Feds want to use 11 million tax dollars to experiment on American Wild Horses and Burros

Note from Protect Mustangs: If you don’t like this then: 1.) Go see your congressional representative this week and ask them to intervene to stop these horrible experiments on America’s wild horses who are being managed to extinction. 2.) Sign and share this petition and email it to everyone you know: https://www.change.org/p/defund-and-stop-the-wild-horse-burro-roundups Groups like The Cloud Foundation and the coalition led by The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign seem to be misleading the public because they have chosen pushing PZP (controlled by The Humane Society of the United States) over championing wild horse freedom on public land. They slip appeals for PZP in the bottom of their online petitions hoping the public won’t notice what they are signing. That was the beginning of this slippery slope towards experimentation and extinction. Why? Follow the money, fear mongering and the seduction to campaign for drugging wild horses and burros with a risky pesticide made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries to block fertility. . . 3.) It’s time to join Protect Mustangs to protect our national treasures. Go to www.ProtectMustangs.org to sign up. 4.) You can donate to the Wild Horse Legal Fund also. The crowd funding link is here: https://www.gofundme.com/MustangLaw2016 or donate by www.PayPal.com to Contact@ProtectMustangs.org and please mark your donation is for the “Legal Fund”. Thank you for taking action today! Together we can turn this around.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wants to use American tax dollars in several cruel experiments to develop methods of wild horse and burro population control–despite the fact that there is no overpopulation of wild horses or burros. The BLM anticipates the total cost of the experiments to be $11 million over 5 years.The research is being conducted by university scientists as well as scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey.

Research with Universities results in experimenting on wild horses and burros

In its 2013 report to the BLM, the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) found that no highly effective, easily delivered and affordable fertility-control methods were currently available for use on wild horses and burros. The most promising birth control, PZP, made from slaughterhouse pig ovaries, is limited in the duration of its effectiveness (1-2 years). At the same time, after multiple applications or if applied to young fillies it permanently sterilizes native wild horses.

The BLM released a solicitation for experimentation to develop new or improve existing population growth suppression methods for wild horses. (http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/info/newsroom/2015/july/nr_07_07_2015.html)  The following seven research projects were reviewed and recommended by an NAS panel of experts and are consistent with recommendations made to the BLM by its Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board who is biased against wild horses and prefers livestock use public land for cheap grazing.

Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Meeting in 2013


© EquineClinic.comn shared for educational purposes

© EquineClinic.comn shared for educational purposes

1. Evaluation of minimally invasive methods of contraception in wild horse and burro mares: tubal ligation and hysteroscopically-guided oviduct papilla laser ablation. This was pushed by pro-slaughter advocates who want the horses free of fertility control drugs so they can go to slaughter eventually.

Recipient: Oregon State University
Summary: A one-year experiment that will aim to develop a minimally invasive surgical sterilization method for wild horse mares that requires no incisions.
Details: In an effort to develop minimally invasive, low-risk techniques for contraception and population control in female wild horses and burros, the experiment will evaluate two procedures, tubal ligation and hysteroscopically-guided laser ablation of the oviduct papilla in standing sedated females. For tubal ligation, the research team hypothesizes that a flexible endoscope inserted through a small incision in the vaginal vault will allow visualization of each oviduct in mares. Use of a diode laser or cautery instrument will allow effective fulguration followed by bloodless sectioning of the oviduct. This procedure should allow successful sterilization of up to 100% of female wild horses and burros gathered in any particular location as a single event. For the hysteroscopic procedure, the recipients expect to endoscopically visualize each oviduct papilla in standing, sedated, non-pregnant mares. A diode laser will be used to seal the opening between the oviduct and each uterine horn, thus preventing subsequent fertilization. The proposed procedures do not involve major surgery, are expected to have minimal complications while approaching 100% effectiveness, and when applied, are expected to result in a static to decreasing population level. Additionally, tubal ligation is a technique commonly performed in humans. The development of an acceptable sterilization technique will help control the population levels of wild horses and burros.

