Urgent: Need hay to feed young wild horses rescued from slaughterhouse


Dear Friends of Wild Horses,

We must get more hay for the 14 rescued orphans from Wyoming (WY14) to eat this week so I want you to know that your donations are SO NEEDED to keep the young rescued wild horses from feeling hungry.

Please share the TAX-DEDUCTIBLE fundraiser widely (http://www.gofundme.com/9xcfag) or donate directly on our website. It takes a village to care for these wild horses after the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) used taxpayer funds to pay for pricey and cruel roundups and the State of Wyoming sold them to a Canadian slaughterhouse to be butchered, packaged and eaten abroad.

Left in the wild, they cost virtually nothing, heal the land and live in freedom for the public to enjoy anytime they can find them. After the roundups some lucky ones are saved but many disappear. . .

Sadly all the wild horses over three-years-old from the WY14’s herd were slaughtered at the Canadian plan to be eaten abroad as a “delicacy”. The WY14 were being fattened up in the feedlot surely to be live shipped to Asia to become foal sashimi. Expensive foal meat is pink whereas the pricey meat from 3-year-olds and up is dark red. That’s the only reason the WY14 were still alive when we found them and rescued them.


Basashi Sushi (Horse Meat)

We are a 100% volunteer organization with no salaries. We give all we can. The WY14 need help to buy hay for them to eat. When you donate, you are providing direct aid to keep them fed so they won’t starve.

With your help we can make sure the WY14 are well fed and taken care of. Together we will honor the native herd that was brutalized and slaughtered by taking care of the 14 young orphans eventually in an eco-sanctuary.

As of September 26th, all the money raised up until that point has been spent. Hay prices are outrageous and are going to get worse this winter. This is becoming a dire situation. The WY14 need your help today!

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The WY14 know they have angels out there like you, helping them. . . They need everyone’s prayers to heal from the trauma of the roundup and loss of their families. It was brutal and their healing will take a long time.

Please help the WY14 with a hay donation today. Thank you for your kindness and compassion for the 14 innocents who have been so traumatized. God bless you!

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Tel: 415.531.8454

PS: Remember Sharing is Caring <3

California drought sends hay prices soaring (Associated Press) http://www.agweb.com/article/california_drought_sends_hay_prices_soaring_NAA_Associated_Press/

2 thoughts on “Urgent: Need hay to feed young wild horses rescued from slaughterhouse

  1. Dear Friends:
    I know everyone is clamoring for Donations and with Winter coming, there will be much needed requests for Hay for Wild Horses in Sanctuaries. I cant tell people decide which are the best sanctuaries to contribute to there are so many good ones these days (thank Goodness) but I CAN express my opinion after being involved in Wild Horse Advocacy, day and night for at least seven years. As you know, The Sanctuary starts with its Founder and exec. Director and they set the tone for a sanctuary. I have rarely found anyone to be as competent without being ego driven, as Anne Novak of Protect Mustangs, is. She writes well and has informed all of us with a direct, well- researched style, that keeps us up to day through thick and thin. She might have stopped there because we rely on truthful reporting. Instead, she has led rescue efforts of Wild Horses for five years now and recently saved some beautiful wild horses and bought them back from the Canadian slaughterhouse. One day, she will have a sanctuary for them and grow her own Hay but today, she needs your help to buy hay. She is asking early, before the snows and storms hit, looking ahead to what is required, for a long Winter. When you support her and the wonderful horses she rescued, you are backing one of the most informed and competent people, of many Wild Horse Advocates and horses that have been traumatized by relocation and the Slaughter facility. When the money for hay is fulfilled, Anne will at last be free to find a permanent Sanctuary for them and you will have allowed the horses to find a permanent home, at last so they can begin to heal! Please DO support Protect Mustangs, Anne Novak and the WY14! rescued horses! How many Wyoming Horses must we see traumatized by a handful of selfish people? may they have a home at last! <3 Thank you for your help! SLL

  2. Thank you, Susan. Donated and tweeted. Anne Novak is a remarkable woman and a true hero in the world of those wild horses that she has saved and rescued from death and is now caring for. As an advocate for the wild horses and burros of America, I am grateful for her great sacrifices and dedication to these beautiful kindred spirits.

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