Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros!

Dead Shadow © Jim Hart Protect Mustangs

Urgent! Captive wild horses and burros need shelter now as extreme summer weather hits! STOP baking them in the sun! It’s killing them. Sign and share the petition here:

The freezing winter weather has come and gone. Captive icons of American freedom, wild horses & burros, were denied shelter from the freezing winds, snow, icy rain, with only the muck (manure & urine) to lie down in-despite public outrage..

Now the mustangs and burros will face another summer of blistering high desert sun in triple-digit heat waves—no shelter! Our living treasures will continue to suffer. . . The feds are at the epicenter of this scandalous roundup and removal attack against America’s wild horses & burros. This cruelty in captivity must stop now!

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11 thoughts on “Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros!

  1. IF you are going to round up the animals that are supposed to live free in our land, than at least take care of them – give them food, water and for goodness sake – some shade – or let them go.

  2. Wild horses should not be treated the this way. How does one justify leaving any animal unable to get food, water or out of the elements? If you choose to cage these majestic animals up, then you need to take care of them!!
    Just remember this, Karma has a way of dealing with everyone!!! Do the right thing “SET THEM FREE” or “TAKE CARE OF THEM” !!!!!!

  3. The animals were used . The least they can do is let them retire with a good life.

  4. It’s my understanding that one of the requirements for adopting one of these beautiful horses is your ability to provide adequate shelter against the elements. Obviously this agency does not practice what they preach. Disgraceful conduct.

  5. if the BLM was an ordinary citizen, their treatment of our wild horses would be subject to laws punishing them for cruelty. It is only because they are really a slave which does the bidding of welfare cattle, fracking and mining interests that they regard themselves as exempt from all laws, including those concerning cruel treatment of horses.

  6. The BLM are the worst animal abusers in the country. I have seen Palomino many times and was shocked to see trucks chasing wild Mustangs, unsanitary conditions and lack of water access for the more passive horses.
    The ground heats up to well over 100 degrees because of the animal waste.
    The BLM has had every chance to correct this situation but refuses.

  7. Your negligent and cruel practises HAVE to stop. Set these poor animals free since you aren’t caring for them in a humane way. It’s disgusting and CRIMINAL!!!!!

  8. mustangs have the right to be free…they are synoninous with what America stands for ‘FREEDOM’ so let them be free

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