2. Tubo-ovarian ligation via colpotomy as a method for sterilization in mares

Recipient: University of Kentucky
Summary: A two-year experiment to develop different surgical approaches for tubal ligation in mares.
Details: The overall goal of this experiment is to develop methodology for the safe, economical and effective sterilizationof mares via colpotomy (vaginal incision) to achieve: 1) ovarian necrosis / atrophy via application of a ligature to the ovarian pedicle and 2) simultaneous sterilization via tubal ligation (i.e., tubo-ovarian ligation). The project will help determine the effectiveness of a custom-designed instrument for placement of a polyamide (nylon) cable tie around the ovarian pedicle and oviduct of mares via colpotomy for tubo-ovarian ligation. The procedure, conducted in the standing animal under sedation and local anesthesia, is expected to induce permanent sterilization of treated mares. The researchers will assess any post-operative complications of the procedure in mares and the effects on the health of mares to determine long-term effects on the reproductive tract, the overall health of mares and the fertility of mares undergoing the procedure, and the feasibility of these procedures in pregnant mares.

PM Sick Filly PVC March 25 2014
3. Functional assessment of ovariectomy (spaying) via colpotomy of wild mares as an acceptable method of contraception and wild horse population control

Recipient: Oregon State University
Summary: A six-month experiment that will determine whether an existing accepted surgical sterilization procedure commonly used for domestic mares can be safely conducted on wild horses.
Details: This experiment proposes to conduct a large-scope investigation of the safety and practicality of spaying mares as a tool for wild horse population control. Specifically, the researchers will help determine whether ovariectomy via vaginal colpotomy can be safely and effectively performed on wild mares that have been selected for non-breeding status. Non-breeding horses could then be returned to the range to live out their natural lives without individually contributing to population growth. The proposed research effort is based on recent pilot studies that have suggested the potential for surgery-related health complications from ovariectomy in adult female horses is low (near 1%). When evaluating options for field techniques, spaying (ovariectomizing) mares as a population control method is not recommended unless it can be performed in a safe, practical, and effective manner. The results of this study will provide standardized, baseline outcomes for this surgical procedure which can be directly compared to other less invasive procedures being conducted and evaluated by the same research team.

PM WC11 Lucky 11 Map

Map of Western United States showing 12 current field research/pilot projects.

4. Re-immunization of Free-Ranging Horses with GonaCon Immunological Vaccine: Effects on Reproduction, Safety, and Population Performance

Recipient: Colorado State University
Summary: A two-year experiment will focus on further study of Gonocon, an approved and labeled contraceptive vaccine for equids.

PM PZP Injection
Details: This experiment will focus on the effectiveness of GonaCon as an immunological vaccine, with five objectives: 1) to begin to determine the optimum and most effective re-vaccination schedule with GonaCon vaccine for suppressing reproductive rates in free-ranging horses, the duration of effectiveness, and the return to fertility following treatment; 2) to determine the safety and physiological side-effects (if any) in feral horses following re-vaccination with GonaCon including visual assessment of general health, body condition, injection site reactions, effects on current pregnancy, and neonatal health and survival; 3) to determine the effects of GonaCon vaccination on the behavioral side-effects (if any) in free-ranging horses including quantitative assessment of the effects on daily activity patterns and social interactions; 4) to develop and test a safe and effective dart configuration and injection system for remotely administering GonaCon vaccine to free-ranging horses by means of a syringe dart; and 5) to develop a Bayesian model to forecast the consequences of different GonaCon vaccine treatments on feral horse population dynamics at THRO. [Teddy Roosevelt National Park].

5. The Effect of Immunization against Oocyte Specific Growth Factors in Mares

Recipient: Colorado State University
Summary: A two-year experiment to develop a new, permanent contraceptive vaccine for wild horse mares.
Details: This experiment will focus on vaccination against two key proteins in wild horse and burro females, either alone or in combination, which may result in permanent sterility through premature oocyte depletion. The depletion of oocytes may occur by simply causing them all to become atretic prematurely and/or accelerating the process so that after a single season the mares and jennies have depleted their oocyte reserves. To test this hypothesis, the researchers will vaccinate mares against the proteins and track their sexual behavior, follicular growth, hormonal profile and ultimately total oocyte count over a two-year period. The long-term goal is to develop a vaccine that can cause permanent sterility after a single dose.

