Pro-kill hoax staged to promote killing Australia’s wild horses before management plan is reviewed

Brumbies are Australian heritage wild horses. Witnesses found them shot and killed in the Lake Gregory aerial cull/kill in 2013 (Copyright protected)

Brumbies are Australian heritage wild horses. Witnesses found them shot and killed at Lake Gregory sanctioned by the RSPCA and the government in 2013 (Copyright protected)

URGENT! Calling all wild horse warriors! Please comment on this outrageous PRO-KILL piece to sway international opinion to kill the Brumbies (Australia’s wild horses) and pass their new management plan.

This is what Anne Novak wrote in the Daily Mail comments, “Where is the VIDEO to prove what these alleged PRO-KILL men claim to have witnessed? They released the photographs but why aren’t they releasing the video? The photograph really shows nothing besides free-roaming wild horses, known as Brumbies, perhaps sniffing a dead Brumby killed and eaten by another animal conveniently found on the Brumby trail. . . If the PRO-KILL faction wanted to gain public support to SHOOT and KILL Australia’s wild horses from the air then these 2 men could have staged the “cannibal horse incident” by pouring molasses on the exposed flesh for example. Horses love molasses and might eat something unusual covered in molasses. I have witnessed outrageous spin in the United States coming from the PRO-KILL radicals. Why would Australia be any different?”

Watch them tell their “story”:

Read more and comment here:

Next comment on the PRO-KILL Wild Horse Management Plan Review till 30 November 2014 by answering their questions here:

The 2008 management plan that prevents shooting and killing brumbies is going up for it’s 5 year review. What a coincidence for this HOAX to be released when they want to sway international public opinion to get support for KILLING Australia’s wild horses by shooting them down from helicopters.  This publicity stunt must be exposed!


Photo © Lynette Sutton

Photo © Lynette Sutton

7 thoughts on “Pro-kill hoax staged to promote killing Australia’s wild horses before management plan is reviewed

  1. I strongly disagree with any plans for aerial culling of brumbies in the Kosciosko National Parks. It is totally inhumane. In this day and age, with a little intelligence there has got to be a better answer to the so called problem. I don’t believe there is anything like the amount of horses or damage that these people are claiming. Some of the regulations that have been put in place are a joke.

  2. It’s unfortunate that such a farce has made headlines. Shame on the Australian media and the Green Party for dodgy dealing and reporting. Shame on Parks too for backing research that outright prohibits mention of positive contribution of wild horses to balancing the ecosystem when it is known in scientific/ecological circles around the world that wild equids work in a symbiotic relationship with other animals. The real culprit is use of public lands and who has access. To say aerial culling is the only option speaks to the entrenched cultural bias in Australia that has devalued the contribution of the horse on all levels- regardless of whether the horse was ‘introduced’ or not. Evolution has adapted the horse to the landscape over the past few hundred years since the horse was brought here. Please write to Greg Hunt, the Minister for the Environment in Australia and let him know all eyes are watching. We will not stand for outdated, violent, inhumane treatment of wild horses merely because a few loud uninformed people have stooped to an all time low of producing sensationalist hysterical fiction about cannibal horses on the loose. What’s next? The alien invasion and abductions by brumbies flying spaceships?

  3. This is a smear against these highly evolved, sensitive and intelligent animals who have done so much for humanity and with which we have a mutualistic symbiosis. If there are sensitive areas they could be fenced off of these. All to easy just to blame the horses for situations mankind has created.

  4. What is going on here? What kind of conspiracy are humans at present trying to create to try and sway public opinion to slaughter some of the few free creatures left on this earth. It is a testament to the strength and power inherent in the wild horse that any at all remain given the vigor with which the haters have gone after them. And now this! Wild Horse Cannibals!!! Are they trying to say: Beware, your children are next! Look of what horrors these animals are capable. Where is their evidence of cannibalism? When will reason prevail? Our ecosystem is being ravaged by corporate interests in the name of greed. When will we devote the energy necessary to reverse the damage done. When will we begin the process of creating a balanced life force in all the areas which we have so blindly brutalized. Give the Earth a Chance to rebuild itself! Fear not what you cannot control.

  5. This doesn’t surprise me at all .. even humans have turned to cannibalism when they were starving to death. This is no reason to kill off all those beautiful horses. Leave nature alone!!!

  6. Cannibal horses my azz..horses have neither the type of teeth or jaw action required to eat intestine from a deceased horse..

  7. This is a re-run of the crap from a few years ago. Horses are not cannibals, they mill around a dead member of their group for days. Other ferals, like dogs etc. are the ones that eat a carcass. With all the support the brumbies are getting just now will not stop the Govt. from doing something underhanded. It will be attempted to get it done and dusted under everyones nose. Doing something constructive like getting rid of blackberry, that are choking the “endangered eco systems”, the feral pigs, wild dogs and cats would be far more beneficial to the Parks.

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