#BREAKING: Protect Mustangs calls for an end to animal cruelty

PM Secretary Jewell

The Honorable Sally Jewell Secretary of the Interior
U.S. Department of the Interior 1849 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20240
E: Secretary_jewell@ios.doi.gov

Friday January 29, 2016

RE: Official request to stop using federally protected American wild horses in cruel experiments, offer all the wild horses at the closed door Indian Lakes holding facility for adoption and provide transparency with public access, etc.

Dear Secretary Jewell,

Pregnant mares were moved Friday January 22, 2016 from Palomino Valley Center (PVC) outside of Reno to the closed door, privately owned and operated, facility called Indian Lakes aka Broken Arrow, located at 5676 Indian Lakes Road, Fallon, Nevada.

Does the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) intend on using the pregnant mares from Beatys Butte, Oregon and other herds in the horrible Nazi-type sterilization experiments in Oregon, Kentucky or elsewhere?

The Beaty’s Butte pregnant mares and members of their herd seem to have been rounded up because Country Natural Beef, a supplier of Whole Foods Market, was pushing for the roundup. Do they want the federally protected wild horses gone so they can use the public grazing land for more grass fed beef?

Protect Mustangs officially requests the mares from Beatys Butte, Oregon, as well as all the other wild horses (male and female) at the Indian Lakes facility, be immediately put up for adoption–not experimented on. Wild horses over 10 years old must be offered to the public as well. They are not yours to engage in animal testing. This cruelty must stop now.

We also request you immediately create transparency for the public, show good faith and therefore request you:

  1. Halt the transport of American wild horses out of the closed door Fallon facility called Indian Lakes (aka Broken Arrow). The public wants to save all these wild horses–including the pregnant mares–through adoption or purchase.
  2. Provide all identification numbers and descriptions all the wild horses as well as a headcount of unbranded, untagged wild horses and foals at Indian Lakes as of today January 29, 2016.
  3. Provide a separate list of all identification numbers and descriptions of all the wild horses as well as a headcount of unbranded wild horses and foals at Indian Lakes from January 20 to today.
  4. Provide a list of identification numbers of all the wild horses who have transported out of Indian Lakes since January 1, 2016 and show exactly where they have gone and where they are now.
  5. Grant immediate visitation to members of Protect Mustangs, elected officials and their staff, as well as other members of the public to the closed door facility known as Indian Lakes (aka Broken Arrow) to witness, document, photograph and video all the wild horses for as many days as needed at the facility to help them get adopted in order to keep them safe from cruel experiments, dubious sales or worse.

How many wild horses have been sold or given away to be used in research projects, “studies” or experimentation since 2009? How many wild horses have been used in research projects, “studies” or experimentation since 2009 and then later offered for adoption, moved to long-term holding or sold?

Sterilization and “fertility control” experiments are cruel and unjustified

The BLM’s overpopulation claims are fraudulent and any action such as experimentation for population control, fertility control, or other actions taken that are based on fraudulent information is wrongful.

There are no “excess” wild horses on public land. Roundups have been based on fraudulent data. Read more about that here: http://protectmustangs.org/?p=8551

There exists no accurate headcounts of America’s wild horse populations and many herd management areas have no wild horses left on them.

The BLM’s horrible customer service, lack of problem solving and poor marketing are the reasons wild horse adoption has dropped. The public wants to adopt wild horses but the BLM is making it impossible for adopters to get the wild horses they want. It’s as if the BLM wants their adoption program to fail.

Americans do not want their tax dollars funding cruel experiments reminiscent of the notorious Nazi–Dr. Joseph Mengele. The rights of American wild horses are being violated. This is animal cruelty at its worse. All wild horses–especially pregnant mares–must never be used in sterilization or other experiments.

