Why does France TV 2 report mostly from the side of BLM and pro-slaughter advocates?


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The overpopulation myth is dangerous

Recently France TV 2 came to the American West to report on the “problems” caused by the “overpopulation” of wild horses. Someone either fed them the story or they did a little research on Google about American mustangs and found the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) authoritative spin, vast website and their new America’s Mustang campaign to get their overpopulation message out, couched with pretty pictures and enticing video footage of huge herds running, helicopter roundups, etc. making news reporting easy. What foreign journalists would think the BLM is lying about wild horses chasing cows away from water sources when they have so much “factual” material out there to back up their position that there are too many wild horses?

France TV 2 reports:

From: http://www.francetvinfo.fr/monde/usa/video-les-chevaux-sauvages-se-reproduisent-trop-vite-un-probleme-pour-l-ouest-americain_949025.html

Synopsis Translation:

Wild horses reproduce too fast, a problem for the American West

The United States prohibits mustang slaughter but the same authorities want to limit their number to 25,000 although there are already 50,000 on the land

Mustangs are no longer welcome in the American West. Federal authorities ring the alarm for the overpopulation of wild horses on the land. There will be 150,000 in five years if nothing is done to stop their expansion. A bigger problem than the horses reproducing quickly and devouring everything on their path, according to the administration, is what is creating conflicts with certain ranchers.

2,000 horses were removed in 2015, an insufficient number

The Unites States prohibits slaughtering mustangs, but the same authorities want to limit their number to 25,000 but 50,000 mustangs are on the land. The ranchers who share the land with the wild horses won’t tolerate limited access to water sources in areas invaded by wild horses. The mustangs chase off their livestock.

In total, 2,000 chevaux were gathered in 2015, an insufficient number to reach the fixed objective, but the animal defenders call the process barbaric. Different methods have been launched without results, and that’s pushing the federal authorities to propose an award of one and a half million dollars to find a long lasting solution for the wild horse problem.

BLM’s spin dominates news report

Sadly the myths reported as truth in the France TV 2 news report were not countered effectively and the good counter points ended up in the trash. The journalists interviewed BLM staff on the range. They met with ranchers who push the overpopulation myth and are pro-slaughter–including Callie Hendricksen. They interviewed Carol Walker, photographer,  legal plaintiff and board member of Wild Horse Freedom Federation at a watering hole with a lot of mustangs. The journalists reported on training at a prison program with failed adoptions being the undertone. France TV 2 seems to have heard from all sides of the issue to be fair but who were their handlers? Was it Callie Hendrickson or BLM’s staff over at their America’s Mustang campaign? The news editor crafted the story from the materials shot in the field resulting in the BLM and pro-slaughter viewpoint out in front. The whole story focused on the alleged overpopulation of wild horses in a country that prohibits slaughter with the feds offering $1.5 million to whoever find the lasting solution for population control. Sounds like the BLM pitched this story to push their heinous agenda.

The French report shows the advocacy where we are losing the battle. . . We are split. . .  A portion of the advocacy is supporting the overpopulation myth and offering solutions to the false problem. Are there really too many native wild horses left in the wild?

Overpopulation must exist to justify radical zero growth fertility control measures such as PZP, castration, field spaying and slaughter

When wild horse groups support BLM’s overpopulation myth–with advocates pushing PZP as the “solution” to the “problem”–the overpopulation myth gets stronger and is eventually seen as truth. Reporting on myths as truth is a tactic used to sway public opinion–the second largest super power according to the President of the United States.

If we don’t all stand up to disprove the overpopulation myth then slaughter, sterilization and cruel roundups will be the end result.

PZP, made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries, is used for slow extermination because science proves it sterilizes after multiple use while the general public doesn’t notice. It’s a way to manage them to extinction, period. Proponents of the one foal only policy are jeopardizing survival of the species. What happens when the mare is sterilized through PZP applications and her “one foal” dies in the wild?

BLM has no accurate head counts of wild horses. The National Academy of Sciences stated in their 2013 report that there is “no evidence” of overpopulation, period.

