La chasse aux mustangs ~ Hunting mustangs (Twin Peaks 2010)


La chasse aux mustangs

Chaque année, les autorités du Nevada, aux Etats-Unis, organisent de gigantesques captures de mustangs, ces chevaux symboles du Far West. Une fois capturés, ils sont vaccinés, castrés et envoyés dans un autre Etat. Mais pour les écologistes, se cache un autre objectif : l’exploitation du sol riche en gaz naturel.


Hunting mustangs

Each year, Nevada authorities, in the United States, organize gigantic roundups of mustangs, the symbolic horses of the Wild West. Once captured, they are vaccinated, castrated and sent to another state, But for ecologists, another objective is hidden: exploitation of land rich in natural gas.


from:, filmed in 2010. Anne Novak was honored to work with the director and cinematographer on this project–bringing light to the hidden lies.

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