PZP advocates push to dart wild horses to extinction now? They spin Pesticide PZP as “Humane Management”

Overpopulation is a lie

Instead of fighting with their lobbyists and millions of dollars for wild horses to have their land and freedom, the #Pesticide PZP Pushers would rather sell-out and sell their darting program. Some jump for joy they could shoot and dart native wild horses from helicopters!

Pesticide PZP sterilizes after multiple use and doesn’t stop the mares with weak immune systems from breeding. That means the weak will breed, the strong will be sterilized and the BLM laughs as PZP Pushing Horse Advocates manage wild horses to extinction!

Read the science and dangers of Pesticide PZP here: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=6922

Who are the many witnesses to the rotten Pesticide #PZP program in Nevada? Michael Leifeste, spoke out once he learned how harmful Pesticide PZP is.

Now ask yourself why aren’t the PZP Pushers telling you the truth?


3 thoughts on “PZP advocates push to dart wild horses to extinction now? They spin Pesticide PZP as “Humane Management”

  1. As a professional wildlife ecologist and long-time observer of the wild horses and burros, I am very alarmed about how many people are being duped by the semi-sterilization or total sterilization option concerning these wonderful animals. PZP is very harmful to the true vigor of these animals, who are, in fact, deeply rooted returned natives in North America. When their reproduction is undermined, they suffer greatly as individuals and their social units, including bands and herds, disintegrate and become dysfunctional. For this reason, I have and continue to advocate for Reserve Design and for restoring each herd’s population size to a truly genetically viable level while concomitantly restoring their habitats and resources by reducing or removing the livestock, mining, energy extraction, Off Highway Vehicles, and the pumping dry of their natural water sources by surrounding human communities, etc. This would be the right and honest, truly caring way to protect, preserve and manage the wild horses and burros and their habitats, first of all by managing the slobbish and inconsiderate ways of our own species — us humans ourselves! And this would be the true, honest, and caring fulfillment of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, rather than the subversion of same!

  2. Why are these wild horses being persecuted in such a way? They should be entitled to roam free and unbothered on public lands. Stop this needless cruelty. Now!!!

  3. When will the madness stop? When will those that push for this cruelty towards these magnificent animals come to their right senses?

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