Time to stand together

It’s time for all advocates to come together to protect wild horses. Together we are a mighty force for the wild ones.

I challenge all group leaders and advocates to put aside personal differences, break their contracts with BLM and agree to fight together to protect America’s wild horses for once and for all. Together we can do this.

Many blessings,



Anne Novak

Executive Director




Links of interest™:

France TV reports on the overpopulation problem: http://www.francetvinfo.fr/monde/usa/video-les-chevaux-sauvages-se-reproduisent-trop-vite-un-probleme-pour-l-ouest-americain_949025.html

U.S. looking for ideas to help manage wild-horse overpopulation (Washington Post): http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/us-looking-for-ideas-to-help-manage-wild-horse-overpopulation/2014/01/26/8cae7c96-84f2-11e3-9dd4-e7278db80d86_story.html?wprss=rss_national

Outrage over secret documents planning to kill or slaughter 50,000 native wild horses: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=777

Petition to Defund and Stop Wild Horse Roundups: https://www.change.org/p/defund-and-stop-the-wild-horse-burro-roundups

The Atlantic reports on Callie Hendrickson’s contentious appointment to represent the public on the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board in 2012: http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/02/the-lasso-tightens-around-americas-wild-horses/252948/

Callie Hendrickson: http://www.zoominfo.com/p/Callie-Hendrickson/277533708

EPA pesticide fact sheet on PZP: http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/chem_search/reg_actions/pending/fs_PC-176603_01-Jan-12.pdf

17 thoughts on “Why does France TV 2 report mostly from the side of BLM and pro-slaughter advocates?

  1. Something positive for a change. Thank you Anne Novak and Protect Mustangs for candidly pointing out what all wild horse advocates and organizations need to do to prevent our wild horses from being exterminated.

  2. I can see at a glance without further reading concerning French T.V. that are pro BLM and pro-slaughter! It is like the fix or wolf with the keys to a hen house! Of course French T.V. is pro slaughter, as the eating of horsemeat has been their fare for as long as I can remember, when visitors went.to Fance in 1970’s and had a great many courses of meals all dealing with horse. Unfortunately, the French are not in empathy wirh saving the horse, inasmuch as they would.lose a great deal of sponsorship from advertisers if the programs.backed the protection of horses. It, again, is about the money, or.in this.case, the Franc, and.when it comes to greed, no nation is.exempt!

  3. France illustrates exactly the point that those pushing PZP have done nothing but confirm the overpopulation myth to others who only hear the BLM propaganda on the issue. This is reason enough for PZP pushers to stop reinforcing the overpopulation myth which is going to cause the complete extinction of American wild horses running free on their native ranges.

  4. This is sad news! It’s important to get the true numbers and facts out there, also here in Europe. Wrong numbers and distorted information is misleading. Thanks to Protect Mustangs and the listed follow up links we can at least spread the word and antagonize this ignorance.

  5. This is outrageous! How does this happen? Thank you Anne Novak and Protect Mustangs for bringing this to our attention.

  6. It does not surprise me that if the reporter’s handlers were BLM that the truth should have gotten lost. It does sadden me, however, that advocates are buying into the BLM lie when never in our experience with the BLM have we seen them do anything but the wrong thing insofar as the wild horses are concerned.

  7. The BLM is at it again. They are busy dancing around the truth for a France News Report. It shouldn’t surprise me but again I am amazed at the intricate detail of deceitful lies and the omission of important truths. The above article brings light to the thoughts of the BLM and Cattlemen. The consensus seems to be: Overpopulation must exist to justify radical zero growth fertility control measures such as PZP, castration, field spaying and slaughter. The number of horses still on the open range has been source of heated debates. Herds have been culled to the point there is no more herd in specific areas and other areas the herds are left nonviable. Nonviable is not enough horses to continue to keep the herd alive. As for spaying and castration it is dangerous to do in the wild. The horses could bleed to death. Spaying is not done to domestic mares as it is high risk. PZP can sterilize a horse and cause other health problems. It also destroys natural husbandry in the herds.