PM Burros Wild 2 © Carl Mrozek

Cruel way to drag foal by pulling bailing twine around their neck (Photo © Bo Rodriguez)

Cruel way to drag foal by pulling bailing twine around their neck (Photo © Bo Rodriguez)

6. Electrospun delivery to enhance the effectiveness of immunocontraception strategies in equids

Recipient: Ohio State University
Summary: A four-year experiment that will attempt to develop a new delivery vehicle for porcine zona pellucida (PZP) – a temporary contraceptive currently used in some wild horse herds – that would increase the duration of the vaccine’s effectiveness.
Details: To reduce population on public lands, horse immunocontraception has largely focused on the use of PZP in free-roaming wild populations. The vaccine appears to act by stimulating anti-PZP antibodies that bind to the surface of the ovulated egg, preventing sperm attachment. While performance has been satisfactory, recent results have been associated with contraceptive efficiencies that are considerably less than 100%. The basis for this is unknown but is believed to be in part caused by delivery methods that require substantial heating during polymer vehicle fabrication, expose PZP to enzymatic fluids prior to entry into the bloodstream and allow gradual – not burst – release. Gradual release can potentially desensitize the immune system to the presence of PZP, resulting in inferior production of anti-PZP antibodies. Thus, an ideal delivery method would allow release of PZP in “bursts” at pre-determined intervals to assure constant immune stimulation. This project will seek to develop an electrospun technology that can allow long-term, ‘burst’ delivery of porcine zona pellucida (PZP) vaccines to the intramuscular environment of horses and burros to result in prolonged suppression of reproduction. For large-scale application, free roaming horses could be gathered in the field and processed through stock chutes for aging, at which time the implants will be inserted by trocar. The experiment will also carry out parallel in vitro and in vivo experiments to examine the potential of electrospun vehicles as immunocontraceptive carriers. An electrospun “universal delivery vehicle” will be developed to provide sustained release of effective levels of porcine zona pellucida (PZP) for immunocontraception over periods of at least three years. By careful design, fabrication and testing of two different electrospun designs, the researchers will create a comprehensive evaluation of this novel method of delivery.

Pm PZP Darts
7. The use of membrane disrupting peptide / peptoid LHRH conjugates to control wild horse and burro populations

Recipient: Louisiana State University
Summary: A three-year experiment for the development of an injectable agent that would inactivate hormones and decrease female and male gonad viability.
Details: The experiment is a multidisciplinary effort aimed at developing novel drugs to control wild horse and burro populations. Several types of drugs consisting of conjugates of membrane disrupting peptides (such as Phor 21) with luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) currently exist. These drugs (such as LHRH-Phor 21 conjugate) effectively target, bind to and destroy prostate, testicular, breast and ovarian cancer cells, as well as testicular and ovarian cells that control reproduction. LHRH targets the cell and delivers Phor 21 to the cancer cell or the reproductive cell in the testes or ovary and destroys it. Preliminary experiments suggest that administration of this drug by a slow-release delivery system will destroy the cells that control spermatogenesis in the male and follicle growth, oocyte development, ovulation and cyclicity in the female. Preliminaryresults also show that LHRH-Phor 21 targets and destroys gonadotropic cells in the pituitary gland. This indicates that cessation of reproductive activity is the result of both central control at the level of the pituitary gland and on receptor binding cells in both male and female gonads. The experiment will also assess the effect the drugs have on pregnant mares, both in early gestation and late gestation.

PM PZP Syringe Yearling Meme

Additional details about these experiments can be found in the following documents:

Detailed Summary of University-led Experiments for Fertility Control Tools for Wild Horses
Review of Proposals to the BLM on Wild Horse and Burro Sterilization or Contraception: A Letter Report
Research with the U.S. Geological Survey

Through its partnership with U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the BLM is undertaking important research aimed at delivering better methods and tools for managing wild horse and burro herds on public lands. These projects build upon on-going cooperation between the BLM and USGS that is implementing new methods to estimate wild horse and burro population size.

