Outrageous! BLM Gives themselves permission to remove Desatoya wild horses for 10 years

Federal agency pushes ahead with Salazar Plan to wipe out mustangs despite several years of public and celebrity opposition

How many foals will die in another helicopter roundup?

After the helicopter stampedes and captures of Desatoya free roaming wild horses–the Bureau of Land Management will be allowed to bait trap for another 10 years.

Who will they hire for the bait trapping? The local land owners with blatant conflicts of interest? Will they trap America’s wild horses on private land to prevent advocates from watchdogging?

If you don’t like this then contact your elected officials and ask them for a moratorium on roundups, a Congressional investigation of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burros program because the BLM has a conflict of interest and should not be managing America’s indigenous horses.

You can spread awareness. Have a peaceful protest in your community to inform the public about what is happening on public land in the West.


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