  8. Just one time I would like someone of these news sources to listen to someone besides The Department of Interior!! They have way to much power over sources that should be fed the truth for once! We fight hard for the wild horses but we don’t have the sources they do. We do have a whole bunch of us that are in their faces and I believe we will make a dramatic difference for these precious intelligent wild horses one day soon

  9. Thank you Anne Novak with Protect Mustangs. Correct information and the true numbers of Wild Horses left is very important and because we do not have all the facts, BLM should never be shooting up our Wild Horses with PZP or doing more roundups!! The BLM has only one agenda” EXTERMINATING ALL OUR WILD HORSES!!!”

  10. Horse gestation is 11 months – there is no way to speed that up. I find that 150,000 number arbitrary without taking into account death rate, pZP administration, or any information on age or sex of animals to even know how many are reproductively viable.

  11. Have you written to France TV 2 and requested time to rebut their one sided story line? Surely they would welcome it and the potential exposure with American audiences.

  12. When we look at the failing history of those who supposedly led the horse advocates over the years, not so ironic we see consistency. Nothing accomplished, and remain fighting the hearsay, the untruths, and misinformation — then look at PZP and that situation/LOL same old same old, then look at anything those that support BLM and BLM also — same old same old — they are people quite comfortable in doing the same stuff, and yet expecting different results — 0 + 0 = 0 as the wild horses disappear!

    So the next time one of the BLM supporters tell you they are right about PZP, or they have the answer, look at their history — NO, THEY DON’T, AND NEVER HAVE — And explaining that to them is similar to explaining how beautiful the sunset is to a rock, and expect the rock to understand.

    We have the answer — because it is not acceptable to those who have done nothing to improve the Wild Horse environment on Public L:ands, Who cares! We must strive forward, talk of achievement and potential of placing integrity back into the Horse Advocate realm, as the dead-beats have left and now support BLM — This opens the door to quality rather than quantity, and those who support TRUTH, not bullshit and spread misinformation — Nope, we have had enough of that and now those people support BLM — Birds of a Feather LOL

  13. Cheval is French for Horse. You’ll see it on Menzies in France and Canada. Of course France TV is going to be on the side of BLM! If only France TV had reached out to more pro-horse groups i. E, Protect Mustangs.even if France TV didn’t agree, at least both sides of the story could be told.

  14. the feds offering $1.5 million to whoever find the lasting solution for population control.
    SHAME ON YOU HSUS,, it all makes sense now why you are promoting the extermination of our wild horses.

