Appeal to stop the wild horse wipe out

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Dear Friends of wild horses and burros,

Despite the fact that the National Academy of Sciences stated there is “no evidence of overpopulation”, a group with alleged funding related conflict of interest is pushing the sterilizant known as PZP on an uninformed public using the ‘it’s either slaughter or PZP’ scare tactic.

Today’s drug pitch is found in the Huffington Post:  It references population control experiments on the less than 48,000 acre Assateague Island in the East and lacks scientific comparison with the vast open range found in the West–where some herd management areas cover 800,000 acres or more.

Why did the coalition of several groups give up the fight for wild horses’ real freedom?

Freedom is the American mustangs’ right according to the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971. They should not be manipulated by man on the range nor in congressional back rooms. Native wild horses should never be domesticated through sterilizants with man choosing who breeds. That’s nature’s job in the wild. It fosters survival of the fittest.

The solution to the fertility control debate is to focus on what the wild herds need to thrive in freedom not what a campaign, driven by a sanctuary or the BLM, wants to achieve. We need good science to find solutions.

The BLM wants to eliminate the majority of wild herds to free up public land for toxic drilling so why is this coalition following BLM’s lead to push population control before science?

There is no accurate population count to justify roundups. BLM’s overpopulation claims are a farce.

What’s the solution for a falsified overpopulation problem?  A reality check and good science.

Fearing extinction from excessive roundups since the 2009 public land grab for energy exports, America’s wild horse birthrate in the West is abnormally high. That should be a red flag that there is something seriously wrong with ecology on their native range.

The Chainman Shale deposit of oil and natural gas in northeastern Nevada and into Utah is about to boom. Exploration began around 2009 in tandem with vast roundups removing the majority of wild horses who have the legal right to be on public land. Some went to probable slaughter and others make up the 50,000 captives warehoused in long-term holding facilities at taxpayer expense.

America’s wild horses should live wild and free–not drugged up with “restricted use pesticides” passed by the EPA for pest control and unsafe for domestic horses.

We invite the public and elected officials to demand a 10 year moratorium on roundups for recovery and studies to develop good science for management. Wild horses are an essential part of the thriving natural ecological balance. They will help reverse desertification and reduce global warming by filling their niche on their native range.

Please sign and share the petition for a 10 year moratorium on roundups for recovery and scientific studies:

Contact us if you want to keep America’s herds wild and free. Our email is  We need your help in various ways.

Remember the herds are the lifeblood of our native wild horses. Due to underpopulation their genetic viability is in crisis today. American wild horses must be protected from experimentation and from domestication so they can always run wild and free.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director for Protect Mustangs™

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Protect Mustangs educates, protects and preserves native and wild horses. The nonprofit conservation group strives for a moratorium on roundups and science-based holistic land management to reduce global warming.


8 thoughts on “Appeal to stop the wild horse wipe out

  1. Wild horses around the world are being rounded up, shot by the many tens of thousands, and poisoned to extinction. Unscrupulous fundraisers invested in tuberculosis based anti-fertility drugs are hoping to cash in on the slaughter. Science is being ignored in an orgy.of extermination in order to empty the land of ALL wildlife so that fracking can move in on.public lands everywhere. Stop the slaughter before there isn’t a living wild horse left. They are already below numbers necessary for healthy genetic diversity.

  2. Globally animals have always been property, but when it comes to the US Mustangs they have always been and will always be the property of the American people. It is not the government or anyone else has the right to make changes to the horses on public lands without the permission of the American people.

  3. Time to stop this game of Russian Roulette with our wild herds and captives. 100,000 wild horses, even on their lands is not a big number of animals. We have millions of deer in most states and also Millions of domestic horses. And millions of cattle. 10 states have wild horses in the West. If we have 20,000 or less wild horses in the wild then we have very few in each state. Get the picture? We do not have an overpopulation problem. We have a BLM PR Campaign full of holes and lies and now we have .orgs confusing and deliberately attempting to misdirect the public to back BLM policy for their own agenda’s. Their story is no longer about wild horses and wild burros, it is about money. Except Protect Mustangs who are totally dedicated to the wild horses and wild burros future and safety and lawful preservation on their lands.

  4. Understanding this issue is critical.
    “Birth Control” agents given to mares are cruel and unnecessary. They do not even stop the mare from going into cycle.
    “Overpopulation” is a myth.
    We need to stop the extinction of these native animals that protect and enhance their native habitats.

  5. How can the BLM even contemplate contraception and/or sterilization when they don’t even have a clue of how many horses are left on the range! This is nothing more than a drive for extinction of native mustang and burros to appease special interest groups who pay politicians to do their bidding!!!

  6. The NAS report is being misinterpreted it appears as it did not say to immediately use fertility control but only said it was available. It said the roundups ( removals) were causing the increased birth rate as the horses try to make up their lost numbers. Also it found there was no evidence of overpopulation so it stands to reason there is no need for fertility control. Advocates had better read before they sign any letters or send them and pledges to D.C.

  7. Thank you Anne and Protect Mustangs for bringing these issues to light! Everyone who is in favor of letting the wild horses live in peace in the wild should really cease ‘liking’ or ‘sharing’ posts, pictures & news – or signing petitions – from those who are pushing chemical contraceptives on our wild horses. It is so easy for people to see a picture of a pretty horse and then click ‘like’ and ‘share’ without realizing the harm they are causing in doing so. The current ‘spin’ from the AWHPC states that fertility control drugs are the humane way to manage these wild horses but the reality is that fertility control drugs are the “Humane Society’s” preferred way to manage these wild horses since they hold the patent to PZP. Such a disappointment!

  8. My husband and I adopted two Mustangs in Reno,NV.They were captured from the Virginia Range,just outside of Reno.We were able to get them before the BLM got hold of them and were spared that painful brand.I lost my husband almost six years ago,and I am so greatful to have them.I love my big guys.

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