URGENT: They want them all wiped out except for a zoo-like herd!

© Anne Novak, all rights reserved.

© Anne Novak, all rights reserved.

Dear Friends of Wild Horses & Burros,

It’s urgent to send in comments by midnight April 10th against BLM’s horrid plans to wipe out the Kiger herd (Sprit is from the Kiger herd http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0166813) and Riddle herd in Oregon. Unless this is stopped they will leave only a few wild horses as a token to photograph and breed in a zoo-like setting.

The BLM is proposing to spend your hard earned tax dollars for a brutal helicopter roundup of 210 wild horses, and permanently remove and put in holding 120 thus stripping populations to the low end of BLM’s alleged Appropriate Management Level (AML). That would leave only 51 for Kiger HMA and 33 for the Riddle Mountain HMA. There are already too few remaining on the range. Stop the roundups!

Chasing them with helicopters or drugging them up with PZP–a pesticide, made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries–used for birth control for alleged ‘humane management in the wild’ is heinous, deceitful and must be stopped now. http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/chem_search/reg_actions/pending/fs_PC-176603_01-Jan-12.pdf Spaying underpopulated wild horses or gelding studs must be halted too. This is a native species that must NOT be managed to extinction using tools like PZP.

Please send your comments by midnight Friday, April 10 to:

Lisa Grant
Burns District Office
Email: lgrant@blm.gov or BLM_Or_BU_Mail@blm.gov

Be sure to send your senators and representatives (http://www.contactingthecongress.org)
a copy of your email and request they intervene to stop this tragedy before it’s too late.

PZP lobbyists are paying a lot of money to fool your elected officials into believing wild horses are overpopulated and therefore NEED their EPA approved “restricted-use pesticide” for birth control when the truth is wild horses need their rights protected to the land they are supposed to be freely roaming on according to the 1971 law.

Here are seven talking points:

1. ) Raise the BLM’s alleged appropriate management level (AML) to create viable herds. Genetically viable herds are essential to ensure the herds survival based on natural selection. Both the Kiger and Riddle herds need to be allowed higher populations immediately.

2. ) Reduce livestock grazing that is currently getting 5 times more forage allocation than native wild horses.

3.) Stop shooting up wild horses with PZP. It is a pesticide that sterilizes after multiple use and is being used as a tool to manage native wild horses to extinction. It’s inhumane for many reasons and robs them of their right to survival of the fittest in the wild and would force them into breeding program with many problems such as this: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=8077

4.) There is no evidence of overpopulation according to the National Academy of Sciences 2013 report, therefore roundups are unjustified.

5.) Holistic management must be implemented to save the herds before they are all destroyed.

6.) Wild horses are a native species who prevent wildfires. When the herds are radically reduced from helicopter roundups then catastrophic wildfires follow costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

7.) Stop the roundups.

If you have already emailed a comment but didn’t realize how dangerous endorsing PZP is then you have the right to send the BLM an updated comment stating you are against using PZP (native, 22 or any other version). You will find a lot of information about PZP in the Facebook Forum on PZP https://www.facebook.com/groups/ForumPZPWildHorsesBurros Sadly groups that have signed contracts with BLM are pushing PZP as well as the registrant at the top of the pyramid. What they aren’t speaking about is the fact that mares are permanently sterilized after multiple use and that often fillies get raped by mobs of studs desperate to breed because their mares are on PZP.

Please share the Petition for Shade & Shelter to help the roundup victims that the BLM refuses to take care of properly: https://www.change.org/p/bring-emergency-shelter-and-shade-to-captive-wild-horses-and-burros

Thank you for taking action today to save America’s wild horses in Oregon from being managed to extinction and for helping the victims of previous roundups.

In gratitude,

Anne Novak
Executive Director

21 thoughts on “URGENT: They want them all wiped out except for a zoo-like herd!

  1. The seven talking points outlined above are what should be happening with our wild horses. Thank you, Protect Mustangs.

  2. The Kiger herd is already grossly underpopulated. The BLM and their unholy coalition are putting these and all mustangs on the fast track to extinction. I will be sending my comment, first thing in the morning.

  3. We must never forget that the HSUS remains taking part in the PZP tragedy. The fact is when the overall acceptance no longer exists for PZP, and truism found out about this occasion of a dangerous and harmful drug, not fit for the wild horse herd situation what so ever, that America will judge both BLM and HSUS appropriately — ultimately many BLM employees will go to jail, and HSUS will simply have a very difficult time to locate people who will donate to such inept and cruel people as those who exist within that organization today.

    The fact remains, so many wild horses have already been taken from these HMA’s, and while doing recent fly-over, we have once again not seen the numbers the BLM states exist — so where are these horses coming from?

    Then we look at BLM inventory sheets, again. Very suspicious how many wild horses seem to be transported from BLM corrals then to private storage corrals, then back to BLM corrals — Why? Thousands of dollars in transporting wild horses from storage corrals to other storage corrals? Or seeding roundups to simply make cash-profit for all involved? There is no transparency or explanations to the taxpaying public from the BLM or the DOI — as a matter of fact both of these agencies simply tell the taxpaying public to go to hell most often. . .

