Pine Nut wild horses need your help to stay free

Pine Nut wild horses between Carson City and Dayton, NV on 2/13/15

 Only 332 Pine Nut wild horses left on more than 90,000 acres of public land set aside for their principal but not exclusive use and BLM still wants to decimate the herd.

Protect Mustangs went out on the Pine Nut range, near Carson City, last Friday after the judge’s ruling and found less wild horses than we hoped we would. This herd is probably the most famous herd in Nevada from the film The Misfits, starring Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe.

We are grateful to have found the Pine Nut wild horses living in peace and harmony on their native land. For now they escaped the cruel roundup, forced drugging, removals and tearing apart of families forever. Thanks to Friends of Animals’ & Protect Mustangs’ Pine Nut lawsuit–currently active in federal court–these wild horses won’t be shipped off to sordid holding pens without shade or shelter from the elements. Those over 10-years-old won’t be shipped to slaughter while we continue to fight in court for what’s right.

Protect the Pine Nut Herd T-Shirts are still available here so you can show your support and wear the message when you visit your Congressional Representative to update them on the wild horse crisis in the West

Wild horses must never be forced to live in zoo-like settings with humans running a PZP-based breeding program–abolishing the survival of the fittest. This would manage them to extinction.

There is a lot of misinformation and fear mongering going around about our Pine Nut lawsuit. Some Spin Dr.s are making false claims to confuse the public and their followers about the PZP issue within our lawsuit.

Here are the facts: PZP doesn’t stop roundups. The BLM would need to roundup the herd with helicopters to give them the EPA approved pesticide–made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries–known as PZP. Then they would use that as an excuse to rip 200 wild horses from their native land–never to return. Today the herd is underpopulated on the range. When nature’s balance is disrupted and there aren’t enough left to help eat the grass, then catastrophic wildfires will occur. The BLM’s chosen management number for the Pine Nut wild horses is outrageously low.

What the Spin Dr.s really don’t want you to know is that PZP sterilizes after multiple use. You might want to read the truth about the lawsuit, directly from the court and government documents below:

Here is Judge Hicks’ order granting the preliminary injunction:

This is the EPA Pesticide Fact Sheet wherein the registrant names wild horses as “PESTS”:

Here is Dr. Cassandra Nunez’s 40 page affidavit about PZP:

We are so grateful justice is unfolding in court but the wild ones need your help.

The Pine Nut wild horses are very, very happy they have been spared for now. It’s essential to get technical services for court evidence to keep them free and safe in the wild. If you would like to take direct action to help these wild horses continue to live in freedom, please make your tax-deductible donation today right here: and please share this post widely. Thank you, because it takes a village.

In gratitude,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

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10 thoughts on “Pine Nut wild horses need your help to stay free

  1. There are very few wild horses in the iconic Pine Nut Herd, made famous in the movie “The Misfits” starring Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable. There are reportedly a little over 300 horses in the 90,000 acre herd management area, or about one horse per 270 acres. BLM claims that is “overpopulation”, maybe so if you agree with the BLM assigned limit, but that really is a ridiculously low AML. BLM intends to remove the horses for non-transparent reasons, probably to pleasethe freeloading welfare ranchers now grazing livestock in this wild horse herd management area.

  2. Very often with government agencies, in this case the Bureau of Land Management, we find things peculiar when delving into their management paradigms. Their rhetoric okay to the untrained eye, but knowledgeable people find their rhetoric nothing more than misinformation. All one has got to do is take a visit to our Public Lands. Look out over the countryside — cattle. Many, many cattle, and nothing more. One can even venture an educated guess, and assume, indeed, it is the taxpayers that own these cattle — since it is your tax money, in the billions of dollars now, that support them. The not-quite-so-pretty reality the BLM rhetoric covers-up.

    Oh sure, you’ll see some wild horses, but nothing like the BLM claims, as that is misinformation and rhetoric as well. And the roundups? Well, one can only state in a factual-reality context, the roundups predicated on not only lies, but to make money, again from your tax dollars. Yes our tax money being used inappropriately and irresponsibly. Your tax money goes to a select few of government contractors, ranchers, and kill-buyers of wild horses who ship the wild horses to slaughter.