  15. Hey There Everyone,
    My name is Meghan Dixon I am getting ready to get my campaign out at http://www.wildhorseclassroom.com you can find us on Facebook also at Save America’s Wild Horses National Educational Youth Campaign. I was chosen to be the official ambassador and spokes person to my new campaign. I am VERY happy and excited to be working with everyone on helping, saving, protecting, promoting, and preserving America’s Wild Mustang horses! Anne is a very special friend of mine.I will do ANYTHING to save these horses. The American Mustang- No other horse is quite as American as the Mustang!! The genuine history of these horses is often so overshadowed by folklore, however, that most people are unaware how deeply these tough, enduring horses reflect the history and influences of the many nationalities and people’s that came west or were forced to confront westward expansion. The American Mustang, just like the American people, is an amalgamation of everything that went before! The Mustang is just as American as its people and are very important and essential to the environment! Wake up America we need to give them their true freedom they deserve!!! These horses are in fact the only true American horses and we are rounding them up, and making them go extinct? This can NOT happen! I am just like these horses, I am the underdog myself. First let me tell you my true story and fully introduce myself to you, You know my name and not my story!
    This is my true story. A heart breaking story that will touch you’re heart more then words ever will. As you all know my name is Meghan Dixon, I am the person of survival and growing up that was not really my title! I was diagnosed with a Autism Spectrum Disorder known as “Asperger Syndrome” as a child. Asperger Syndrome is the most misunderstood disabilities in the world today! I was a lonely misunderstood girl lost in a broken world. Like these horses I know for sure how these mustangs feel. They are happily living with their families; safe and secure in their own little worlds. Then these scary people come and turn their world upside down. I know they are scared, confused and stripped of everything they knew and had. They are taken to strange places and mistreated. Alone and separated from their families. This even happened to me, These horses are just like me.
    This cannot happen. This is not right. These horses deserve the right to stay where they are at. Running wild and free with their families. At the age of 2 my Mom knew I had some type of Autism but the doctors turned a blind eye to it at the time. I would throw violent tantrums as a child when I got frustrated and couldn’t communicate. I then started to self harm as a child because I was suffering from my disability. I would bang my head up against things and would throw myself on the floor and scream. I never been good at socializing or making friends with people, I don’t do sarcasm, I can’t read body language, I don’t make eye contact and I lack communication skills. I have 2 brothers and when I couldn’t socialize with them very well I got frustrated and would bite them or I would bite my parents! So The doctor told my Mom “Bite her back” Well they did and it taught me to bite myself when I got frustrated! So I would bite myself when I failed to communicate or got mad, sad, or frustrated. That is a classic sign of Autism that the doctors I had at the time ignored. It then became a habit and my first response when I got upset to bite my arm. I struggled with things normal children didn’t struggle with. for example putting on my own clothes and learning how to tie my shoes. Then when I started school, I started getting bullied very badly! I remember in the 2nd grade talking to my Dad crying saying “all I want is a friend!” By the time I was in the 3rd grade everything was spiraling out of control. I couldn’t control myself most of the time and at first they diagnosed me with ADD and the teacher I had in 3rd grade knew something was wrong. So They took me to new doctors and I went to see specialist. I went to a hospital in Dallas Texas and they told my Mom they think I have high functioning Autism so they sent me to a specialist in Fort Worth and they tested me and I showed all the signs for Asperger Syndrome and I was diagnosed with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.) I was also having sensory problems and I didn’t like for people to hug or touch me. I still struggled with biting myself. I bit my arms and hands and fingers when I couldn’t cope. No matter how hard I tried to stop I couldn’t! It became natural to me and I got bullied for having bite marks on my arms. I started telling my Mom at the age of 8 “I wish I was dead!” It would break my Mom’s heart! I then was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. The very first thing the doctors did when I got diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome was put me on heavy duty anti psychotic medication that I did not even need at that time. Then when I got diagnosed with depression and anxiety they drugged me on even more dangerous medications! They did a lot of damage to me and made me a person that I was not! No one understood me even a few of my family members and my Mom got told all the time that she was a bad parent judged her and my Dad and told them all I need is a whooping and discipline. My parents even got rude stares when we went out in public. The medication they put me on messed with me. Then by the time I got in to middle school it all went down hill! As I got older the bullying escalated as if they got colder! All I wanted more then anything in the world was a friend! I was having terrible trouble making and keeping friends. It was as if I were living on an alien planet, only I was the alien. Just when I thought I’d made a friend, that person would suddenly refuse to have anything to do with me. My Mom had to quit her jobs to advocate for me because the teachers and everyone who worked at the school would call and make her come up there! My Mom tried very hard to fight for me! No matter how hard she tried she could not win. The teachers and the school board and even the principle would bully her! They would tell her that she was a bad parent and that she had me spoiled and they told her that I was a brat! The medication the doctors drugged me on made me gain weight and that gave the bullies more ammunition to bully me. Then by the time I got older the worse it all got! The teachers did not know how to teach me and me and my family did not have the support and help we needed for my Autism Spectrum Disorder because no one really knew anything about it.
