Please sign & share the petition to Save our Native Wild Horses!

© Irma Novak, all rights reserved

© Irma Novak, all rights reserved

Save our native wild horses

The Petition to be delivered to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

Classify America’s wild horses, E. caballus, as a native species. Horses originated in America and were either returned to their native land or never left. More information can be found here:

Petition Background

Taxpayers are paying for cruel native wild horse roundups in the West–where Big Oil wants to Frack for oil and natural gas–and needs water to do so. A lot of natural gas will be sold to Asia, to make electricity. During and after roundups many wild horses are injured: foals are often killed and many mares miscarry their babies. Currently 50,000 native wild horses are stockpiled in holding, at-risk of going to slaughter, and should be returned to live on public land. Less than 18,000 indigenous wild horses are estimated to be living in freedom now. The National Academy of Sciences reported there is “No Evidence” of overpopulation. has called for population studies with a moratorium on roundups yet Congress is turning a deaf ear. Is the Oil and Gas Lobby influencing our democracy? Indigenous horses fill their ecological niche on public land. They help to reverse desertification, reduce risk of wildfires and create biodiversity for many species to thrive. Please help protect our native wild horses before the herds are destroyed.

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6 thoughts on “Please sign & share the petition to Save our Native Wild Horses!

  1. What an inhumane government we are dealing with. What a disgrace. They should be rounded up and forced to live like these poor horses. Some department in the government should be able to stop this cruelty now.

  2. This horrific practice must be stopped. We are defined as a country by how we treat animals. We have evolved with horses and they are integral to our history and to the personal strength and passion of countless individuals. Future generations must be allowed to know the grace and beauty of the wild horses of the American Southwest. They are integral to our identity as a nation and require protection the same as any monument or waterfall. Losing them is a tragedy that will undoubtedly reverberate through generations.

  3. Please stop this horrible situation. There is no evidence of overpopulation. Stop torturing and selling this poor animals. Let them live in their habitat.

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