    Oh, so you did not see all of that information within the BLM rhetoric — that wild horses go to slaughter? And once we find out about the slaughter situation, we discover that everything else, yes everything associated with the BLM and the wild horse herds on Public Lands, caters to nothing more that creating a wholesome and aggressive pipeline of wild horses going to slaughter into Canada and into Mexico.

    The BLM will say, “No, we do not do that!,” but the BLM dislikes facts, and the facts disclose the truth, and quite often.

    The facts here are obvious, The BLM is a dishonest government agency and America needs to say NO — NO More Wild Horses Going To Slaughter — and NO More Roundups!

  3. It is very very important that we stand together on this. The Pine Nut wild horses have a chance to be the break through herd that saves all,our wild horses!! We need to share this information far and wide, keep the national press interested and flood the congress with letters. Please mention the PZP issue and what it does to the mares. There is no sane reason for the BLM to be using this with all the statistics out there to prove that its dangerous! Everyone who has worked hard for the Wild Horses and continue to do so lets push extra hard on this issue, we need this judgement!!!!


  5. It would be nice if the BLM would assign appropriate ALM’s and stop zeroing out the wild Mustang and Burro herds. It would also be nice if ranchers could have cattle and sheep on their own lands, and not on our public lands.

  6. Our wild horses are dying off from BLM attention, neglect, removals, hauling, trucks in the night, poorly prepared adoption horses in the slaughter pipeline, shootings, thefts by kill buyers off the range or arranged through BLM middlemen who make the call and other sad ends.v Supposedly we have 50,000 in long term holding. Horses do die of natural causes also and some are old, injured and still alive when BLM shoots them. We already know BLM modus operandi quite well which includes public relations blitz to befuddle the public with terms like FERAL that no longer apply to animals set free 100 to 500 years ago whose genetics have shown they are the returned native, if they ever actually left. The horses’ history and prehistory is still being discovered, uncovered and written. Our brief experience with the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act has been twisted to suit the ranch and mining traditions which grew up around our wild horses and burros. These animals having made our world theirs as much as ours by being the inseparable presence of strength and power humans have needed to build civilization. In these recent years the BLM has taken it upon themselves to be judge, jury and executioner of our wild herds. How many of you know that the Gunnison Prison in Utah, has an exclusive contract to geld all of the stallions sent there? Did you know inmates help do this? What happens to all the geldings? Few make it into adoptions. Some go to long term holding. Too many are unaccounted for. As are mares and foals. Who in their right mind can support all this violence and loss?

    We are in a confrontational fight with the BLM and Forest Service to stop removals and abuses. The folks who do understand this are divided between helping BLM work with out science or positive planning and mistakenly believe the BLM is trying to save wild horses and burros, OR you are not going to take this anymore because you are mad as hell and the Feds are breaking laws and making all those around them complicit in the crimes against our wild horses and wild burros. We are in a new struggle with new weapons of our own; knowledge, experience, understanding and power. Each of us should our own ability to see our wild ones this year and stand before the BLM killing machine and stop it. There is no reason why the Wild Horse and Burro Program cannot stand on its own to be as it was meant to be; the protection and the wall between human development and the wild ones’ homes. Give them their budget, as it stands, the equipment, the office space and a new staff to build a horse professional program to clear up this mess. And endangered Species status and maybe a 10 year moratorium to be sure horses stop dying and the last of our burros saved from certain extinction in the wild. We do not want the privatization of our herds or the PZP-22 Roundups and harassment that kills regardless of intentions. Ignorance and hate and misplaced admiration have destroyed our healthy wild herds already. Please help Protect Mustangs and Friends of Animals change this massive crisis of public lands and beloved wild horses and burros.

  7. We must take all of the facts that we have in our arsenal and get them into mainstream media. We must also take these facts to our elected officials and let them know that we, as tax paying Americans, will no longer tolerate this corruption. I believe we must do this in force. It is imperative to get this information to the US citizens of which most have no clue. Our fight is being censored by the government. As for the big money groups that have joined the BLM in the destruction of our wild, indigenous horses and burros, you are a disgrace.

  8. Thank you Judge Hicks! What the BLM is doing (and has done) is criminal. It’s not what the American people want. We want our wild horses running free on our public land! Not rounded up and slaughtered or dosed with sterilizing pesticides. Please do not let this happen. The ranching industry needs to operate on its own property. Leave our public property alone.

  9. The usa devloped pzp and should now change what they started by baning the use of it and tell the rest of the world to ban it to

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