Complaint to the Office of the Inspector General regarding BLM killing 28 wild horses near Las Vegas


To the Office of the Inspector General at the United States Department of Interior

Dear Sirs,

We officially request a full investigation into the management of wild horses and land use planning 6 years before the roundup, the roundup itself, feeding, veterinary care and killing of the 28 Cold Creek wild horses who had become skinny.

  • Why didn’t the BLM help these federally protected wild horses get the forage they needed earlier?
  • Why didn’t the BLM move the native wild horses up to areas with more forage?
  • What happened to their forage?
  • What about the livestock grazing permits? (see attached)
  • What organizations were pushing for BLM to use PZP, a controversial EPA restricted use pesticide for “birth control”–made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries–that sterilizes after multiple use?
  • Are the wild horses getting pushed out and killed as part of the New Energy Frontier–to put massive solar farms on fragile desert land and therefore impacting wildlife?
  • Why aren’t the Cold Creek wild horses getting their fair share of the land that is for their principal but not exclusive use according to the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Protection Act?
  • Why is the agency appointed “appropriate management level” (AML) for wild horses so low when a genetically viable herd needs more members?
  • Why is the BLM limiting access to the public to bare witness to this cruel roundup?
  • Was euthanasia chosen for convenience and the bottom line, pure and simple?
  • Did they look at the feed and labor involved vs adoptability and take the cheap and easy way out?

Rescues and members of the public would have helped bring the Cold Creek wild horses back to health if manpower was an issue. Adoption would have been simple once they healed because people know about them and cherish them.

Tourists from around the world, visiting Las Vegas, love the wild horses of the American West.

The BLM continues to roundup more beloved Cold Creek wild horses and we pray they will not kill any more but nurse them back to health.

The public is outraged.

We thank you for investigating into the wrongdoings surrounding the management, roundup and killing of 28 Cold Creek wild horses, provide transparency and shine the light of truth.

Anne Novak


Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs
Tel./Text: 415.531.8454

Read about native wild horses:

In the news:
Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

10 thoughts on “Complaint to the Office of the Inspector General regarding BLM killing 28 wild horses near Las Vegas

  1. Thank you for itemizing the concerns we all have regarding this roundup! I visit Las Vegas several times a year and Red Rock National Park used to be a favorite visitor spot until the removal of the burros (and signs!) So sad now that I don’t go there anymore. The wild horses and burros are a symbol of our west and so heartwarming to see. I’m often in Washington State where forage is provided for wild life during the winter or because fires have destroyed their natural feed source. Seems like should have been done for the wild horses rather this removal.

  2. Premeditated, planned and opportunistic destruction of wild mustangs! This has to be investigated clear to the source of this heinous crime.

  3. I support Protect Mustang’s request for clarification on these questions. I look forward to a prompt reply for all concerned.

  4. America demands immediate treatment and help for our voiceless Native Wild Horses!! We demand answers why these Wild Horses were led away from their only grazing areas and drinking resourses! Our Wild Mustangs are American Icons. Please bring them help so that they may remain free to roam on our Public Lands. Our Wild Equine deserve respect and they should be protected as the American Bald Eagle that flies through the sky, if not more for our Wild Mustangs and Equine have served this country. They are our true symbols of freedom and right now stand as mascots in many of our own High Schools they are held as heroes in our Public Schools. Where I live in Arizona they are the mascots of North High School and Fairfax High School. Our Wild Mustangs are nearing comple extinction. Please do something now, save them!!!! Stop the GREED NOW!!!!! Tina Wooten

  5. The BLM is out of control. They need to be stopped all over our country. The BLM are thieves and are paid off by rich ranchers. The BLM must be stopped. They are not in support of the horses and protecting our wild horses and burros. The BLM is acting like “God” and distroying our Country’s national icons. Greedy and filthy people they are. We need to bring up criminal charges against the BLM. More and note round ups are happening and more of the wild mustangs are ending up in kill buyers hands and shipped to slaughter EVERYDAY.

  6. The mass murder or 28 free innocent wild horses is just not on, these people can not look after themselves or the land never mind wild protected horses the BLM must be stopped and removed, they do not work and they have shown this time and time again. The wild horses must be respected, protected and looked after and monitored by people who care, love and know what they are doing, BAN The BLM, Its time for them to go. Rest easy to the 28 innocents that lost their lives thanks to cowards. Peace always James.

  7. As a tax payer, I am part owner of the horses the BLM killed, and I am also an employer of the BLM. What has happened here goes against why the BLM was hired in the first place: to effectively manage and compassionately provide upkeep for the horses we all own! For shame, BLM, for shame!

  8. The BLM have Not been doing their job of managing ANYTHING CORRECTLY with our tax money. They need to be dismantled . They are slaughtering our Wild Horses ,Not protecting them. We demand that they be held responsible for the horrific treatment that these Horses have endured and to this day are Still enduring. Round ups are not done appropriately, who in their right mind would run foals across the terrain until their hooves fall off??? Separate family’s from each other without any consideration. The BLM is cruel beyond words. This MUST BE STOPPED or the only place Wild Horses will be seen are in history books. That is Not acceptable. All Wild Horse Warriors will NOT STAND BY SILENTLY and let this happen. We will continue to be the Voices for these magnificent equines that helped make America’s History and are seen as an American Icon.

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