Horse slaughterhouse wants to file lawsuit against hero


From Gary King:

Right now I am doing everything I can to protect our majestic horses by blocking the horse slaughterhouse in New Mexico. Our latest victory was last Friday, when we won a 10-day temporary restraining order in court that keeps the horse slaughterhouse from opening in violation of our state laws.

Now, the same people who want to slaughter horses are coming after me.

It was reported today that they’re now going to sue me for slander and harassment.

Why? Because I’m leading a national fight to keep them from opening, a fight that has mobilized people both inside and outside of New Mexico who simply won’t give up on our horses. And I will not be intimidated.

I grew up in a ranching family. I love these animals and I know what’s at stake. I’m not going to stop fighting – and when I become Governor I will continue to stand up for our New Mexico values.

Thank you for joining me in support of this endeavor. If you live in New Mexico, I need your help to gather signatures for my nominating petition to appear on the ballot for governor in November, and ensure that I can keep working on this important issue. Please click here to download the petition, print it out and sign it, and please get any other New Mexico registered Democrats to sign as well. Then mail it to my campaign by January 20th at:

Gary King for Governor

PO Box 40
Moriarty, NM 87035

Thank you for all your kind notes and support of my campaign.

Gary King

Democratic Candidate For Governor
Gary King for Governor