Adopt a wild horse or two ~ Save a living legend

Mustangs make great partners

Protect Mustangs . org  & Photo © Taylor James

Jackson Mountain wild horses for adoption (Photo © Taylor James)

Sadly these wild horses have lost their homes and their families. They need to find good people to adopt them. Mustangs are quick to learn and train.

We have adopted wild horses and would be happy to share our experience as well as some resources such as gentle trainers. We welcome you to email us at with your questions. Please include your phone number for us to call you back.

We encourage people to adopt a wild horse or two to keep them safe. It’s direct action you can take to save the mustangs.

If you know of someone who might adopt a mustang please forward this on to them.

Living legends at risk

Once wild horses are shipped out to long term holding their fate is unknown. The public and advocates can’t keep track of them . . . They can be purchased by the lots of 100 horses or more. Who buys 100 wild horses at a time? Where do they go?

These wild horses are located at the Palomino Valley Center near Reno, Nevada. They need homes quickly before they are shipped out to long-term holding.

Thank you for doing what you can do to save a wild mustang’s life.

2 thoughts on “Adopt a wild horse or two ~ Save a living legend

  1. I have to give up my eight yr. old gelding Mustang from the BLM. I live in Sacramento area Calif. and have to move out of state. I can NO longer take care of Him even thoe I have raised him from a colt. Please Help Me and Take Him Home for YOUR Great Home Fantastic Wonderful Horse Pal. HE deserves a GREAT home to share with someone Great also. I have to find a home by the years end , Can and will YOU help Me PLEASE. Please get back to me ASAP at

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