Update on the Wyoming #FrackingRoundup

PM WY Manual Gap 98 Trapped

Today the Adobe Town – Salt Wells Roundup (Wyoming) has captured 668 native free roaming wild horses and 3 have died so far. A foal was trampled to death in a trap and killed . . .

After the roundup, the cruelty continues. Wild horses are torn from their family units and forced to endure government holding facilities with no shelter in the harsh winter and no shade in the summer.

They suffer and are at risk of being sold to slaughter through middlemen “buyers” by the truckloads if they are over 10 years old or not adopted during 3 live or internet adoption events.

The government would like you to think they are overpopulated. Even the National Academy of Sciences reported there is “No Evidence” of overpopulation. It’s all spin to strip them of their rights on the land.

We are working hard for their freedom and to return them to public land. In the meantime they need shelter from the harsh elements while they are held captive. The government isn’t doing anything to help them. They don’t care.

Please share the petition far and wide to help America’s wild horses!

In gratitude,

Anne Novak

Executive Director of Protect Mustangs


Petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/bring-emergency-shelter-and-shade-to-captive-wild-horses-and-burros

3 thoughts on “Update on the Wyoming #FrackingRoundup

  1. This is not going to stop until the ones that are in power are removed. we have to fight to get these greedy A@@H@@** out of power. That is our only hope. They are in bed with the big money people and this nothing more than corruption of their official positions. They are lining their pockets as fast as they can with blood money from the deaths of our wild horses and burros.

  2. You can coral the horses object them with birth controll hormones or castrate male horses, immunize them for diseases and let them free.

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