There are nine USGS experiments that have been approved or are on-going:
Collaring & radio marking (1 year): The aim is to develop safe GPS collars for tracking animals to determine habitat selection, movement ecology, population estimation, behavior, etc. GPS tracking might also help locating animals for contraceptive treatments.
Fecal DNA (genetics/population survey) (1.5 years): The experiment involves the collection and analysis of fecal DNA as a noninvasive method to determine genetic diversity and estimate population size.
Carrying capacity modeling (1 year): This experiment’s aim is to develop a coarse model to evaluate changes in animal carrying capacity in response to changes in vegetation production. The resulting model may help BLM to adapt plans in response to climatic change.

PM PZP Syringe FB
Mare Contraception -SpayVac Pen Trial II (5 years): This experiment will help determine the efficacy of alternative SpayVac contraceptive vaccine formulations that are potentially longer acting than conventional PZP vaccines.
Evaluating Behavior of Spayed Free-Roaming Mares (4 years): The experiment will determine the effects of spaying on behavior, interactions, and movement of spayed mares among a breeding herd. The study will also determine the population level effect on herd growth.
Evaluating Behavior of Geldings among a Breeding Herd (4 years): This experiment will determine any effects of gelding on behavior, movement, interactions and changes in habitat selection.
Two Sentinel Horse Herd Management Area (HMA) Demography Studies (2 studies, each of 5 years): These experiments will provide demographic data sets for use in new population models and serve as control HMAs for gelding and spayed mare field studies.
Burro Sentinel HMA Demography Study (5 years): The experiment will involve collecting data on the survival, fertility, fecundity, recruitment, movements, range use, habitat selection and social behavior of wild burros. These data will be used in population modeling.
The BLM has requested or is reviewing proposals for the following projects with USGS:
Evaluate the Use of a Silastic O-Ring Intrauterine Device (IUD) in Mares (4 years): This experiment will determine any effects on mare health resulting from the long-term presence of the silastic O-ring IUD. This IUD has effectively prevented pregnancy in domestic mares during one breeding season.
Burro Population Survey Method Development (2.5 years): This experiment will test two new population survey methods for wild burros. The existing simultaneous double-observer method, when applied to burros, tends to lead to underestimates of true burro population size.
WinEquus II – Population Model with Cost/Benefit Outputs (1.5 years): This experiment will develop a model that compares population modeling outcomes and projects the costs, benefits and expected population growth resulting from management actions that involve PZP, removals, spaying, gelding and other population growth suppression tools.
Testing Efficacy of Contraceptives for Female Burros (3-4 years): Contraceptive vaccines have yet to be used on wild burros due to limited research and unknown effects. This study will examine the efficacy of various existing vaccines.

PM Hazard Foter Public domain Marked Sterilize

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46 thoughts on “Feds want to use 11 million tax dollars to experiment on American Wild Horses and Burros

  1. Let’s cut out abusing pur horses for the sake of the greedy moneymakers and corrupt politicians! I am so sick of you ignorant corrupt so called experts, you belong in quarantine or in those horrid pens, not the horses. As far as I am concerned you all are.devious, corrupt and crooked. When you die, they’ll. have to screw you all into the ground! Good day!

  2. Using any form of sterilization on America’s Wild Horses is absolutely ludicrous. These horses are being mismanaged to extinction. We do not have a wild horse problem in this country. What we have is a rogue government agency caving to special interest groups at the expense of our wild horses.

  3. This will truly be the end of our iconic wild horses. PZP, Gonacon, spaying and all the other methods of sterilization mentioned in this article will be the extinction of our indigenous horșes.
    This is outrageous. It must be stopped now! Extinction is forever.

  4. In my comments, I am being practical innthoight. Why in the world have these animals experimented on in the first place? Its NOT about the overpopulation of horses! When one sees that the land is being taken for development, or cattle or cracking, or being abused by welfare cattle ranchers
    It is easy to see that only a few benefit from this. Its not the taxpayer, who doesn’t even know, or is even aware, because such information is conveniently hidden. That my friends, in any persons language is out and out corruption and I am stating it as such. Thank you.

  5. I have the perfect solution for sterilization of wild Mustang mares. Would the BLM like to know what it is? Mother Nature! Let Mother Nature take over the mares. Leave ALL Mustang mares alone please.

