Finding Reno’s wild horses

Reno's wild horses (Photo © Anne Novak, all rights reserved.)

We drove around the outskirts of town looking for wild horses with photographer Cynthia Smalley. After locating a single mare, stud and foal band we continued our suburban boarder safari. Finally we found them in a small meadow near a stream.  We parked at the end of a housing development, crossed a stream and found very friendly free roaming wild horses.

When we arrived, people were feeding the mustangs apples. This must be why they came right up to us. We never feed wild horses but we do enjoy taking their photos and connecting with them when they are used to people.

Photographer Cat Kindsfather joined us later in the field to share the beauty of the light and the wild horses.

Thumbs up to Reno for an awesome nature experience!

One thought on “Finding Reno’s wild horses

  1. A wonderful afternoon with you all & of course the sweet mustangs!
    Lets do it again soon!

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