    Yes, as always, we may be looking directly at criminal activity – perhaps? Then we go to the welfare ranchers within the areas, and the HMA’s in Oregon. We discover Roaring Springs Ranch has several grazing leases and makes millions in taxpayer subsides, and there exists an over-abundance of cattle to public lands available for grazing — a true corporate welfare ranch, who’s leases are on all of the HMA’s where the roundups are taking place — then we also discover letters where they demanded such roundups to take place and for several reasons, not legitimate, but reasons just the same! Then we discover, then ask, is it a pyramid scheme / scam in subleasing Grazing Permit Lands to other cattle ranches — ironically having Roaring Springs personnel within ownership of those same ranches sub-leasing from RS Ranch?

    Then we have a situation where an HSUS person, perhaps taking part within a friendship situation, to a Mr. Maupin, a known KB and wanting to build and open a slaughter plant in that area . . . unknown if for just cattle, or horses . . . One thing for sure, the HSUS attempting to accomplish the management entirely of the Wild Horse Herds domestically — but will American taxpayers put up with this profoundness much longer — Probably not!

    Are these situations Illegal? Probably. BLM investigating? Who knows! Taxpayers have a lot of questions that need answered over there in Mid and Eastern Oregon and on BLM Public Lands!

  4. Thank you Anne, I used your talking points since I would go overboard with wanting to also replace oil hag Sally Jewell and do away with BLM and replace them with real horse loving true Americans.

  5. The BLM, Sally Jewel, and our government agencies are committing heinous crimes against the wild horses of our American Heritage. These crimes will be remembered throughout history, like the Holocaust, the orphan trains, bloody religious wars, and the worst atrocities in history. These are magnificent animals and they have as much right to be here as Sally Jewel and the BLM gang of bandits who will become infamous. Man is the violent animal that needs controlling, as he rides, roughshod destroying the animals and our planet itself. Cattlemen and their money have purchased old Sally and the heinous BLM. They will be held accountable.


  7. This is a big pot of American Heritage. Should not be destroyed, but saved so future generations can enjoy what it used to be like, before men started destroying it all.

  8. I have visited the Kiger mustangs and they are unique. To set them up this way as to maintain an artificially low sub-viable population level and mess with their reproductive systems is a sure prescription for their decline. We must fight for what is right, restoration of higher populations and cutback on livestock, not concede defeat by accepting PZP and other steps to domesticate these wonderful mustangs!

  9. Please leave them alone. Slaughter is not the way this is to be handle. You people have not right to do this horrific act they are America’s horses & no one has the right to determine there future. Live & let live & be kind to one another & to the Wild American Mustangs! Just STOP!!!

  10. Save these majestic animals! Don’t give into the ranchers, and corporations that are just after the land. God has put them on this earth, how dare you slaughter his creations!!!!

  11. The 2013 report found that there was no overpopulation of these horses. We also know there are 5 times as many cattle as our “protected” horses. The only possible explanation is criminal negligence or collusion involving our government employees. This looks much a racketeering situation that needs to be investigated under the RICO statutes. Cue the Justice Department.

  12. I am always happy to make my thoughts heard. But it doesn’t appear that anyone who actually gives a damn about our NATIVE Wild Horses & Burros is actually listening. If the BLM & Sally Jewel ( she’s a real gem alright) were doing the job we taxpayers PAY them to do instead of everything BUT, our beautiful wild horses & burros would always be provided safe harbor to live out their lives with THEIR families & hearts. But No, the BLM continue to insist on these cruel &’horrific round ups. shooting mares with PZP. When will it stop? It has to stop NOW! Otherwise there will be no native wild horses &’burros left. That will be very sad state of affairs for this planet.

  13. Protect the wild mustangs……Quit acting like you are God! Hopefully he will bring you to your knees for what you doing!!!!!!!!

  14. Wild horses are owned by the public, by people like me. My tax dollars help support federal agencies; it is criminal that the federal government is making decisions about wild mustangs independently of what the public wants. Boot the cattle ranchers off the land they are using for free, or reduce their use of it, and let the wild horses be. Manage them through selectively catching males and castrating them, and rounding up a set number each year and selling them ONLY TO APPROVED HOMES, not slaughter.

  15. Are you guys crazy the wild horses have been around for hundreds of years .Just leave them alone.

  16. Much Appreciation for your Hard compassionate work for the Americas equines and for helping us with what to say. I sent emails and used some of your suggestions. I also quoted the following memorandum:
    (Instruction Memorandum No. 2009-062 sent to all BLM offices regarding genetic viability standards of 100-120 adult horses on Jan 15, 2009 from Assistant Director, Renewable Resources and Planning US Dept of Interior.)
    I referenced: “A population that is maintained at less than 100-120 adult animals may begin to lose variation fairly quickly. The herds that are just above the critical threshold level could drop very quickly. ( In 2009) Only a very small number (approximately 5) of the 199 HMAs have exhibited characteristics possibly attributable to inbreeding, such as cataract blindness, dwarfism, parrot-mouth, or club-foot deformities.”
    I added, with the decrease of AML to 51 Kiger and 33 Riddle this is disasterous for the health of these herds in the future and is against what the 1971 Act was intended to do to protect these wild horses for future generations a living legacys.

  17. As a citizen and one time advocate for the wild mustangs over 40 years ago, I have learned a lot recently about this very sad end to animals that our government is charged with protecting. Current practices are not acceptable and all sides need to present at the table and hear all viable alternative plans.
    Helicopter round ups have to be considered inhumane . What other animal gets run down by privately contracted helicopter? In all seasons? For what reason?
    I am completely opposed to decreasing herds to extinction . I liked going to the zoo as child but learned the sadness of it as an adult.
    I support humane management Wild and Free – by caring ,capable, knowledgable Wild Horse supporters. You are the Champions

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