in captivity?

  7. We want an independent head count and no roundup, no birth control as there is no proof of an overpopulations of wild horses. as part of the NEPA before any plans for a Roundup! Get the Welfare Rancher’s cows off the land that rightfully belongs to the wild horses. Release all the horses that are in holding pens back where you got them.

  8. They want the land to graze cattle. Cattle on our land. Cattle that will exasperate climate change.

  9. Please stop the roundups, sterilzations and slaughter of these beautiful innocent wild horses! They deserve to live on the land as much as cattle, sheep and other animals! This is wrong…..stop BLM!!!!!

  10. Why can’t you leave the horses alone, with all the cruelty in the world now why do you have to be so cruel and inhumane. The horses are not hurting anyone or anything. JUST STOP!!

  11. Stop the roundup of Wild Horses cause it’s a crime❗️Let them live wild and free❗️

  12. I would seriously take all people’s letters into account . I beg of you Too Stop destroying USA Last Wild Herds and let them live on our Lands that We Pay for !!! These Horses have served All mankind for millennia, the Great Spirit of the Universe God asks that we take care of all that was created for mankind !!! Are you doing the will of ceator or Selves for profits of Cattle industry ? Terrible please let Nevada’s herds , as well as Washington’s herds Alone ! Let them live in freedom or Set up Sanctuary !! I’d be honored to help these guys out . Just stop killing them . Stop rounding up . Stop birth control weirdness . It’s dumb , it makes America look Weak !! Stop please

  13. Please leave the wild horses alone! The round up is cruel & unnecessary! They were born to run wild!

  14. Please do not round up more wild horses,let them be free.Please stop the BLM from doing round ups.I am opposing this its not a humane action.Please no more rounds up This is outrageous. The rounds ups causes splitting of families,deaths, panic, injuries. BLM I ask you having you cause enough distruction, enough pain for the amazing wild horses that are native to the United States?

  15. The Mustang is an American icon that is to the world a symbol of freedom. To say there are too many running wild is just untrue and the ranchers are the reason some suffer as they are taking all the prime land and water holes. Horses play a major part in the whole of the ecosystem as they help to spread grass seed , which cows can’t do because they have 4 stomachs, also wild horses keep down the fuel that causes major bush fires. The Mustang is a native animal and should be left alone. Why can’t the rancher’s cattle be put in BLM pens instead of the horses as that is what cows are bred for? Leave the Mustang Alone

  16. Please stop the roundup of these America’s wild horses! They are part of our history and heritage! They are not livestock or a food source! They deserve to live free and in peace on thousands of acres in many states! Thank you for your time .

  17. where are you going to house another 6700 horses. stop the roundups.
    leave them free

  18. Please leave the wild horses alone!
    Don’t people remember before cars we relied on horses for everything And now you just want to eliminate them . They are our history. So shameful.

  19. Please stop the round ups and let our wild horses and burros enjoy our federal lands. Stop all leasing of our Federal lands and ban horse slaughter for all American horses within our borders. Also ban transport for same beyond our borders.

  20. Please don’t allow the cattle ranchers to control you any longer. The horses are not starving and they are not overpopulated.

  21. Please leave our wild horses alone! As a hard working, tax paying American, I do not want my tax dollars spent on such animal abuse due to herd mismanagement of the BLM. It’s not the horses that are damaging the range. They are being used as scapegoats so that ranchers can use the land to graze their sheep and other live stock animals.

  22. Stop rounding up the wild horses! They are not invasive. Been proven they have been here thousands of years. They do not do the damage on public lands that cattle do.
    Slaughter is extremely cruel and inhumane.

  23. Please DO NOT round up these horses, leave them alone, whatever you have in mind is not worth it. You cant even feed the ones rounded up now. they re seed areas and prevent wildfires, and protect against PRION DISEASE. Don’t count on your slaughter to go through LOTS are against it. Your GRAZING PROGRAM is a FLOPP. DROP THE GRAZING PROGRAM, we would rather feed these horses than SUBSIDIZE CATTLEMEN to the tune of 500 MILLION A YEAR. LEAVE THESE HORSES ALONE. By the Wild horse and burro act of 1971 they LEGALLY are supposed to be there!

