Wild & Free not Slaughtered

Protect Mustangs.org

Protect Mustangs.org

Contact your elected officials. Go meet with them to respectfully request they stop horse slaughter, stop transport to horse slaughter and ensure America’s wild horses never go to slaughter again!

We need your help to sponsor wild horses, help with pasture rental, help purchase hay, help buy panels for 2 round pens and shelters, help with the cost to repair fencing, help cover veterinary and transport costs so we can save more wild horses and care for the ones in our outreach program. We are 100% volunteer and donate our time gentling and caring for the wild horses. All money donated goes directly to help the wild horses. Every dollar counts. Please help!

Donate via www.PayPal.com to Contact@ProtectMustangs.org Our mailing address is Protect Mustangs. PO Box 5661, Berkeley, Ca. 94705. We are filing for our 501c3 so your donations will be applicable to 2013. Thank you!

Follow us on Facebook for news and updates! https://www.facebook.com/ProtectMustangs


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