Comment against BLM getting rid of wild horses to help those monsters #frack for oil and gas!

BLM Seeks Public Comment on Public Lands Nominated for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

ELKO, Nev. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Elko District Environmental Assessment (EA) for parcels of public land nominated for lease in the 2015 Competitive Oil & Gas Lease Sale is available for review. These parcels have the potential for future oil and gas exploration and development. The 30-day public review period concludes October 29, 2014.

The 24 parcels totaling 25,802.47 acres have been analyzed for potential impacts in the EA in accordance with the Oil & Gas Leasing Reform mandated in 2010.

Lease stipulations identified in the Elko (1987) and Wells (1985) Resource Management Plans are attached to applicable parcels to help protect resources. The EA is available for public review at:

Inside the EA you will find information about how American wild horses will be impacted on page 64. It reads:

3.2.17 Wild Horses

Existing Conditions

There are 8 wild horse herd management areas (HMA) managed by the Elko District Office. They are the Owyhee, Rock Creek, Little Humboldt, Diamond Hills North, Maverick-Medicine, Antelope Valley, Goshute, and Spruce-Pequop HMAs. These eight HMAs total approximately 1.8 million acres and have an appropriate management level (AML) of 1,338 wild horses. Wild horses inhabit these HMAs year round. Deferred parcels 13 and 14 are within the Maverick /Medicine HMA and parcels 15 through 26 are located in the Antelope Valley HMA. The other parcels are not located within HMAs.

Effects of the Proposed Alternative

There are no direct impacts to wild horses associated with leasing, however wild horses can be found within some of the HMAs and future exploration could affect wild horses within those HMAs. Increased human and motorized activity could disrupt and displace wild horses. The wild horses inhabiting the area of the exploration could leave the area and move away from the noise and activity. During any long term or permanent activity it is probable that wild horses over time would become accustomed to the activity and resume normal activities at a reasonable distance. Construction of new fences as part of development production facilities could disrupt movement of free roaming wild horses and animals could be injured by colliding with any new fences.


Construction of fencing within a HMA would be evaluated during review of any development proposal to determine if flagging or other measures would be necessary to increase visibility to wild horses. Best management practices along with specific restrictions would be implemented to minimize negative impacts to wild horses.

The Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale will be conducted on March​10, 2015.

If you have issues or concerns or need more information, contact Tom Schmidt, Project Lead at the BLM Elko District, at (775) 753-0200 or email at


Watch the telling film Wild Horses and Renegades expose the truth behind wild horse roundups and removals.  You can go to to watch the documentary. Here’s a rough preview:



Josh Fox’s Oscar nominated GASLAND I explains how tracking ruins the environment and our water especially. Available on Netflix.


GASLAND 2 explains how the oil and gas lobbies control democracy, putting us all at risk and poisoning our water in order to become a world leader in exporting liquid natural gas. There is a nice segment linking wild horse roundups with fracking in Wyoming. Here’s a trailer for Fox’s GASLAND 2. You can also watch the film on Netflix.


Sign and share the petition against tracking in wild horse land:

10 thoughts on “Comment against BLM getting rid of wild horses to help those monsters #frack for oil and gas!

  1. Preserve our mustangs and land. Fracking is not a solution ….. It is short term. Destroying our horses and resources is forever. We will have nothing for our future.

  2. Wild horses should be looked after, treated with respect and love. fed and protected not rounded up not murdered and slaughtered in the name of greed and power by cowards that can never call themselves human beings, take a stand and protect our wild horses – Respect and Protect, ALWAYS… Peace James Howie…

  3. The single minded driven machine called Greed continues to eradicate anything that stands in the way of money. Fracking is destroying everything on the surface and poisoning everything underneath.

  4. This breaks my heart to see how our icons of the west our living breathing history being treated so disrespectfully. Helicopters driving them over ravines at a dead run they are being run at full speed into tight pens and they have a strong spirit to be free so they don’t react well to the pens many are hurt, cut and die. The greatest travesty of all of this is they will never be free again. Taken from their ranges to wander hopelessly in tiny pens away from their families. They are being treated like criminals what have they ever done to deserve this

  5. nonhirses should be removed from anymore lands. U have been found out . No more zeroing out, no more roundups for cattle, oil gas. Leave these precious icons alone. We have had enough!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I am 100% against fracking on federal or state lands. We need to get off the oil addiction. Let’s be good stewards of our world and stop the greed and leave a world worth having to our kids.

  7. There’s not enough soap or alcohol to remove the equine blood from their hand’s

  8. Fracking has had enough documentation against it to prove that it will destroy our environment. These wild horses belong on that land and should not be removed. They are gentle to the environment that they rely on, unlike the Frackers and the cattle. To see so many human beings ignore solid facts about what fracking and placing more cattle on our great lands will do, is disheartening and disturbing. Those who support fracking, your children and grandchildren will pay for you mistakes. Laugh and pretend it won’t happen… but it will and you will go down in history as ignorant immoral beings that hurt even their own.

  9. We should be concentrating on renewable energy. Instead of ruining our heritage. If we change our building codes to have every new home that is build equipped with solar panels that are hooked up to the grid. It would create jobs in the solar panel field. It would bring the price down of solar panels, so the average person can afford it. Our oils and coal dependency will go down which bring the gas prices down, which will bring all prices down. We even might put a dent in our deficit. Above all we safe our wild horses

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