    People would look at me and say I looked normal that I don’t look like I have a disability or anything wrong with me! What they failed to know is that not all disabilities are visible, mine are invisible! People sure do not understand me and I sure do not understand them! Also one thing about people is I found it funny how a fake smile can hide a broken heart and how the masking of you’re feelings is a secret art! I get locked out of the world. All on the sole account or simple justification, I am different. I am treated cruel for little reason. I always look in the mirror and ponder to myself, “What is wrong with me”, “Is it the way I look, or the way I dress” I just don’t understand why? I don’t think I will ever know why. I never could grasp the concept or completely understand how they could judge someone that they truly did not understand or even know. None really instigated an attempt to understand me. They only retreated to the simplistic, band wagon task of assuming I was different than the norm in which, made it right for them to mistreat me. A devious illusion created by fear, laziness, and down right pure immaturity. My life has seemed to be a huge struggle, full of ups and downs, rises and falls. It seems like I am always getting myself into situations and I am the one who always seems to be getting hurt. When I was a child, every night before I went to sleep, I would pray to God and Jesus and ask, “Please give me a true friend!” I would even put on my Christmas list every year for a friend when I was a kid. No one wanted to be my friend. I been mocked, teased, bullied, laughed at, rejected, and judged for things that are way beyond my control. I wasn’t learning anything in school all I was learning is that I was these horrible names that the other students called me! The teachers and the principle would even bully me along with the students. They would even tell us things like Asperger Syndrome is not a real disability that my Mom made it up. They (The Bullies) called me names like “fat”, “freak”, “retard”. “Worthless”, “loser”, “ugly”, “annoying”, and A LOT of other things. I even been told plenty of times to go kill myself, they even told me that God put me here as a joke, that I’m a mistake. They said unimaginable things to me. The students at the school I went to, Made me feel like a parasite that infected the world. They judged my outside without knowing my inside. There was even times when the teachers and even the principle at the school gave the bullied permission to bully me! I also have a learning disability I was defiantly not the teacher’s favorite student. They would label me and call me un-teachable. I was not able to defend myself from the bullying. Most teachers would call me a liar when I would reach out for help with the bullying. Then sometimes certain teachers had favorite students that would bully me and when I would reach out to report that students bullying the teacher would stand me up in front of the whole class just to call me a liar! I even got voted off all the lunch tables, I had to eat lunch in the bathroom, Because No one wanted me at their table. One time at a field day the teachers, principle, And school made me participate in the games. We were playing base ball, I hit the ball wrong, And all the other students on the team were yelling at me, And making fun of me, The team I was on blamed me for them losing the game, Then one boy punched me in the stomach, And the team mates were spitting on me. The teachers did not care that this happened. The teachers just labeled me as difficult or unteachable. The teacher who gave the students permission to bully me, Her and a coach who bullied me stood me up in front of everyone in gym class and would say “Why can’t you be normal and be like everyone else!” Then it got to where when I would report the bullying the teachers and school would just say that I was a tattle tale. The bullies would also trip me in the halls at school, they would start rumors about me, Say things that wasn’t true, and they would even push me out of the lunch lines. When I would cry or become upset and have a ‘meltdown’, they would stand there and laugh. I was not able to defend myself from the bullying. I also have a few health problems so I been a little bigger then other girls the medication the put me on made me gain weight. The boys at the school and other students would talk about how fat and ugly I am.
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    Little did those bullies know they were the reason for her taking her own life!
    And I am asking myself “Do I even deserve to live”! I then couldn’t take it all anymore so the doctors and therapist had to fight to get me out of school they had wrote a note about how I needed out of there, So at the age of 15 I dropped out of school. I tried going to a charter school but they discriminated against me and bullied me and did the same things to me there! So I barley got a 9th grade education! The writings and everything you’re reading now is coming from someone with only a 8th grade education. I started to lash out from everything I went through I had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from everything that I went through!
    They then tried giving me treatment for my Autism Spectrum Disorder but I was older and none of the therapies worked, The treatment did not work and the pills did not work! I decided to kill myself!
    Then something amazing happened! My Dad decided to get me a horse! He was going to get me a horse that I could do barrel racing and compete with because I loved to barrel race. All That changed….
