Dangerous times for wild horses and burros

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Dear Friends of Wild Horses and Burros,

There are several dark forces at work who want to control America’s wild horses and burros. Some want to steal them from the people so corrupt state officials can hunt and kill them or sell them to slaughter. Others want to drug them with EPA approved restricted-use pesticides such as PZP that sterilize WILD mares after multiple use. Fertility control research trials are big business. Left unchallenged, wild horses and burros will continue to be lab rats for human fertility control research. Many soulless degenerates want to slaughter wild horses for human consumption abroad. They really want to make room for energy development and subsidized grazing on public land at the expense of wildlife and especially wild horses and burros.

Be careful what you sign. Read everything carefully. Please read this petition carefully too then send it to your friends and family so the voiceless can be protected from the exploiters and the killers. If you want to know the truth behind the facade . . . follow the money.

Thank you for taking action to help America’s wild horses and burros by sharing this petition (http://www.change.org/p/defund-and-stop-the-wild-horse-burro-roundups) via email and through your social networks. Together we can shine the light on the truth to turn things around. Stop the Roundups!

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Founder & Executive Director


Take Back the Power (© Protect Mustangs with Photo © Cynthia Smalley)

Take Back the Power (© Protect Mustangs with Photo © Cynthia Smalley)

20 thoughts on “Dangerous times for wild horses and burros

  1. I don’t understand why the government is being inhumane to wild horse and burro! Please stop!

  2. If you haven’t already signed the petition linked in this article, please do. This is a very important petition. Thank you, Protect Mustangs.

  3. Where doe Animal Abuse or Animal Care start – or better yet, where does Animals become considered more significant than simply fodder for the food chain, or being wiped-out because they are in the way of Industrial Advancement?

    Last evening I understand there was a television commercial that stated, clearly I might add, that Animal Advocates are bullies and picking on America’s Farmer’s and Rancher’s! The telephone calls I received were from people pissed-off. They were not pissed off at Animal Advocates so much as, many know of the BLM situation, but pissed off that we should be countering this situation with a similar type commercial explaining what Animal Advocates do, but we are not.

    True enough, sometimes when a person is Right while promoting Truth, that Right or Truth is simply not enough in today’s society. Why is that?

    I for one remain compelled to do what I believe is the Right thing here, and continue to promote the realistic truth, and reality of what the BLM has done, destroyed both wildlife and the ecology in a useless manner, on our Public Lands. This is not out of spite, but out of a combined perception. This perception is a combination of being an American, a Horseman, a Combat Veteran and responsible for those who died for America, and most of all a response toward a situation that is simply wrong and needs corrected in a proper manner . . .

    Defending Animals is not something to sell-out midway down the road toward being a better Advocate or humanitarian; rather, it is to take the responsibility toward changing something so large, so dominate, and so wrong that it is worthy of a life and 100% effort toward a very important humanitarian goal – Helping those that cannot help themselves!

  4. The destruction of our wild horses and burros is now in full swing. We must find a way to stop this obliteration and the negative propaganda against those of us that wish to protect these native icons. While we work to fight the government over this corruption, we are also having to fight against so called “advocate” groups that push the PZP agenda. There are not enough horses and burros left to shoot full of experimental birth control! ALL must take action now and be very careful of with whom you align yourself.

  5. Its going to take a lot of thought and work to make things right for the Mustangs and Burros. It’s going to take a long time because of many issues all involving departments of the government being in control of animals lives and I say departments because its not just the Department of the Interior that’s the problem congress is just as guilty and they seem to listen to their cohorts from the states who have the most mustangs and history proves that these congressmen/women believe what the oil companies say and the gracing associations who favor the land for their cattle. It ends up being a lose lose situation for the Mustangs and Burros.

  6. My dear fellow animal advocates I’d like comfort each and every one whose hearts and spirit have been saddened and coNfused by tthe attack on our wild horses and sweet burros as we know the desppair they face having now lost forever their God given live at the hands of our own – but of a different fabric. Humans born of greed, gluttony.

    May I ask that you silence your wailing, it brings satisfaction to the enemy, just as the horses’ and burros’ screams for their offspring, their mates, their leaders and injured surely must.

    I have come to the conclusion that we must understand this is not a war of misunderstandings, being ignored or not having enough sway – this is War between good and evil. These acts of brutality are in opposition to the word of God who says we are to act from the heart, with goodwill doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men (Eph 6:6-7). We know if any of those with authority to protect and care for the wild horses were to act from the heart, we would not be here.

    Pray for the comforting hand of our Lord to touch each one of those suffering and pray that light of compassion and kindness shine into the souls hiding behind the evil they have allowed to enter our lives. Think clearly, explore the issues and know for yourself what LAWS are in place to wall out the evil pounding at the door of our beautiful country.

    This petition is one of our rights as an American. Decide if this is what you think you can support. You may not do the work but you can see that it is a compassionate step for the agency to take.

    I have signed it. And with resolute clarity, look into making changes you see are needed. Make your calls, talk with laisions (who may lie) but speak and speak consisttently and with righteous power. And spread the word. Thank you Anne for sharing this petition.

  7. Terri – You wrote a very well thought out and thought provoking post! I totally agree with you as far as reaching some kind of an agreeable solution to this sick, perverse and inhumane situation for our rapidly decreasingly wild horse & burro populations. Perhaps I’m not as realistic of a believer as you are…..I tend to believe that there still is good (even just a little bit) in some of those who seem to be hopeless cases. With more effort on our part and more ingenuity for coming up with do-able ideas and solutions, I have to believe that this will be resolved, but not to the satisfaction of either side.