To sum things up:

  1. There is no overpopulation of wild horses. They are underpopulated on the vast acreage of public land in the West. Even the National Academy of Sciences said in 2013 that there is “no evidence of overpopulation”.
  2. BLM’s harvesting model based management via roundups is disrupting herd structure and increasing the birthrate.
  3. BLM’s allegations of overpopulation are fraudulent based on false data. Besides no headcounts, they don’t even account for the correct mortality rates in the wild for example.
  4. Predators should not be killed off and if there are none left then they need to be reintroduced for the thriving natural ecological balance for the herd management area.
  5. Wild horses are a return-native species who help reduce catastrophic wildfires, create biodiversity, etc. We need the herds to reverse desertification. Read more about native wild horses here: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=562
  6. The BLM is creating a false overpopulation crisis to cash in on wild horses as laboratory animals for fertility control experiments while reducing the herds to nonviable levels.
  7. GonaCon™, PZP, SpayVac® are all pesticides that classify wild horses erroneously as pests–ultimately sterilize them and are not needed because wild horses are underpopulated. There are no “excess” wild horses in America.
  8. Experimenting on wild horses to sterilize them is animal cruelty funded by tax dollars and must stop now.
  9. The BLM is trying to manage America’s wild horses to extinction.

Federally protected wild horses and burros are to be protected from harassment according to the law. You can read about the Wild and Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wild_and_Free-Roaming_Horses_and_Burros_Act_of_1971

The public is outraged the BLM, the federal agency put in charge of managing and protecting wild horses and burros, would engage in animal cruelty and try to use America’s icons of freedom in population control experiments.

Any and all experimentation, “research” or harassment of a federally protected wild horse or burro–based on the overpopulation myth, decreased adoptions or any other excuse must stop now.

Anne Novak

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Anne Novak
Executive Director
Protect Mustangs
Tel./Text: 415.531.8454

Read about native wild horses: http://protectmustangs.org/?page_id=562

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheAnneNovak
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Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

40 thoughts on “#BREAKING: Protect Mustangs calls for an end to animal cruelty

  1. This IS the most sickening thing I have ever heard of !! These mares are not BLM’s to torture, murder or abuse !! These are OUR horses BLM !! What gives you the right to experiment on OUR AMERICAN heritage ???? I am outraged, along with many other Americans. This is abuse, and we DO NOT want to pay for your evil doings !! Open up Broken Arrow to the public, for adoptions etc. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT experiment on these horses, they are supposed to be protected!!! I can’t even imagine doing this. This is major surgery, and with no after care, follow up, are you kidding me ?? !!! Enough is enough already !! Leave them alone !!

  2. The sinister persecution of the noble horses living in their natural free state has got to stop. It is all the opposite of the pure core intention of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act that was unanimously passed and is still the Law of the Land!

  3. please do not do these sterilization procedures, there is not an overpopulation problem.

  4. Yeah, “Secretary” Jewell, show us you are not the puppet you have shown yourself to be. Stop the satanic experiments on OUR wild horses. Or are you as beholden to the livestock industry, mining industry, fracking industry etc etc, as I know you are. They are chomping at the bit to rape our environment, all for love of the almighty dollar. You have committed an egregious dereliction of duty by allowing the wildlife of this country to suffer like they have. Leave the horses alone, as well as all the other animals you allow to be murdered. I guarantee, you will not be remembered as someone who upheld the integrity of the office which you hold.

  5. Secretary Jewel why are you who are supposed to be protecting our wild horses allowing this?Are you proud to let expermetation be used on our(we the people of the USA) wild iconic horses? Do you know how valuable they are? Ranchers used them for cow ponies. And true to form our government used them in the calvary to terrorize our beautiful native Americanswhich I still find sickening. They ran stagecoaches, were the best horses used for the pony express. And now you terrorize them. Where is your heart? Is it with the oil companies, natural gas fracking?I am tired of all this. My tax dollars should not be used to harm these wild horses.
    I am writing to president Obama. If he saw what you were doing instead of
    Getting falsified reports from you msybe you would have a new job. This is outrageous. Stop harming and killing off our iconic wild horses. We want to know where our horses are. President Nixon gave them freedom and land in 1971. Who are you to do such cruelty or rather allow it. We the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA want this stopped. I am of the opinion that you and Hitler would have made good friends. I pray you will have a change of heart and save these horses. We should be able to see them and make sure they get good homes. But they should be running free and wild on their land and you know it. When you die you can not take your money with you. Leave the wild horses for future grnerations to behold.