    My Dad’s friend heard about what I went through and everything. So he saved a very special horse just for me – A horse that was gonna go to slaughter! My Dad took me to the dairy farm where there was lot’s of animals running around and I thought it was so neat seeing all the chickens and geese running loose! I then was introduced to this horse, Who was like me and ready to give up because before my Dad’s friend got the horse, The horse went through severe abuse. I looked at this horse. He was big and tall but skinny then he turned around and I seen the scars on the right side of his face I thought “What happened to this horse” “He looks broken down” “He looks silly” I thought he looked silly because he had a drooping lower lip with drool hanging down and I thought it was kinda funny looking. He was 26 years old. He had scars on the right side of his body. You could tell he been beat on in the past. This horse would have defiantly been a slaughter bound horse! While others would reject the horse and throw him away like yesterdays trash I felt good vibes from this horse! Then they put the halter on him and lead him to me! That horse accepted me and looked at me and it was magic we both felt a strong bond and when I looked in to the eyes of this horse, I seen it. I could see and feel the healing hands of God! Then I realized that this horse is just like me. We both had scars and were ready to give up! I could feel his energy and he felt sadness like me! I then reached over and pet this horse and rubbed his neck, Then my Dad’s friend told me his name was “King” But his drooping lower lip gave me a inspiration to his real name “The King Elvis”. My Dad’s friend told me that life has not been so kind to him and that he was abused. Then he told me that I would be the perfect owner to show The King Elvis the tender love and care that he needs and he gave that horse to me and sent me home with him! After building a friendship and bond with The King Elvis I felt all the anger and pain leave my body! I felt true love. That one horse began to change my whole life! My life had made a huge turning point! I could even feel God reaching out to me from this horse. That horse saved me from suicide that night. It touched my heart in very many different ways. The King Elvis saved my life – and I saved his life but most of all he saved mine! God had finally answered my prayers. God finally sent me my true friend and it was that beautiful quarter horse named The King Elvis! I never knew the horse was going to be the answer to my prayers! That horse became my true best friend I would go out and ride him for hours. When I had a bad day, I would either ride him, or just lay my head on his shoulder and cry my eyes out. He would never move to get away from me. He always made me feel better and I knew he would always be there for me to ride, talk to, or cry on his big brown shoulder. me and that horse had some adventures together. He always knew how to make me laugh and smile. He was my symbol of hope and happiness. God really does work in mysterious ways. I never knew that the horse was going to be the answer to all my prayers! Sometimes God does not give us exactly what we ask for. God gives us what we need and what is best for us! Just look at what all I was praying for, He gave me the horse! The King Elvis even helped me turn my Autism in to a gift. The King Elvis gave me compassion when no one else would. That horse helped me overcome disabilities when no one else could. He was even there for me when no one else was there for me. He was able to teach me new things. That horse even re-built my battered self-esteem. I then began to work with all kinds of horses, I finally got to succeed and win at something at the horse shows I won all 1st and 2nd place! For once in my life, I was in control of something instead of something being in control of me! My Autism became a lot milder. The Autism is still there but is now a gift. My family even saw a difference in me. I never was able to smile until I got on the back of the horse on The King Elvis and got to ride was when I got my first smile! I never felt so free and happy in my life.
    You see I was the underdog just like these wild mustang horses are. The only difference is I learned to survive with barley any help!
    They were born wild. They were born free. Now they die in greed as they are a memory soon to be! I will not stop fighting until they are truly free! This is the fate of the American Wild Mustang Horse. The American Wild Mustang is a big part of America killing them and you are killing off a big part of America! My parents even took me to Cold Creek Nevada to meet the wild mustang horses! They helped me in so many ways and seeing them run wild and free in their natural habitat got me back up on my feet! These horses saved my life! The horse is what built America now the horse is being rounded up, and slaughtered! This is not right. We need to all come together and fight and take a stand to end this. I dedicate my life now to save these horses. My mission is to change the world for horses, Change the way
    people see horses and make the world a better place for the horse! Out of all the problems in the world today you may think this is not a big problem… Look again before saying that! I have never seen a more greedy industry then the horse industry and it’s time for that to change! Horses are not just our lives, they make us who we are and what we do. They make us believe in ourselves and see and hear more what is around us. They teach us to live and to live in the moment and live our life to the fullest! We should be doing the same for them! The horses helped me overcome everything I went through they even helped me to overcome self-harm. They got me through everything! The horse set me free from my mental illness, autism, depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and a whole lot more! Horses saved my life so I will do the same for them!

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