  6. The words Goncacon and PZP spell extinction for Our American Wild Horse’s and Burros.
    While European countries are trying to bring back their wild herds from extinction our U.S Government is destroying America,s Wild Horse’s and Burros.
    Extinction is the end of a species.
    Once that species is destroyed there is no bringing back.
    This is a disgrace to the American public and a disgrace as humans.
    None of these chemicals are safe.
    Any drug or chemical that is designed in a laboratory there are side effects and long term side effects. Saying it is safe with no long term side effects is a lie.
    These Our America’s Icons and they are Americana.
    These horse’s belong to the American public.
    Livestock ranchers, special interests and the US Government do not own these horse’s.
    They belong to us the American public.

  7. So far BLM have killed horses in round ups , torn family’s apart and let them die in the BLM pens with no vet care or sedation when gelded or spayed , sold mares off to slaughter and left the foals die , 1800 we know For Sure BLM sent to slaughter , the ones sold to slaughter after 3 strikes for not being sold to public , 58 000 rounded up standing in hell holes called BLM pens all done with the use of tax payers money and Now they want 11 million more of hard working peoples money to do Experiments on them !! Is this honestly for real ! How much do these criminals think they can honestly get away with ! Everything they do is against the laws set to protect the mustang ! How can BLM be so above the law ! How can they keep robbing the American blind and get away with it ! This is wrong , anyone who can’t see that is blind ! Leave the mustangs alone ! They as much if not More right to be there then anyone or anything else !!! The ranchers need to put their cattle in the BLM pens ! That’s what cows are breed for !

  8. NO Pestiside for any wild animals
    No Pestiside for wild horses. It is poison it would be murder. It is wrong in so many way to interfere with wild life, wild horses. Leave the wild horses alone. Stop rounding up the Mustangs. NO Experiments should be done EVER. What RIGHT does the BLM have to decide a mustang should go to slaughter after 3 strikes they should not ever be rounded up in the first place. Many people are fighting for them. Every day thousands join the fight BLM you need to be fired and even get jail time the mustang are supposed to be protected

  9. Stop abusing our wild horses. God put them where they are because that’s where he wants them. No one has the right to experiment with these horses lives. Leave them alone to be wild and free the way God meant for them to be.

  10. Someone needs to get a leash on the BLM. The public wants to know who they are really working for, because it sure as hell isn’t the people of this country. The first culprit that comes to mind is the pharmaceutical company that manufactures those vile concoctions they are injecting into OUR wild horses and burros. What a sweet deal this must be for that company! Give the BLM some hush money and they will test the drugs on federally protected herds, paid for by the unsuspecting taxpayers of this country. The BLM is comparable to the Nazis. Rounding up their victims, ripping families apart, killing many of them, or in this case, sending them off to be slaughtered, (more pocket money), and performing heinous experiments on them. Dr. Mengele is alive and well! We want our wildlife protected, the BLM dissolved, and the justice department to do its job and rid our government of the rampant corruption that exists there! Leave the horses and burros alone! I sense as storm brewing!!

  11. Please stop wasting our taxpayer money on these ridiculous schemes to ultimately depopulate wild horses and make them go extinct! Leave them alone! It would not only let them roam freely as it is supposed to, but, it will also save taxpayers boatloads of money. Stop the madness!

  12. I’m so tired of the BLM caving into rich ranchers and greedy politicians who are in the pockets of corporations who will kill these beautiful animals with their experiments and don’t care about tearing herds and families apart. This brutality has to stop. It’s inexcusable and sickening and we deserve a say in how our tax dollars are spent.

