Is PZP causing young fillies to be raped by mobs of studs?


By U.S. Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By U.S. Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Anne-Marie Pinter writes in the Forum on PZP, “Encore the yearling filly stolen by a band of bachelors and held hostage by a BAND of mature bachelor’s, that filly is too small to fight off an adult stallion let alone a band who will rape her whether she is heat or not because she cannot fight them off,and cannot outrun them- so not to worry if she lives thru it -she will be sterile as the cervix will be so badly torn it will never form a seal..Is it because of PZP-well go to BLM’s website and read under the fertility program management where they acknowledge since the use of PZP it has been “noted” stallions have started breeding yearlings and mares are foaling as 2-year-olds. underdeveloped and not mature enough to know how to be a good mother..this is NOT behavior ever noted by Ginger before the use of PZP..hope all you sleep well tonight, and realize-there are consequences to the use of PZP..this is one among many.”

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8 thoughts on “Is PZP causing young fillies to be raped by mobs of studs?

  1. Of course this will happen! PZP removes the natural order of pro-creation. The mare will be in estrus every month and with the unnatural skew of the numbers of stallions to mares there will be a lot of fighting and deaths to both stallions and mares. Just another nail in the coffin of the mustangs. Brought to you by the BLM and their unholy alliance with the drug pushers.

  2. This is such serious and unacceptable consequence of PZP vaccine administration. I have heard a number of similar reports from people who observe the PZPed mares and their bands. Why is this being ignored? It mustn’t be but rather stopped!

  3. EVERY TIME man interferes with the natural balance of nature or mother nature’s animals it has ALWAYS ended badly. But then man does NOT learn from his mistakes and ignores history.

  4. Let me see so human kind is not content to be burdened with child molesters and pedophiles but we need to spread our unhealthy disease to other species? Is it no wonder that the earth itself is coming to reject its human infestation? *gags*

    ~”I have come to believe that the only real monsters or devils on the earth are the humans that treat other living beings as chattel…” 10/13~

  5. this was a post I put up on FB along with a picture of encore, clouds daughter, the young filly stolen from clouds band by 3 adult bachelors..she is no longer with the whole group just 1 of them..I had seen this story that ginger put up last summer when she was stolen. As the owner and handler of many stallion I knew what was transpiring-and was horrified and could not get it out of my head..she was a little yearling with not much power to her, she would have been reaching her face out gumming her teeth to indicate her submissiveness and to not hurt adult female will let a stallion have it with both barrels- and would even out run him -a little baby has no chance-in heat or not of defending herself, I have seen this scenario in my own pasture when 1 stallion got loose and jumped the fence into the yearling filly pasture, with me right behind him in hot pursuit, around and around the field we went, 1 of the fillys tried to jump the fence, they were terrified and running for their life, and I was terrified for them to, after about 45 minutes I cornered him..all of us were lathered and soaked in sweat, the fillys standing spraddle legged-heads down in imagine 3 stallions and only 1 filly..stallions will breed anything that doesn’t kill hobble a gelding and a stallion will mount him..this poor filly encore would have been raped by all 3 of those bachelor heat or not..this is not common in the I went to BLMs page on the fertility control-PZP program for the Pryors, and there they noted that yearling fillys were becoming pregnant and 2 gave birth last year as 2 year olds, 2yr. olds are not yet equipped to be good mothers and maintain their immature bodies..even tho they gave birth-they may not come to their milk..why is this happening? also on this page-BLM noted that stallions seemed to be spending most of their time trying to keep PZPd mares in line, which means those mares are in fact trying to leave the band…Nunez in her studies in fact commented on this happening in her studies..mares that couldn’t get pregnant loose their connection to their stallion and nature tells them to look for another stallion that can get them while the stud is trying to keep those mares from leaving his band-bachelors who follow the band, pick off a baby and steal it..again because BLM has altered the sex ratio to 60% stallions to 40% mares the competition has become more fierce for the few mares available…in every respect this has become a franken-science program..with so many bad outcomes possible. It is Inhumane and disgusting on so many levels

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