Protect Mustangs officially requests BLM Nevada bring captive wild horses shade to end their suffering

John Ruhs
Nevada BLM Director
BLM Nevada State Office
1340 Financial Blvd.,
Reno, NV 89502

Front Desk: 775-861-6400
Fax: 775-861-6601

July 2, 2015

Dear Mr Ruhs,

We officially request BLM Nevada bring emergency shade to the captive wild horses & burros at Palomino Valley Center facility (PVC), the Nevada State Prison in Carson City and other short term holding corrals. Here is our petition which explains the issue and what we would like:

In 2013, Protect Mustangs conducted an investigation that uncovered captive wild horses at PVC–with no access to shade–who were dying in the heat wave. You can watch the rough video here: Now it’s 2015, they still do not have access to shade and heat waves are here again.

Aside from concerns to protect them from heat stroke, other underlying health issues can be aggravated by heat waves–resulting in suffering and sometimes death.

We respectfully request you intervene to stop this extreme cruelty towards America’s icons in honor of the celebration of American independence on the 4th of July.

Wild horses embody the American spirit of life, liberty and freedom. It’s time to take responsibility for the captives in BLM’s care and bring them shade.

Shelter is one of the 3 basics in animal husbandry. Adopters are required to provide shelter when adopting wild horses yet the bureau ignores its own basic care guidelines.

In the wild, mustangs seek out shade and cooler zones. In the captive pens, paid for with tax dollars, wild horses are at the BLM’s mercy. Please help them and end this senseless suffering.

I extend my hand to work with you and your office in an effort to bring an end to cruelty towards America’s wild horses who previously roamed free. Please contact me at 415-531-8454 to discuss this urgent matter. Thank you.

Anne Novak

Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs
Tel./Text: 415.531.8454

Read about native wild horses:

In the news:
Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

Some shade issue press clippings:

Ann Novak of the advocacy group Protect Mustangs urged Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to step in and ensure protection for the horses.

She said at least three horses could have died as a result of excessive heat at the facility since June 28, but the BLM failed to perform necropsies on two of them to pinpoint the cause of death. A necropsy of the third horse found the cause of death was a respiratory illness, but Novak said hot temperatures could have aggravated the animal’s condition.

“It’s as if they (BLM) don’t want the public to know the truth,” Novak said Saturday as the mercury reached 103 degrees in Reno. “These captive wild horses need emergency shade. Exposing them to another heat wave without shade is cruel.”

Associated Press (viral coast to coast & abroad) BLM seeks ideas on how to protect wild horses from heat deaths

BLM Seeks Ways To Protect Wild Horses From Heat After Pressure From Bay Area Advocate

Novak comments: “If the government can send people into space then they can figure out how to shade the captive wild horses or just return them to the range. In the wild they can migrate to shady areas. In captivity it’s cruel to deny them shade.”

Captive wild horses need shade, advocates say
Captive wild horses need relief from heat, says HSUS

BLM seeks ideas on how to protect wild horses (NBC reports)

and more…

Please visit this area of our website for information on the ongoing crisis:

How many foals are dying after roundups?:

BLM’s email revealing they are not counting the unbranded dead amongst the 37 dead mustangs at the Nevada facility

BLM avoids necropsy to avoid proof of heat distress


PM Shade Cruelty

13 thoughts on “Protect Mustangs officially requests BLM Nevada bring captive wild horses shade to end their suffering

  1. Still to this very day …the blm and usfws DEMANDS EACH ADOTOPTER TO SUPLY HORSES WITH ADIQUITE FOOD WATER AND SHELTER !!!! But still to this very day these two org’s go completly against their very own demands (food water and shelter ) for these icon’s imprissioned in a hell hole ….ripped away from their very home ranges where they could have soat shelter from the eliments and plenty of food and water for their familys…..why do they think ….they are above the rule’s and need not comply ??? Its a double standard and the horses and borros should not be sacrifised …..turn them loose get rid of the rancher’s and stop saling the lands to big corp’s that only intend to destroy ower public lands for greed ….

  2. I attended the BLM Advisory Board meeting in Ohio. They are working double time to prove that horses don’t need shade or wind breaks. Their reasoning? So they don’t have to add that into the list of “have to’s” for the adopter. Why? So they can’t be accused of living the double standard. They hate mustangs. The whole meeting was about how to destroy horses…. They are sickening.

  3. I am so tired of seeing these wild horses suffer in the inclimate weather.Watching young foals laying helpless in the heat trying so hard to breathe, to live, but the hot sun beats down on his small emaciated body. The mother nudges the baby but he is still. Fried by the sun because there is no shelter. If I kept my horses without
    Shelter I would be arrested. Does the law not apply to the BLM or Feds. This is so unfair. Help us help the horses that made this country. God is watching. This is animal cruelty big time.

  4. I have witnessed and experienced the heat, unsanitary conditions, animal abuse and perverse employee attitudes at Palomino, NV. The thought of Palomino makes me I’ll. It has a stench of rotting manure and urine that the formerly wild Mustangs must stand in. The employees, meanwhile are all hiding in the office to get out of the heat.
    Sweating horses are packed into pens like sardines. Many of the he advocates who formerly fought this atrocity are now teamed up with the BLM in money making schemes such as pzp darting and will no longer fight them.

  5. BLM there are Federal Laws against animal abuse. Your under the same government rules as anyone else who lives in the USA. You are a agency of this government but once again do as I say not as I do! Maybe all of you should be put out in the hot sun for days before you understand what you are doing. Get them shade or release back to the wild where they belong. I own these beautiful animals and when it get hot here I put the springlers on for them as well as tons of shade and shelters. You don’t let adoptions go thru unless it’s proper. But you can abuse these beautiful spirits! I hope these ones that have pass on haunt you billions of times, all of you, that have let this happen! Your are murderers in my book and I will not stop here to get something done for those abuse Wild Mustangs! They belong to the US citizens and there’s no excuse for what you are doing!

  6. It is beyond belief that the BLM rounds ups thousands of horses and burros and has no plan to keep them sheltered in the sweltering summer sun or the freezing temps of winter. It is obvious that the BLM is not the least bit concerned about the welfare and safety of these poor animals. The BLM is on the money take from ranchers who want to graze their livestock on the wild lands belonging to the wild horses and burros !!!!! It is shameful what the BLM is doing to Americas iconic species !!!!

  7. The time for studies has come and gone. Common sense and even the slightest knowledge of horses requires action now to provide shade for the captive wild horses. Horses in the wild can seek out shelter, horses in captivity cannot. BLM saw fit to remove the federally protected horses and burros from their natural homes in their respective ecological niches in the wild and so is now totally responsible for their welfare. The American people demand that BLM show some responsibility.

  8. Please treat these wild horses and burros with respect….that means feed them, water them, give them shelter from the elements because you have removed them from their homes and they are now in your care. My tax dollars are funding what you do…be good stewards of our public funds.

  9. Bring emergency shelter to all of these horses immediately. Your agency has been offered on numerous occasions the manpower and materials to build the shade needed to keep the horses safe from heat related deaths. You give misinformation as your excuse to let them suffer trapped in the sweltering heat. Correct this unjust policy immediately.

  10. Please take care for these adorable wild horses and give them shade and water – but my most important message to you is – let them live wild and free!!!!!!!!!

  11. I emailed the BLM 2 weeks ago and asked them to help me understand why this inhumane treatment of the animals continues. I have yet to receive a reply.I can only take this as rudeness and arrogance on the part of the BLM

  12. Please do the right thing and provide shelter from the heat for the wild horses in your care who can no longer find it on their own.


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