  13. When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008 he promised to protect our wild horses and burros. I am not seeing this. I am seeing his appointed DOI director Sally Jewell, who has her degree in Petroleum Engineering is not an adequate person to manage our public lands which belongs to the PUBLIC, the tax payers, not Mobil Oil Corp. whom she worked for. There is no correlation showing anywhere that she has the education or knowledge to manage land, let alone our wild horses. 11 million dollars could be used to allow our horses freedom on the land that they call home. I did not see anywhere that comments were asked for from the public, we are the true owners of these horses and DO NOT approve of and type of fertility control, experimentation with it and most certainly not permanent sterilization. A promise was made to us and is being breeched in the most significant way. We will protect our wild horses, and the Government, must allow our voices to be heard regarding this issue. These horses are not overpopulated, the numbers are exaggerated by 200% and the mortality rate is not even being taken into consideration, but they do not belong to the BLM, the Government nor any of the special interest groups, lobbyists, who are buying their way into the White House and they most certainly do not belong to welfare ranchers home have more money than I would ever know what to do with. Revoke grazing leases, provide a ten year moratorium on all round ups and fertility control so WE THE PEOPLE, the tax paying citizens, can allow unbiased scientific, ecological, and population studies can be performed and the real numbers, and ecological balance they provide can be provided to the appropriate parties. We should not and will not stand for this, I do not approve the use of my tax dollars to be used in this way. Stop Now!!!

  14. There is not an “overpopulation” of wild horses and burros on our public lands. It is ludicrous to even suggest it when there are now FEWER wild horses and burros on our public lands than there were forty-five years ago when Congress unanimously passed the Free-Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Act for their protection. The Burns Amendment which gutted the Act and rendered it essentially useless, must be repealed & the Act’s protections restored to them. There is an overpopulation of privately owned livestock on our public lands and it is their number that must be reduced. The round ups and removals must cease immediately and there should be zero human intervention in regards to population of our wild horses and burros. Let nature manage herself.

  15. What more do the powers that be need to eliminate the wild horses. The key word in that sentence was WILD what is the reason for the use of a pesticide on our wild ones or horrific roundups that traumatize the horses. They were born to be free and should remain that way. The BLM needs to be put out of the business of handling these special animals, they have no idea how to manage them and are only in it for the special interest groups they can help including the experimentation of PZP on them. The wild ones are treated horribly and statistics are exaggerated so they can keep roundups going to get them off the land that should be their”s only.

  16. Leave our wild life alone stop using our tax payer money on gross sick experiments . The wild life was put on this earth for a reason LEAVE OUR WILD LIFE OUT OF IT !!!!!!!

  17. Stop lthe lies …LEAVE OUR WHILD HORSES ALONE… DO NOT STEAL MY TEXT DOLLAR FOR YOUR ABUSE… I An totally against this .,,,

  18. Protect and love all our wildlife … if you want to do experiments, start with yourself

  19. Once animal-advocacy groups “drank the Kool-Aid” — that is, accepted the overpopulation lie — BLM had them cornered. They had no choice but to agree to population-reduction. So they proffered relatively-slow sterilization by PZP as the solution. But PZP just opened the door to countless other sterilization-methods, many of them quick and permanent in their effect. That gave corrupt BLM officials numerous options from which to choose. GonaCon. SpayVac. Endocrine disruptors. Hormone destroyers. Oocyte depleters. Castrations. Ovariectomies. Tubal ligations. Laser ablations. Or, as wealth-fare ranchers recommend: All of the above.

    Instead of using its budget to improve conditions for wild horses on the range, and to provide shade and shelter for them at holding facilities, BLM is offering lucrative grants worth a total of $11 million to universities to conduct Mengelian-like experimentation on defenseless captive wild horses and burros. Sicko experiments have been devised — such as sterilization-surgery performed under filthy conditions to see if the horses survive and, if so, how they will behave afterward. Millions of taxpayer-dollars would be spent to solve an overpopulation-problem that does not exist. And BLM’s spreading loads of money around has another nefarious purpose: it buys the loyalty of, or at least silences criticism from academia. Who will speak up to oppose BLM when grant-money is on the line?

    There is no overpopulation of wild horses or burros. On the contrary, there is an under-population. Inspections of BLM records reveal non-viable, arbitrary management levels. Biologically-bogus data. Fraudulent herd-growth figures. Lies compounded with more lies. System-wide fraud.

    BLM’s misuse of Federal funds to sterilize wild horses under the guise of “research” must be stopped in its tracks. The corrupt officials who approved the design and funding of these cruel experiments must be held accountable. The funds must be redirected to beneficial projects to improve the life of wild horses and burros on and off the range.

  20. This horrific chemical abuse of these beautiful wild horses and burros is at the whim of those who hope to profit from the barbaric horse meat industry. Leave these horses and burros alone.