  6. The Department of the Interior has too much taxpayer money to spend. A good start to resolving that problem will be to defund and shutdown the grazing lease program, defund and shutdown the administration of those grazing leases and transfer the personnel involved to more useful work if they have civil service protection, otherwise just dismiss them as an economy measure. Grazing leases are the driver behind the overpopulation myth that serves as justification for these measures. Those grazing leases are incredibly costly to administer, returning zero net funds to the US Treasury, seving no useful purpose in our economy, creating ecological disaster on our western public lands..

  7. Who said there is justice for the people or the animals and especially the wild Mustangs in this land. What is happening with the Land Management is not just sickening it is pure evil. This country supposedly stands for freedom but I see no freedom anywhere. What I see are animals born free being hunted down and slaughtered. The slaughter of Mustangs is justified by propaganda and lie after lie. Those of us who do have a soul and love animals, those of us who have a spiritual connection see right through the cruelty and inhumanity of Secretary Jewell. I have been involved in trying to stop the inhuman herding of wild Mustangs by helicopters from way back when the witch of the North Secretary Jewell was appointed in the position of Secretary of the Interior. Those of us who were writing and petitioning the government thought that the new Secretary appointed by President Obama would make a difference. But instead things got worse. This woman reminds me of a leech. Though I have no hard evidence to prove it, I am one hundred percent sure that the ranchers are paying her to steal more public land and give it to them for grazing their beef. If you are ever in doubt follow the money. The corruption in our government has reached unimaginable proportions. Did you hear this Secretary Jewell? This is PUBLIC land. Our land. Who gives you the right to just grab it for your own evil intentions? Who gave you the right to chase the wild Mustangs out of their own environment and out of THEIR own land and send them to slaughter?. These horses have been there since time immemorial We the people are asking you a very legitimate question and we expect a legitimate answer which you refuse to give. On that note, I will write to President Obama and complain bitterly about your illegal activities. Probably as busy as he is with other matters your evil actions evaded him. It is time everyone who loves these beautiful spiritual beings invites his attention to the lies and propaganda you are spreading about the so called over-population of Mustangs. That is a preposterous lie and you know it. But we are no longer going to just keep writing to you and begging you to become human. That is not possible. You are either born human or you are not. Not every one who wears a human mask is human. That is proven by their actions. And your actions Secretary Jewell have proven beyond any doubt that you, Madam, are not human. If you had any kind of human decency you would have left the Mustangs alone in their environment as God intended them. By the way, have you ever looked into the eyes of a horse? And, have you ever watched a video showing how horses are slaughtered? I advise you to watch such a video. Maybe after you watch it, by some miracle a spark of humanity mightl wake up inside of you.

  8. I am appalled at the use of tax money for this. This is inhumane and risky. I oppose doing these impractical surgeries that have been recommended not to be done in the field. If this is so easy on the animals open it up for concerned public to be there and document what happens. I strongly oppose this and ask that you stop it before it starts. This is cruel

  9. Our tax money should not be used for this, this is very risky and I oppose this very much. it is very cruel.

  10. I am embarrassed for this country and especially the government entity of the BLM that continue to abuse this countries American Wild Horses and Burros! You have no right to experiment on our horses and burros, when you were given the title of stewardship that was to make sure the horses and burros would always be taken care of compassionately, not used as science experiments! and definitely not to be permanently sterilized!!! you have broken every law that applies to your stewardship and the laws that protect the species. I am outraged!!! Stop this immediately!!

  11. I cannot believe all of this is going on in this day and age with all of the communications tools that are available for the American public to find out what is happening to our beloved national treasure — the wild horses and burros.

    Thank you Protect Mustangs for bringing this to our attention.

  12. Wild Horses require the same standard of care as non-wild horses get. Not only are the experiments invasive and dangerous to domesticated horses they are just as dangerous to the wild horses especially with the lack of after care and performing the procedures in un-sanitized areas.

