The petition is working: Wyoming BLM to install some shelters and wind screens


“The petition is working. The BLM held a workshop in Reno Nevada to address international public outcry for shade and shelter in 2013. The feds’ proposed remedies are not enough but it is a beginning at changing policy. Keep up the pressure and turn up the volume. Share the petition daily. Meet with your elected officials. Show them the petition to bring change to captive wild horses and burros. Politely request they intervene to put an end to the suffering in the pens.” ~Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs

BLM schedules modifications to the Rock Springs wild horse holding facility

Changes will include a new office building to accommodate public tours and facilitate the adoption process; adding storage shelters to protect hay; constructing a roof over the trimming chute area; installing wind screens along the west side of the facility; placing protective shelters in the sick pens; redesigning the preparation area to improve animal and employee safety; and replacing worn or damaged corral panels. These projects will be phased in throughout the year and should not impact the wild horses.

Facility Manager Jake Benson states, “We’re taking a good look at our set-up and reworking things to increase safety and efficiency and at the same time see how we can reduce costs.” He adds, “While these changes are not required, we will evaluate their effectiveness and continue to make adjustments as necessary to provide outstanding care for the horses.”

The facility remains closed to allow wild horses recently removed from the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin herd management areas to acclimate to their new environment. No public tours will be conducted during the closure; however, the public viewing kiosk is open. The public will be notified when the facility reopens.

More information about the facility is available at

Petition for emergency shelter and shade for captive wild horses and burros:

11 thoughts on “The petition is working: Wyoming BLM to install some shelters and wind screens

  1. A definate step in the right direction! Now! Let’s advocate for all of the horses to have a place to get under during bad weather in the winter and the burning desert sun in the summer.

  2. I’m in for the protection of the horse, but how far are we going to go. Do we put shades and screens for the deer and elk, or are the just wild, free running? Maybe I was just in the wrong generation. Maybe we should work on the captive animals before we start on the wild, and somewhat free ones. I’m sorry if you don’t like this reply, but it is the way I see it. Where were all these replies in the 1800’s?

  3. The horses need shelter it has been too long coming. If they have to be rounded up and their freedom taken away the have the right to be taken care of. Winter is almost here please supply these icons shade and wind resistance now not later, Do what is right!

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