  21. Sooooo Sick and tired of u the BLM and the Greedy ass politicians using animals to do your experiments on, and spending mine and others money on this bullshit… U seem to forget u all work for us but it appears u have forgotten all this and have gone on a spending spree and have concockted a way to spend a obscene amount of our money on shit….. WE THE PEOPLE have not asked for this to b done on our wild horses… we have asked time and time again to leave them alone, and u the best liars out there due to being over paid politicians and greedy along w the BLM, need to come up w better ways to save us money w in yer own departments and put that to the Wild Mustang fund to keep them safe from u and the greedy ranchers..

  22. The BLM has done so much to destroy our horses out west , when they should look at the cause which is over grazing by the cattle industry. iTs not the wild horses but the cattle which are to blame–so leave the horses alone and don’t fill them with drugs!!!

  23. Leave our wild horses along. Turn them back out into the wild. For the ranchers that are whining about the horses, the land and horses belong to the America and her people, we want the land and horses left free. There is enough room for horses and cows.

  24. Stop testing on the wild horses and all other poor defenseless creatures.
    You already know that pesticides are poisonous. If you want to know how poisonous, you should inject yourselves.
    Killing, killing, killing – you will not be satisfied until everything is gone.

  25. Once again the ignorant, corrupt and demented called experts are acting in name of the science!!!
    We do not need those very called “SCIENTISTS”, they are the danger number 1 to our environment and human society, they are the cause of the Planet’s degradation …. WE DON’T NEED THEM! THIS MUST STOP FOR ONCE AT ALL!

  26. I can not understand why the horses / burro are being targeted for sterilization because they are not in “plague proportion” or a threat to the human population. With the budget that’s been granted – science research world be better off working on RATS! The rats are out of control and would most certainly out number humans. They spread disease and cause property damage. If I was a “suspicious ” person – I would wonder if the outcome of the trials was being done to fix the human population explosion! !

  27. I cannot condone the sterilization of OUR wild horses and burros. There is NOT enough genetic diversity left now , in the majority of herds of both species. PZP, a chemical pesticide, sterilization in field, please,.. give me a break !! Major surgery on animals that have not felt the human hand. Not in sterile conditions without proper follow up. All so that a few welfare ranchers & other special interest corporations can continue to make a profit off public land & tax payers. Cruel, painful , deliberate way to kill them off. I cannot believe that some advocates and advocate groups have turned around and now are advocating for PZP and other means. Just a quick fix to stall, prevent some round ups, which I agree should not be allowed . Sure, some would be left on range afterwards. .. But I ask you, How long before they are gone forever. The majority of people who even know of this genocide , are against it 100%. Just PZP alone would eradicate the herds of wild horses and burros, in just a matter of time. Do NOT think that the agencies, people involved in this , do not know this, as this is a part of the plot people. I am very ashamed of our Government and it’s agencies . I ask , is this what being an American is all about?. I thought we were supposed to be free here,.. and I cannot think of more fitting symbols of America’s Freedom, then wild horse and burros. After all, was it not them that helped us build this nation in the first place?.. What a way to ” pay ” them back. Time for the proverbial ” crap to hit the fan ” people !! Speak out, up for these iconic, beautiful, majestic animals, because I can assure THEY WILL BE GONE SOON, if we ALL do not pull together to save them. Experiments on Wild Horses and Burros, NO WAY !!!!!! I just have to end with, with , wild horses and burros belong to ALL AMERICANS, not just the few, back handed , wink and a nod behind closed doors deal makers that think they have the right to experiment, preserve into extinction, OUR beloved herds, for the sake of the landgrabbers….. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP FRIENDS!! Thank You for taking my comment Protect Mustangs. GOD BLESS OUR WILD HORSES AND BURROS…..

