Betrayed by advocates, elected officials and the federal government, wild horses and burros were labelled pests in 2012


Read the scathing registration calling American wild horses PESTS for the first time here:  PZP Pesticide Reg Formal Feb 2012

We spoke out immediately here –>

4 thoughts on “Betrayed by advocates, elected officials and the federal government, wild horses and burros were labelled pests in 2012

  1. Why is our government continuing in this charade that our wild horses are destructive, when other countries around the globe are reintroducing wild horses because of the many benefits they provide, and it’s not an easy process to reintroduce them:

    “Reintroducing grazing animals such as horses, saiga and asses actually changes the vegetation on the steppe, making it lusher.”

  2. I don’t know what is wrong with these people , the only thing they can do is destroy the american landscape . mr. obozo ,talked out the side of his face for the last 2 yr.s since he has hastened the incarceration of our wild horses and burro’s . he has said to the public that he opposes drilling at all cost . But to the interior dept. he send all his orders by the senate speaker ( who has placed all the haters of equines and wildlife in general) dirty harry reid , who has issued all the most lucrative to the underling to carry out .In the mean time we have mrs. whitfield as senior director of the hsus and who is ass. director wayne pacelle . our wild horses and burro’s along with the American walking horses don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell , if some of the legislators that say they are honest and are really working for the american people . They had better start showing it because Americans are tired of taking a backseat to the pockets of every elite thinking power players we have in government now days.Hell , the way I’m looking at things right now, every one of these people in the agriculture dept. knows if you are going to have animals outside in bad weather it does not take a genious to know those animals need shelter. But we get told personal are experimenting with different types of shades ,Clue they don’t work the one ones your trying. now you want to kill off the rest of the the horses that you haven’t mutilated .just what kind of help can the people look forward to , who will work for us and hear what we are saying about our hopes and our dreams because they are not filled with greed and contempt.

  3. Why is our Government ignoring us when Americas voiceless Wild Horses are suffering more and more, they are nearing extinction. This is Americas most horrific injustice against our faithful Equine, it is turning into a Wild Horse Genocide. Meanwhile our Government and BLM just keep on stuffing their evil, greedy pockets with the tax payers dollars!! We would rather them take our tax dollars and help our Wild Horses, not round them up and torture them, imprison them!!! Our Wild Horses and Wild Burros deserve better than this and somebody better do something fast because America is waking up!!!!!
    Tina Wooten For Equine

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