#WildHorseWednesday TAKE ACTION Foals are Dying at the Roundup!


Launching the 3 Stamps Campaign on Wild Horse Wednesday™

URGENT: Wild foals need your help today! Some have already died in the heinous BLM Checkerboard roundup. The other foals are suffering from the trauma of being chased by choppers and ripped off their home on the range. Their family bands have been broken and they cry out for their papas and the rest of their family.

YOU can help them by writing three handwritten letters before midnight strikes: one to your representative and one to each of your senators. Politely request all roundups stop because the foals are being traumatized. They are babies and too young to endure the torment and cruelty.

All it costs is 3 stamps. Mail your handwritten letters to your elected officials tomorrow morning. You will find their contact information here: http://bit.ly/1ihTCwj

Speak out for the foals and demand the taxpayer funded abuse STOP now!


 Photo: s.noll : Foter : CC BY-NC-SA

Photo: s.noll : Foter : CC BY-NC-SA

Read more here: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=7209 

Twitter hashtags: #WildHorseWednesday #StopWyRoundup

We are 100% volunteer nonprofit organization. Donate here to help protect mustangs and feed wild horses we have rescued from the slaughterhouse.

Wild Horse Wednesday™ is one of Protect Mustangs’ education and outreach programs

7 thoughts on “#WildHorseWednesday TAKE ACTION Foals are Dying at the Roundup!

  1. Please write three letters. I’m going to first thing in the morning when my mind is fresh. Join me. Save those babies!!

  2. This is an extremely important thing to do! Time after Time, we see babies pushed beyond their limits, during Roundups that are anything but Humane. When horses die, some people say “Oh well, thats such a small number compared to the MANY that are rounded up each year>” In fact these SAME people said this during and after the infamous Calico Mountain Roundups, several years ago when over 160 Wild Horses died after being driven through snow and ice, causing serious respiratory illness, and during the aftermath of the Roundup. Foals in that Roundup had their hooves run off, as they tried to keep up with the pace of the Roundup. Now, even today, they are being run beyond their endurance and then seperated from their mothers for various reasons, none of which make any sense at all. Most of the “reasons” for separating the Babes from their mother, are just lies meant to “throw us off” the continuing death toll of horses killed during or due to Roundups. Recently, at a well known BLM “Adoption Center” I was shown by a fellow Advocate, the place behind the air conditioned BLM Office, where horses and burros who do not survive, are buried in a pit. Any record of this? who knows- as usual the bLM is not forthcoming with information like this, to the Public. The fact remains, the BLM is a Rogue agency and so is the Dept. of the Interior in allowing this illegal and careless activity to continue. Their answer to requested improvement by the Public, especially on Public lands where we certainly have a Say in what goes on there is, “well then would you like it better if we slaughtered them??” The Horse is a Returned or continuously Native to North America, that quickly reverts to its natural and beneficial role in North America. It is an Axes species which self regulates when it is left to develop naturally within a viable and protected genetic community. STOP LYING BLM and selfish and deliberately misinformed RANCHERS ON PUBLIC LANDS! SLL

  3. The helicopters just simply must be banned from these roundups. The colts are to young to be running so far so fast not to mention the terrible trauma of being ripped from their bands and separated from their mothers the pictures showing them running looking for their mothers and calling to them is about the saddest thing I have ever seen. Please tell me that there is someone in authority that finds this barbaric and has the fortitude to take a stand against allowing this to continue.

  4. Sending letters. Our first mustang, Mariah, was run 12 miles by helicopter & arrived at the capture site without her mother in 2004. She sustained permanent joint damage and has PTSD. These roundups are brutal, both physically and emotionally. No babies should be treated this way. STOP THE ROUNDUPS!

  5. There is no need to have these heinous roundups to begin with. As Protect Mustangs has said, we need a 10-year moratorium on any gathers.

    We used to have over 2 million wild horses in the United States, and now we’re down to about 1+% of that number left out on the range. The roundups are so hard on the foals, as we can see by the high number that have perished so far. There are other methods to gather these horses that are less strenuous on the horses, such as bait and trap.

  6. The current practice of rounding up these American national treasures is appalling. Not only is there no valid argument or logical reason to interfere with these horses but rounding them up in such a brutal manner exemplifies a total lack of respect for life.

    What example are we setting? If such disrespect is shown to defenceless animals how will our children ever respect their own life or the lives of others? We wonder why so many children die as a result of gun violence and suicide, it’s because society has lost all respect for life, it accepts violence and has grown apathetic towards it.

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