#DontFrackCA Join us today in Sacramento!


TODAY’S THE DAY for the biggest Anti-Fracking rally in California’s history! THOUSANDS of Anti-Fracking Activists & Concerned Californians are making the trek to Sacramento to tell Governor Brown and his administration one thing: #DontFrackCA! We’ll be hearing from voices from all over the state who are witnessing fracking in their own communities and organizing against it. A broad coalition of groups have come together to demand an end to fracking in California. We hope to see you there & Bring your friends!! Don’t forget to TWEET (#DontFrackCA, #fracking) while you’re making history!!

What: Don’t Frack California Rally and March
Where: The Capitol Lawn, L between 10th and 12th streets, Sacramento, CA
When: Saturday, March 15th, 2014, 1pm
Sign Up: dontfrackcalifornia.org
For Buses & Rideshares: Check out the State-wide rideboard at dontfrackcalifornia.org/rideboard
More info: dontfrackcalifornia.org
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America’s wild horses are being pushed off public land to reduce environmental roadblocks to fracking as seen in GASLAND Part 2. Join us to say “No!” to fracking!

We’re experiencing the worst drought in the history of CA. Communities are struggling to know where their water is coming from. And, what is the solution to the administration of Governor Brown? A call to the conservation of its citizens, not the big oil and gas. Join us TODAY in Sacramento to demand an end to #fracking in our state!

If you can’t make it then Tweet and RT #DontFrackCA and share out the petition Don’t Frack Wild Horse Areas https://www.change.org/petitions/sen-dianne-feinstein-don-t-frack-wild-horse-areas Thank you!


Josh Fox (GASLAND) and Anne Novak (Protect Mustangs) at the GASLAND Part 2 preview in 2013



GASLAND Poster HBO Premiere