  24. No round ups or sterilization! Independent headcount and more BLM transparency of how taxpayer $$ are spent!!!

  25. Stop the roundups! Leave these horses in the wild where they belong! Stop blaming the wild horses and burros for used up land that cattle actually destroy. Stop injecting so many drugs into these animals as a means for birth control! These animals are our national icons and are systematically being destroyed by the BLM! I DO NOT want my tax dollars going to the destruction of these animals! It must be stopped!

  26. All these years of not being held accountable. Let horse advocates be in charge of the Wild Horses and Burros. They actually know the blm has mis-informed congress for years about numbers of horses on the range.

  27. This should NOT be a choice of politicians! Wild horses belong to AMERICANS and WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT these wild horses killed, slaughtered or rounded up ANYMORE! THIS HAS TO STOP and NOW!

  28. Please, don’t detroying our WILD HORSES & BURROS! There has to be an alternative and it’s not cattle!!

  29. You guys are so right! I have never believed there is any kind of overpopulation problem with the mustangs or burros in this country & don’t need any kind of paperwork, maps, numbers, etc. It’s all our government, once again, lining their pockets with blood money off the heads of animals for the benefit of special interest groups that don’t care about anything but their own livestock (cattle & sheep). I wish I could donate money to your cause because I believe in its worthiness. (I live on a very limited income, but, hopefully I’ll be able to donate some each month in the near future) God Bless You All for the hard fight you are waging.

  30. Quit siding with the ranchers, these horses belong here more than cattle but the horses can’t pay you off can they! Special place in hell is coming for all you greedy people

  31. Please stop the roundups of OUR mustangs! They are OUR symbol of Freedom ( land of the free)!
    They belong right where we hey are wild and free.

  32. Please Stop this needless roundups our our wild horses!
    No more tax dollars spent on torture and starvation to these animals. If you the Bureau of land management have any sense of decency you would stop this now!
    Please consider every aspect of what you are doing, if you still have a heart and realize the cruelty of those actions that are taken.

  33. There is enough destruction going on in this world. Please do not destroy these beautiful animals.. It makes me so angry to see what humans are doing to our wilderness and its creatures. They were here long before we were.

  34. Please leave our wd horses alone. They are federally protected. Obey the law!

  35. In the name of all that is right stop this! The truth is that the number of horses is small compared to other livestock! Ranchers purposely fence the horses off from water sources and horses die just feet from water…I honestly wish that I could place these same people just out of reach of water until they are suffering from dehydration and begging for water and ask them how it feels. A friend and her husband saw wild horses in Nevada and were enjoying the pictures they had taken of the wild horses while at a small diner having breakfast. A group of ranchers overheard them and began screaming that “those horses should all be shot” my friends fled when the ranchers were so out of control that my friends feared for their lives. This is wrong on so so many levels..shameful and sinful. Horses carried men into battle…horses plowed which secured food for families who might otherwise have starved to death …they have served man in so many ways and yet this is what you allow??!! God does not smile down on any of this..not the horses who have been slaughtered…not the ones standing in holding pens…not the horses who are rounded up in fear-often injured and killed in doing so! He will judge all responsible for all of the above…and He will judge those who do nothing to stop this insanity and cruelty when they had the power to stop it. What you should be doing is hiring people who have the ability and compassion to look at where the bands of horses out where ranchers absolutely cannot have their way and endanger the horses…and handing out harsh harsh penalties to ranchers or anyone else who harms the horses!! Beef is big money-this is all bogus and about the beef industry and greed!! God is watching! Job 12:10 In His hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.

  36. STOP the proposed ROUNDUP of 6,700 Wild Horses living in northeast Nevada!

  37. The American people and tourists from other countries are disgusted and appalled at your treatment of wild horses for the benefit of ranchers. Times and attitudes are changing quickly and it would be in everyone’s best interests if you adopted a considerably more humane plan as regards wild animals now.

  38. To whom it may concern,

    Leave our wild horses and burros on the range where they belong. It has been proven they are indigenous to this land and are amazing stewards of it as well. They are a majestic icon of the history of our great nation and should be treated as such. They deserve a fair share of the range as they have earned it! Over grazing by sheep and cattle along with poor management is the problem. Stop the round ups!. I don’t believe there are too many horses and demand a head count! Please stop this round up! Thank you!.