    Just exactly what is that the BLM wild horse and burro program expect to learn from the ‘experiments’, the death rate? How many will die because of this experiment before they are returned to their HMAs?

  13. Wow 11 million dollars!!! What in the world are they even thinking that amount of money would save a lot of horses if it was used to protect them instead of experiment on them with these horrible pesticides!! If the BLM would just start fighting for the horses , which is what they are suppose to do, and stop experimenting on them life would be good for our Wild Horses. They are being treated like second class wildlife instead of the precious living legends they are !!! BLM stop treating these horses like you are doing now. Leave them alone and let them run free and they will help you keep the land they are on viable for reuse and if you are experts like you claim then you know this already. There is just no sense in continuing to pretend like you have to round them up because there are to many, NO there are to not to many!!! Tell the truth about the many reasons you are abusing the horses like , oil, cattle, fracking and gas on there land. We know what you are doing and we don’t have the force you have but believe me we are a force and we will fight you to hell and back for the Wild Horses!!!

  14. TO Echo Tammy’s comment, “This IS the most sickening thing I have ever heard of !! These mares are not BLM’s to torture, murder or abuse !! These are OUR horses BLM !! What gives you the right to experiment on OUR AMERICAN heritage ???? I am outraged, along with many other Americans. This is abuse, and we DO NOT want to pay for your evil doings !! Open up Broken Arrow to the public, for adoptions etc. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT experiment on these horses, they are supposed to be protected!!! I can’t even imagine doing this. This is major surgery, and with no after care, follow up, are you kidding me ?? !!! Enough is enough already !! Leave them alone !!” Do you want to go down in history considered an exterminator and a torturer ?

  15. It is just not the people of American West that are outraged at the controlled extinction the wild horses but much of civilized world. Why is the BLM not brought up on charges for misuse of funds and complete lack of responsibility .towards the land and it use. You are wantonly killing the animals and selling the land to foreign interests . Shame

  16. The United States Government is out of control!!! No honor, no integrity, and certainly no regard for the people of this country. Rampant murder of wildlife, horses, wolves, bison…all to satisfy the promises made to certain industries. I am ashamed to be an American. Laws get ignored and nothing is done. Our wildlife is quickly disappearing. Our environment, our world will follow quickly behind. The greatest country on the planet? Not even close.

  17. Dear Secretary Sally Jewell ,
    I can’t believe our majestic , free roaming wild horses and furrows are being tortured like this by the BLM . when it’s their job to be good stewards of our horses and furrows ! The enormous stress and emotional turmoil is ethically , morally wrong ! Family members are ripped apart , moms screaming for their babies , babies either run to death or die from stress not being with their mothers ! Now the BLM moves them to to perform some archaic , BARBARIC torture experiments on the mares to prevent births ! They say their OVERPOPULATED ?? Yet when you go to horse country to show your grandchildren the wild , running free , horses and burrows ? There hard to spot there is no overpopulation problem ! It’s an excuse to justify the greedy special interest groups , who want American’s public land for destructive purposes ! WE THE PEOPLE Demand OUR wild horses and burrows be protected according to the law ! And return them back to their homeland , after all , their part of America The Beautiful ! Thank you for your time …. Please act now ………..

  18. Dear Secretary Sally Jewell ,
    I can’t believe our majestic , free roaming wild horses and burrows are being tortured like this by the BLM . when it’s their job to be good stewards of our horses and burrows ! The enormous stress and emotional turmoil is ethically , morally wrong ! Family members are ripped apart , moms screaming for their babies , babies either run to death or die from stress not being with their mothers ! Now the BLM moves them to to perform some archaic , BARBARIC torture experiments on the mares to prevent births ! They say their OVERPOPULATED ?? Yet when you go to horse country to show your grandchildren the wild , running free , horses and burrows ? There hard to spot there is no overpopulation problem ! It’s an excuse to justify the greedy special interest groups , who want American’s public land for destructive purposes ! WE THE PEOPLE Demand OUR wild horses and burrows be protected according to the law ! And return them back to their homeland , after all , their part of America The Beautiful ! Thank you for your time …. Please act now ………..