  28. These sterilization experiments are cruel and unnecessary! This is the Dr. Frankenstein approach and very much contrary to the core intent of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act which stipulates “minimum feasible management” in its Section 3 a. Why didn’t BLM fund my proposal for Reserve Design? It obeys the true intent of the Act. And I did present it to them for consideration. I am a professional wildlife ecologist and bear the true and progressive purpose of the Act in my mind and appreciate its great moral value. Please help me follow through with this. I will launch when reaching 5000. Appeal is http://www.gofundme.com/mre6gyv7 and entitled Reserve Design for Wild Horses, and includes the willd burros too. I have also written about this in Chapter IV of my book The Wild Horse Conspiracy, which is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/1461068983. Let’s not let the subverters of this wonderful and progressive Act have their way. We must show some courage, some strong resolve, and some brilliance of mind and heart and will together!

  29. Leave our wild horses and burros alone. Let them roam free and free of drugs. The cattle should be in pens . Let the ranchers be responsible for feeding there own cows. The money should be put to better use. Like helping the families in Flint Michigan.

  30. The US Government, for the most part is a criminally run entity, over lorded and lobbied, bought and paid for by the meat industry.
    If any of you who posted here eat meat you are furthering their cause.You make them more powerful with each burger you buy.
    If you must eat meat go through the tremendous trouble to make sure you buy from private ranchers, not Whole Foods. Private ranchers!
    Follow the money trail and it leads to you. Go vegan.

  31. Stop this insanity
    god didn`t make the horses and Burros for this crap he said go and multiply.

  32. Save the wild horses, respect and protect its a must. the truth that’s written in this page must be shared out world wide so all people know and understand whats going on. STOP these sick, cruel so called human beings. Take your stand people.

  33. Sterilizing wild horses by spaying or gelding and using PZP or any birth control on wild horses is helping BLM’s “management for extinction”. This is against the 1971 Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act and Congress needs to stop DOI/BLM by doing an investigation.

  34. This information broke my heart. Horses and burros have been around for human beings and their needs for a long time. These particular human’s don’t seem to be interested in doing kind and humane things for the horses and burros. I wonder if the horses or burros ever get together and discuss how they’re going to thin out our species, groups. What chemical or poison they will use. What they think is best for the human species to lesson in population or to use that human term to thin our herds. This whole thing makes me sick. Whenever I hear of any wrong doing being done to animals, its sad. Aren’t we slaughtering horses now too along with cows, pigs, sheep,etc., etc., etc.

  35. BLM is being investigated for it’s illegal slaughter activities of our wild horses.
    That should tell anyone who doubts their unwarrented dispersal of our wild horse populations that they can no longer be trusted to manage our wild horses.
    This latest scam is just another way of
    reducing what tiny genetic remains are left of what once used to be a proud
    heritage of indigenous wild species that was America, our wild horse
    I produce a TV series called Meet America and I show the atrocities
    perpetuated upon our wildlife in general and the wild horses and it is a
    national disgrace, the latest being this program to sterilize what little
    remains of a two hundred year old linage of wild horses upon our public
    BLM has been influenced by the cattle industry and it’s intent is to
    eradicate all wildlife that competes with it’s agenda to overtake our
    public lands for their grazing, oil and gas leasing programs.

    Lorna Moffat
    Producer Meet America TV Series: Cable networks for Monterey, Spokane,
    Santa Barbara and Carson City.

  36. Please stop this now….It’s cruel and the American people DO NOT WANT THIS!!Stop pandering to ranchers!!!!!!!

  37. One must ponder the true why of these cruel experiments on our wild horses that are NOT overpopulated by any means.! My suspicion is that these experiments may be directed ultimately at human fertility control.
    Nonetheless- this is So evil and wrong to attempt to underhandedly cruely halt the existence of these majestic wild horses that have every right to exist untouched by the cancer of society government.!

  38. am saddened, and disgusted by the plight of our wild horses and burros. all the animals really. if not for the horses we wouldn’t have this country or alot of other things. They are our history. They are SUPPOSED to be protected. What the hell happened to the wild horse and burro protection act? did our potus sweep it under the rug? Probably. all he does is wave his magic pen and laws become so. The ONLY things we get to vote on are the elections…;laws are passed willy nilly without consent or respect of interest from the American people. Am truly ashamed of my country, the officials that run it, and sad for my children that will soon be left with nothing. son very very sad. these horses should be on the endangered species list and apparently that doesnt even do any good either because we are almost all out of wolves as well. Such a shame. Roosevelt is rolling in his grave. Hopefully i soon will be too.

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