  39. Please leave the mustangs where they are. It is not right to remove these icons of our American heritage just to allow ranchers to graze their beef on. That is a racket! These are OUR public lands and OUR wild horses!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!

  40. Please leave the horse’s alone the cattle are the problem, let nature take it’s course.

  41. There are better ways to handle this situation, i.e. Birth control… this is a despicable situation going on now. You have no right to slaughter these beautiful horses. That is not the answer. Stop this insanity NOW!!!

  42. Stop already. These horses are part of our American heritage. Remove the cows that are actually destroying the land. Killing these beautiful creatures is not the answer. And, if Mr Zinke proceeds with the horrible plan of destroying these animals, he should be the person that carries out the deed so you can see what actually happens.

  43. I am 75 years old and I can honestly say this is the most heartless gutless thing I have ever seen. These horses are healthy and doing very well and they certainly are not over populated. The BLM IS lying to the American people. PLEASE leave these horses alone. This is their land and our land. It’s all about greed.

  44. just leave the wild Horses alone they are not hurting anyone or anything it is the greety people that are hurting the horses.


  46. Please know that this is cruel and unnecessary. These are our country icons and deserve better.

  47. Please DO NOT do this to these lovely creatures! They truly are a part of our history. I have loved them since I was a little girl playing with them on my Uncle Gus’s farm. They are gentle and happy to please, mostly! They are all individual, like us! They love their babies and their families. And they care for each other. They are live beings who deserve to be free! Remember Trigger and Buttermilk and Silver, and all the beautiful sorrels and pintos and buckskins and think what the world would be without them! AND What do we tell our children and grandchildren if we don’t take care of them by leaving them to live?!?!

  48. The problem is not the wild horses, but the large number of cattle and sheep who are damaging the public lands. There are over a million head of cattle and about half that of sheep. To blame the wild horses for the damage being done to the PUBLIC LANDS is wrong. The ranchers and sheep men are paying a mere pittance for the privilege of grazing their cattle and sheep on OUR LANDS. The fee of $1.87 per unit for cattle and sheep is ridiculously low. I would like to see this raised to a real fee. They should not be complaining about the wild horses when it is their own mismanagement that is causing the problem. RETURN THE WILD HORSES TO THE LANDS.

  49. Stop this Roundup. It is inhuman and cruel. Many are killed during the round up or foals are orphanecd or left behind. Horses have serviced Human kind for thousands of years. They are majestic and beautiful. They deserve to be protected and honored. Question introduce natural predators like they in the pacific northwest with the Wolves. The wolves introduction has changed the course of the rivers by keeping the deer population down. This allows for more vegitation. Look for answers to control the horse population from natural measure. Reach out to the scientist and enviromentalist. 1995, however, wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone; this gave biologists a unique opportunity to study what happens when a top predator returns to an ecosystem.
    They were brought in to manage the rising elk population, which had been overgrazing much of the park, but their effect went far beyond that. In this film, The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist Dr M Sanjayan, Dr Valerie Kapos of the UN Environment Programme and animal behaviourist Kirsty Peake describe how the returning wolves dramatically changed the park’s rivers, forests – and the landscape itself.

  50. Please don’t add more wild horses to your pens – they do so much better if just left alone. If you must, sterilize the mares with PZP is it’s necessary to cut back on the numbers but don’t round them up. As a taxpayer, I much prefer them to be on our public land and kick off the cattle and sheep that do the most damage. I resent paying for them to be put in pens and have to be fed and also not having shelter from the sun.

  51. Leave the horses free. Have a heart and grow a conscious. Generations yet to be will appreciate being able to see the wild horses

  52. I think the slaughter of these horses is disgusting. There are other birth control methods that could bring their numbers down such as gelding all but a handful of males for breeding purposes and birth control for horses. These animals are known all over the world as the horses that founded America don’t take any more of your history down to destruction. It is already bad news about historical statues that tourists often visit towns to follow the history of the war on both sides. Please reconsider, make a sanctuary for them these magnificent creatures belong to all Americans please listen to the people that own them.


  54. Leave our wild horses & burros alone! Stop murdering them & selling them to slaughter. Put the ones you have stolen from their homes back are their land. Stop selling/leasing the horses protected land to cattle ranchers. DO YOU HEAR US NOW??????

