BLM humanewashing goes viral

Wrangler flinging whip. (Photo © Cat Kindsfather, all rights reserved.)

Similar to greenwashing to make something appear green that is far from it, Humanewashing tries to make a cruel and inhumane situation seem “humane”.

One can observe radical spin doctoring in the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) refusal to take full responsibility regarding their inhumane roundups that traumatize, injure and kill American wild horses and burros–our living treasures of the West. Keep in mind the BLM is paying PR people to invent spin to fool the public, government and lawmakers . . . How do you feel knowing that BLM spin is paid for with your tax dollars?

Find the BLM’s humanewashing in the Washington Post article below and we will post your comments. We are very thankful the Associated Press reported on the issue.

BLM: Nev. horse roundup included use of electric prods, whips, but treatment was not inhumane  

What has happened to government accountability and transparency?




5 thoughts on “BLM humanewashing goes viral

  1. The captures on several advocate’s videos, have shown us quite a bit of inhumanity! There was the chopper flipping the burro with the skids. Then there was footage of a chopper bumping the rump of a young horse, exhausted & already within the burlap fencing heading into the trap. Why harass him at this point? There was the video of a horse that did not want to load, and after several attempts to force him up into the trailer, including squeezing him between the trailer & the Temporary fencing, a wrangler jump kicked him, and I believe it was in the face! And remember Ole SIster, the mare who fell and the pilot continued to harass her, flying very close over her as well. There are many reports of other inhumane actions, such as hot shots in the face. Still images can sometimes be out of context, or misleading, but video is very telling, and in the wild horse & burro advocacy, we have seen plenty of inhumane activity being perpetrated on our wild horses & burros. Finally, the truths are being revealed to the public!.

    Protect our wild horses & burros as Congress intended in the 1971 WFRHBA.
    The 40th anniversary of the act is December 15th. Seems like a perfect time to restore it.

  2. I have been involved in the Green Movement for 11 year and am an advocate for wild horses. The thing about the “matrix” and the ego-maniacs that run it, is that they focus in on anything that has power. They see the “power” of the wild horse protection movement and want it. They want to be “cool” and “liked” just as they did when they were kids. They want the world see them as important and moral beings. So they see where the power is and distort it, claim it and try and convince the public that they own it. This is the called ego maniac behavior. It is also moreso the behavior of the sheeple that follow such nonsense and believe it. I have a hope for people… Hopefully, each person becomes an intelligent being whom seeks truth for themselves, aware of the abuse of power of others and a person who stands up for what is right….redirecting power to where it is supposed to be…in the divine spirit of the universal mystery of all things connected to one and other.

  3. The BLM are liers, abusers and killers….under the guise of protecting wild ones and the lands? They ought to be stopped and stopped now. Where are the congress and representatives when you need them? Why is the outburst of the American Public going un-heard…………….Grrrrrrrrr and so very sad.

  4. Humanewashing is lying. Call the action exactly what it is. A cruel abusive action against an animal is a cruel abusive action. BLM needs to ‘fess up, take responsibility for these cruel abusive actions–and FIX IT ! I am really sick of this bunch of morons taking my money and destroying horses for a quick psychopathic-high. What is wrong with them–seriously. Disgusted in Massachusetts. Fire every one of them.

  5. For whatever reason this administration has chosen to totally and completely ignore ALL of the petitions signed, phone calls made AND even those with the credentials to stand up for the mustangs to speak before our Congress all to no avail…Deaf ears were turned upon all and the BLM continues their DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION of one of the most noble of God’s creatures. Excuse after bull shit excuse is handed out by the slime bags in the BLM as to WHY they MUST CONTINUE to round up the horses. There are LESS THAN 25,000 still free, and OVER 40,000 IN HOLDING…HOW can this STILL be justified by ANYONE with a WORKING BRAIN??? There are NO STARVING MUSTANGS, NO RANGES OVERGRAZED BY THEM and NO NEED TO REMOVE ANY MORE NOR GELD ANY MORE STALLIONS. They have already destroyed the natural breeding program with the OVERUSE of that UNTESTED DRUG PZP, yet they tell ANYONE within earshot that to many foals are being born each year. With fertilizer like THAT being spread, there should be a bumper crop of grass everywhere everyone with the BLM walks!!!! Talk about blind and faithful lapdogs in this administration!!!! NOT ONE cares or even truly listens to ANY of our FACTS!!! The media is silent, even when one or two television stations actually DO air something about this travesty…NOBODY jumps on and helps to get this stopped!!! For EVERYONE with the BLM, either an employee of theirs involved with this, or a contractor hired by them, the justice they should be delt is one where they are brought up on charges of animal abuse, cruelty, DELIBERATE MURDER and lying!!! EVERY ONE of their “gathers” sees horses dying, or being “euthanized” for some assanine excuse!!! This needs to end NOW!!!!

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