Evening news interview: BLM Nevada jeopardizing public process, privacy and free speech

Stallion & Sweaty Mustangs Trapped at Calico Roundup (Photo © Cat Kindsfather)

Hear the report about the Nevada BLM jeopardizing public process, privacy and free speech and the call for the public to weigh in by faxing the BLM in Washington at 202-208-5242 .

The interview aired on KPFA, KPFB Evening News Berkeley, as well as on KFCF Fresno, KPFK Los Angeles, WBAI New York, KPFT Houston, WPFW Washington, DC.

Listen here: http://www.kpfa.org/archive/id/81120  at 22:35

Ask your friends to fax in requests for BLM to have a public helicopter hearing in Nevada with 30 days notice.

Thank you for doing what you can to save America’s wild horses and burros.

2 thoughts on “Evening news interview: BLM Nevada jeopardizing public process, privacy and free speech

  1. It is SO FAR PAST TIME for BLM to have to start answering questions for the ABUSE and a LOT MORE. Who the hell do they think they are anyway. They believe they are above the law.

  2. This is just terrible! We first found out about it when we logged into Facebook back in June. We’ve done so much research and its blatantly obvious that the Bureau of Land Management are lying to their own country. I’ve asked a few times whether these horses go to slaughter (am totally against horse slaughter by the way) and each time they assure me they are not. But these horses have been crossing the border for slaughter in Mexico or Canada frequently – and FOALS too. They sell them to the kill-buyers who then ship them to slaughter. They have total disregard to all the rules and regulations and are making a mockery of America’s claim to be a horse loving nation. The destruction of these wonderful horses is unforgivable. We have a letter from The Wyoming Tourist office describing the horses as an ‘incredible natural resource’ but they also state they have absolutely no control over what the BLM does. We said the only way the BLM will stop is if representations are made to the BLM by a body such as themselves because at the moment they appear hell-bent on replacing them with cows and mines – neither of which we, nor anyone we know, would travel to see. We see fit healthy horses taken violently off the range to be imprisoned in ‘holding pens’, which rapidly generate deterioration of health, spirit and fitness. The horses and burros who have had 3 chances of adoption are trucked in appalling conditions to Mexico or Canada – some have no chance at all, they are either run to death, or sent straight to slaughter when they are near the borders.

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