  55. You job is to care for these horses but all the public sees is cruel roundups and horses and burros lingering in unprotected pens. Now you want to roundup more horses and auction them off where they can be sent to slaughter out of the country. This is not care nor management. You are not doing your job. You are listening to people who want cheap use of our public lands and not to others who don’t want it used that way.

  56. BLM. NO MORE! We are tired of the lies. There is plenty of room for these horses and donkeys. The horses aren’t.starving. The head counts you give are inaccurate and bogus. Horses keep disappearing on your watch, both on and off the range. This management of Wild Horses and Burros, or actually mis- management needs to stop and desist. No more, especially another 6000 or so you have planned in the near future in Nevada. These are OUR horses, and we ARE paying for them.

  57. BLM. NO MORE! We are tired of the lies. There is plenty of room for these horses and donkeys. The horses aren’t.starving. The head counts you give are inaccurate and bogus. Horses keep disappearing on your watch, both on and off the range. This management of Wild Horses and Burros, or actually mis- management needs to stop and desist. No more roundups and captivity, especially another 6000 or so you have planned in the near future in Nevada. These are OUR horses, and we ARE paying for them.

  58. Like thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans who have repeatedly signed petitions and made phone calls, I want our wild horses to remain free.

  59. These are American taxpayers horses not blm or Washington both of which want them slaughtered so more room for cattle shameful

  60. Give wild horses their fair share of public land and STOP scapegoating them for range damage by sheep and poor livestock management! These icon equines and majestic animals have earned a right to live on this land and be free. They should never have to worry about roundups ever again or slaughter. They have earned this right to be on these lands and to be free forever more. There is enough land for them and others as well. Let’s stop making this about land for humters, cattle and other livestock.

  61. Please STOP this madness it’s insane behaviour..
    Let the horses live!! Where is your humanity!!
    Shame on you Evil Blm

  62. I’m not asking …but DEMANDING ….that the inhumane round ups ….the inhumane Nazi-like experiments …the inhumane poisonous so called birth control methods…the inhumane corralling prisons including the inhumane conditions in those prisons …..the inhumane broad spectrum treatment of all of the wild equines within and without the walls of those of those prisons ….the inhumane radio collaring …. the inhumane selling of these precious souls to known Kill buyers that shipped them to slaughter in Mexico with no consequences … the inhumane steady flow of the precious wild horses streaming through the kill pens through a loop hole intended to allow blood thirsty kill buyers to accomplish the wicked schemes to ZERO THEM DOWN…. the inhumane disregard for the violations of the the very laws that were enacted to protect these equines…our equines…the American peoples precious National treasures….BE PROTECTED…IM DEMANDING ALL THE HORROR STOP FOR OUR WILD HORSES AND BURROS …ENOUGH…THEY ARE NEARLY EXTINCT..we DO NOT believe the lies…we know the truth…we know the reality and the real numbers…we see the undercover videos and the real time round up videos..we see the under cover videos of these precious equines being viciously abused ..the under cover videos of the Nazi inhumane cruel surgeries and treatments …the under cover pathetic cruel and inhumane conditions these precious equines give birth in and helpless foals die in…we watch all of this and we have seen the decades of abuse culminating with the extermination of our precious wild equines ….STOP IT …WE DEMAND THIS STOPS…IMMEDIATELY….The wicked experimentation and extermination of our wild equines is going to go down in history as one of the greatest American tragedies…a tragedy that could have been prevented. ACT NOW…

  63. Such a horrible lie – now covering all states! Our precious wild mustangs and other equines are violently chased by helicopters into pens, killing and injuring many – and separating families as well. Then they are left to die in unattended open and unsheltered pens! Such abuse! All so more cattle owners can rent land at cheap prices and make a profit.
    Many of our horses are also sold and then go to slaughter! This is disgusting‼️ It must be stopped!
    Our equines have no voice‼️

  64. Please don’t allow ranchers to dictate that mustangs be killed.
    It is the people’s land not just yours or the cattle rancher’s.

  65. Stop the roundup…protect the horses. I quit eating meat over this issue. It is not worth it!

  66. Save the mustangs. Leave them be. Sooner would the humans be gone that want to remove them than attack innocent horses, created by God, to live, free from harm, due to desire for profit.

  67. These horses can not be replaced once they are gone.
    They deserve happy, long lives free.
    Sometimes we need to help them but never destroy them!!!

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