  8. This insanity really needs to stop. The horses and the land do not belong to the welfare ranchers, nor big corporations. The BLM is corrupt as there are people working for them that are ranchers and work for big corporations. The wild horses and burro are being rounded up to extremes that are taking away the viability of herds which will be replaced by inbreeding. Instead of using 123,000,000.00 of our taxpaying dollars to pay the Catoors to round them up and them warehouse them in holding pens with little food and water and no shelter, use that money for real scientific studies of the herds. Do not experiment on our horses with little known drugs. We need these horses and burros to stay on the land where they belong. Stop the killing and experiments!!! And stop the round ups. I demand a 10 year moratorium on the round ups and the use of experimental drugs. This I demand as a tax paying citizen of these United States!!!

  9. It really is important that people step up, not only with their signatures on petitions, but with donations to fund public education through advertising to raise awareness of the issue. In the 1950s, Marylin Monroe made a movie to raise awareness and that brought legislation to protect wild horses. Without funding, the energy corporations will win. They don’t hesitate to spend money to get their way.

  10. I have been reminded latley of the teachings of White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman—the mysterious holy woman who came gerations ago to a small group of Lakota people. In her teachings she invites us to walk in a sacred manner on earth honoring All Things as part of our wholeness. In doing so we bring the opportunity to ascend to bring heaven to earth as the golden time for all our relations and us. This is our time to be part of making the Rainbow of Light possible as our ancestors taught for so long and to open the Rainbow Bridge. To do so all must be included —-all beings no one left out in the circle of life. We must not use our chemicals to harm another living thing. To know we are part of the seven generations to bring harmony and an iridescent aura back to a renewed flowering healthy Earth will require us to honor respect commune and cooperate with all living things. We cannot open the rainbow bridge by living in a harmful smog— acridness filled air harming all living things. If we continue to push our mankind made deep hunger and grief on all, the gap will be too wide for us to cross the chasm from now to the new golden time. We must become the rainbow —stop this assault on the wild horse and burro and bring them to be included in a good way. This is how the bridge is built for generations to come. We cannot fail this time we must take the sacred path.

  11. So sad that the American symbol of freedoms is being eradicated by the very people that should be protecting them. Stop using the american tax payers dollars to round up whats left of these beings. This land was PROMISED to them in 1971. But should we really be surprised at all?? The same money grabbing politicians are the ones allowing this malicious removal of THE AMERICAN PEOPLES HORSES…NOT YOURS GOVERNMENT….BUT OURS….NOT YOURS CATTLEMAN….OURS!!

  12. Yes, be part of the greater Light that is now adawning, not the reactionary darkness and stand up for the right treatment of the horses and burros and man’s learning to share the land and freedom with such wonderful presences and to value wild-equid-containing ecosystems! This is the greater Wave of the Future!

  13. Janet Norris.

    Janet I want to believe they are up there somewhere in Washington. Some of the congress who just don’t get enough information to realize what is going on out here in the west. I know we can find them but what worries me is the time its going to take and we are losing more horses very day. When they take over a 1000 wild horses off the checkerboard in Wyoming its not going to take long to eliminate them. 55,000 wild horses in holding pens across the country is the cruelest thing I can think of for these free spirited beautiful animals.

  14. Any government acting in such a way against innocent animals that they themselves have sworn to protect can only be seen as a barbaric underhanded leadership that is not worthy of the station it holds. Respect and protect the wild horses of the US its a must do not sell out in the name of greed, stand and be counted for doing the right thing.

  15. The wild horses and burros are a living part of our American heritage. They are descendants of the animals that were a big part of settling this country. They earned the right to be wild and free.
    We the people need to stop the roundups. The cattlemen, sheep herders, gas companies, oil companies, and mining companies need to look elsewhere for the land they want. This range was designated wild horse and burro range a long time ago and it should stay that way.

  16. PZP, selling to kill buyers and stocking various locations throughout the U.S. with selective equine examples based on a certain criteria of DNA is the Federal Government’s final solution for dealing with Wild Horses and Burros.

  17. All the good folks I know who have saved mustangs from BLM and other auction sources, are struggling hard to keep their new families fed and trimmed and wormed. Minimal training is needed for captive wild horses to be handled with little to no stress or fear for trims and vet checks. Anne has been working with mustangs for years. Anne is a great negotiator and her background with 501 work and now her own has put her out front as a transparent and successful strategist who has done amazing work to save wild horses torn off their land. Please donate! As a horse professional I ask you to choose Protect Mustangs to help them fight for the lands and the future of our public held and possessed wild horses and burros! Help save captives along with Protect Mustangs. Be a part of a progressive and humane .org that wants to save wild horses on their lands and keep their 1971 law respected, enforced and strengthened. Help keep this worthy and excellent .org operating for the wild ones both captive and free. Help Protect Mustangs GROW and develop the programs and the goals that will keep wild horses on their designated lands and not in private sanctuaries where they will never belong to the public again. Please don’t allow our wild horses to be lost from the very lands they evolved upon and became our Indigenous wild horses and mustangs. Their history is still being written and their past is still being revealed. Don’t let them disappear for the greed and the wrongly sanctioned green energy that feeds the grid and not on top of homes and businesses and schools! Move the cattle allotments off the WFH&B Act lands NOW! Stop the roundups!!! Stand with Protect Mustangs against the use and abuse of PZP on wild horses and burros. Help us create new management based upon science and independent studies. 10 Year Moratorium! Stop BLM mistreatment of our wild ones. We want them to thrive in freedom. Help us do this!

  18. Terry, We must demand a 10 Year Moratorium (renewable) in order to go beyond this point and be in favor of life and the future for wild horses and burros. Yes, we need lots of time and we do not need BLM or anyone else but trained scientists and pro wild horse folks seeing this gets done!

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