Captive wild horses and burros need your help!

Dear Friends of Wild Horses and Burros,

You have the power to make change.

People protested and public outcry grew with the number of signatures on the petition. When we investigated Nevada’s captive pens filled with roundup survivors, we found young captive wild horses were dying in the triple digit heatwave. (Video:

A few months later, the BLM held a public workshop in Reno, Nevada to address public outcry for shade and shelter in BLM holding pens. Instead of working with the public to brainstorm, they announced their decision to place shade only in the sick pens and informed the public they would be conducting shade “studies” to determine if captive wild horses needed shade.

Now BLM Wyoming at Rock Springs is making similar changes. You can read about it here. They will be installing wind screens along the west side of the facility and placing protective shelters in the sick pens. This is not enough!

The feds’ proposed remedies in Nevada and Wyoming are a small step in the right direction. We must bring them to understand that ALL the captive wild horses and burros need access to shelter from the elements.

The BLM is dragging their feet and the federal employees whose salaries are paid for with your tax dollars are very lazy. They will only change their inhumane policy if we all get much louder!

Keep up the pressure and turn up the volume. Share the petition daily to get more signatures. This is a grassroots effort and together we can do this for the captive wild ones!

Meet with your senators and representative. Show them the petition to bring shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros. Play for them the video exposing roundup cruelty: Politely request they intervene to put an end to the suffering in the pens. Let them know you would like a response to your request and follow up with them often.

If you cannot meet with your elected officials then mail them a handwritten letter requesting they bring access to shelter and shade for all captive wild horses and burros at the holding facilities. After all, this is what the BLM requires of adopters so why should it be any different for the BLM? The cruelty must stop now!

Keep fighting for the voiceless who suffer. Together we can turn this around.

Many blessings,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

10 thoughts on “Captive wild horses and burros need your help!

  1. This is s wonderful message of faith, Anne. Ido so much appreciate this voice of your rational and heartfelt tried and true compassion for our beautiful protected wild horses and burros.

  2. All horses and burros need protection from the elements. It is a shame that the BLM wastes time, money, and lives on silly workshops and shade studies. It’s shade…..Not rocket science.

  3. The wild horses are bearing the brunt of a range war. A war brought on by the BLM & the National Forest Service with their violation of The Wild Free-Roaming Horses & Burros Act of 1971. They have allowed the ranchers to “lease” public land and over load the land with cattle & sheep. Still not satisfied, the ranchers killed off predators, wolves, mountain lions, etc with the government’s blessing. Then the ranchers complained there were too many wild horses on “their” land – the government once again caved to the ranchers demands and began rounding up the nuisance wild horses (with helicopters) and placed them in holding pens. Pens with NO shelter from the sun, wind and rain. What the government has allowed to happen it shameful!!!! #Justice4Mustangs

  4. Well, maybe the BLM should sit outside in the heat. No shade or anything. They should do what is right. And return the horses and burro’s free again.

  5. All the above comments are excellent and resonate in perfect unison. Carole MJ’s, post hits the nail on the head! What the government agencies and cattlemen have been allowed to do is utterly disgraceful. The entire cause to save and protect the Wild Horses and Burros is a noble and just cause.

  6. Good to hear you are still working for this reality and against the ongoing non action from BLM and others.

  7. Beyond any doubt when we discuss mismanagement about Bureau of Land Management employees, we discuss as well a prolonged history describing a severe “lack of knowledge” about Wild Horse management. The BLM and their prolonged mess after mess after mess, and their attempts at covering up their mess of doing things can be well referenced — harboring and sheltering wild horses simply adds to this list of historical incompetence as well as frivolous taxpayer expenditure by this government agency. This promotes many well referenced and documented appeals toward downsizing this agency due to lack of responsibility toward their Mission Statement, and placing the Wild Horses in captivity back onto Public Lands. More and more taxpayers, Voters, and Americans realize how Senators and Congressmen are now catering toward special interests, lobby groups, and corporations — at a very high cost in taxpayer money spent for no return to the taxpayer, using taxpayer money to assist profit margins within corporations and subsidies to welfare ranchers and again no return to the taxpayer, and to add abuse and unnecessary death for the Wild Horses, and one finds irresponsibility quite evident — some attest to the criminality of the situation. It is time to take care of the Wild Horses in captivity, take responsibility for the unnecessary horse roundups, and either obtain people that actually know and acknowledge what good horse management is, or simply do not get government agencies involved in wild horse herd management what so ever!

  8. Protection is a must be it against the elements or safety from power hungry greedy leaders and those taking advantage of the situation. All animals deserve our respect our love and most of all our protection, no money no excuses can make what they do right and never will, this is why we stand this is why we fight. Keep up the good work and keep pushing. Peace always, James.

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