Investigate the Wild Horse & Burro Count in Captivity and in Freedom

Demand an Urgent Congressional Investigation and Head Count of all Wild Horses and Burros in Captivity and in the Wild

Sign and share the petition for a head count! Click here:

The BLM’s outrageous plan to manage America’s last wild horses to extinction is here:

Secret documents reveal the plot from 2008 to kill and dispose of America’s wild horses and burros. Read the documents here:
Then on September 9, 2016, the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board voted to kill the alleged 45,000 wild horses in taxpayer funded holding facilities and pastures. Do they want to cover-up the fraud that has been going on for years by killing the evidence?

Taxpayers and the general public want to know:

How much fraud has been committed regarding the wild horse and burro count on public land and in corrals?
How many budgets were approved using fraudulent information?
How many wild horses have gone to slaughter?
How many wild horses and burros have been shot and killed?
How many unbranded foals did the kill-buyers get to sell overseas?

We request an immediate Congressional investigation and independent head count, with photo IDs, of the alleged 45,000 wild horses and burros rounded up and held in captivity–at taxpayer expense.

In addition, we call for an immediate moratorium on roundups, transport and removals for a precise independent count, with photo ID, of all the federally protected wild horses and burros in the wild. This must occur before any more wild horses or burros are rounded up and/or transported, trapped, chipped, collared, removed, sterilized, given pesticide PZP, GonaCon®, SpayVac, IUDs, etc., researched or experimented on in any manner to prevent further fraud against taxpayers as well as prevent abuse against wild horses and burros who should be protected from harassment and abuse by law.

We request a complete inventory of American wild horses and burros at the following locations:
Every Herd Management Area
Every Herd Area
Every “Complex”
Every Wild Horse Territory
Every temporary holding facility
Every short-term holding facility
Every long-term holding facility, pasture, eco-sanctuary, etc.
Mustang Heritage Foundation facilities and all equids in their program
TIP Trainers’ facilities
All private contractors’ facilities
Research facilities
Any other locations where wild horses and burros are held in captivity and/or live on public land.

The public, voters of America and taxpayers are outraged and demand immediate action. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Investigate the Wild Horse & Burro Count in Captivity and in Freedom

  1. Please save our wild horses and burros from these horrific roundups and slaughter…..they don’t deserve this! They are icons of the West and have been free to roam for hundreds and hundreds of years and is all they know!

  2. Horses should not have to be destroyed for land leases; they deserve to live free!
    & safe

  3. I have keeping up what BLM for 4years with there Roundups Tearing theherds apart ,Holding 45000 Horses or more Sendin to Slaughter . As a woman in her middle sixty Am so Ashame what America has become for Greed. ! Our future generations will not know what Wild Horses to have there freedom . Wild Horses don’t deserve this treatment from man , Heartbreaking Am so dispointed What America has become .

  4. Federally protected seems to mean nothing; something is undeniably & horribly wrong!!, Why are these lands leased 7 our wild horses & burro’s fighting for this “their” right to live & feed off our public lands! It’s just Wrong to keep worrying 7 fighting to protect these Historical magnificent living breathing treasure of our history; a future SHOULD be PROTECTED without justification of any means or forethought this is why these lands where preserved; to PRTECT them with their freedom to live; not threatened constantly from predatory humans with no heart, soul or honor!

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