  19. I am angry at the blatant disregard to our wild American horses. The cruel helicopter around ups and transport and storage in filthy lots are being allowed by our government, at Americans expense . The voices of the American people have told the senators ,BLM & the president that this needs to stop!! I am ashamed of those in office that are allowing this. I will never vote for any of those in office that have ignored this situation. I will not stop educating my fellow Americans about what is going on…never! Thank you all who are boots on the ground! God Bless you all! God Bless America!

  20. Before starting these procedures on any horses, BLM might want to look at the procedures that US Fish and Wildlife did to the Sheldon horses. We have a small herd of horses from the Sheldon NWR, and I can say that the procedures they did have created major unrest in the herd dynamics. We have spayed horses, horses that had a vasectomy, gelded horses as well as intact mares, and a sex ratio that is roughly 2.5 to 1 in favor of males. Mares cycle in and out of heat, and the males constantly fight over mares, who of course are not bred. Unless they are kept separate, mares apart from males. So family bands, which were in upheaval already from gathers and being split up and sent to different contractors, are fragmented and separated at best.

  21. You must stand up and do your job. Just to remind you, your job is the protection of our wild. Start standing for the animals and people you serve. Stop pandering to special interests and welfare ranchers. We the people want our wild horses left alone. We do not want them displaced for cattle. We do not want them experimented on. We do not want them terrorized and hauled to slaughter. We the people want our wild.

  22. I am a taxpayer along with other Americans. I do not approve our tax dollars being used to fund the BLM,s budget for horse/burro roundups, helicopters, permits, horse transportations to various auctions/slaughterhouses! I do not approve or authorize our dollars to inflict death, cruelty, and sterization experiments. The billions of dollars spent and these barbaric methods need to stop immediately. Every politician involved and who have approved of any of the above needs to be removed from office. Our government is involved in methods and spending money that Americans are appalled about! Stop this madness!!!!

  23. Dear Secretary Jewell, The wild horses and burrows are our national treasure. This is horrific, cruel, inhumane and unnecessary. Welfare Ranchers and the BLM have no business destroying these horses or rounding them up. Our public lands should not be leased to Ranchers for grazing, and our iconic wildlife destroyed tortured, sent to slaughter , left to starve in holding, these are our public land,our precious wildlife a symbol of National pride and our government is in the pocket if the destructive ranching industry . Do not use our tax dollars to abuse , torture and destroy our iconic wildlife!

  24. Secetary S Jewell;If ever our FWD, BLM, Dept of NR and our entire government need to make a shift in their thinking, policies and management of wildlife and the like is NOW. Not only do these agencies continue to follow unsound, unethical forms of management but also act agains the very fiber of protection, preservation and conservation. Wild life services kills thousands of animals a year and BIG AG lobbyists certainly support the decimation of wild lands, wild horses wolves and anything that seems to conflict with livestock, grazing and ranching. Time to step out of the greed zone and stop the barbaric treatment of these horses. Sterilization research and practice on these horses is unethical regardless of the research grants proposed. Some of the methods of sterilization proposed is barbaric, unethical and downright horrific. Secretary Jewell, you are fully aware of the BIG AG and BIG OIL that is behind the inhumane rounding up of these Mustangs where by they foals are lost and separated from their mothers and are either run down and injured or run into pens with bare minimum for food, shelter and water. This public land and we believe and preserve the right to uphold the freedoms and rights of these wild horses. YOU are being watched and your actions will follow you. Do the moral and ethical thing and put an end to this tragedy as it unfolds. Do not let a mare be come the next painful, inhumane and unethical practice animal– your hands will be bloody if you do. WE WILL ELECT a NEW president; one with compassion, a conscience, empathy, and the ability to discern the lobbyist’s greed from the rights of humanity. One who will measure the value of all living beings equally and not by the measure of their monetary worth or competition for big AG or Oil. PROTECT our wildlife, our mustangs our horses, our coyote … OUR taxes dollars should not pay for immoral or unethical treatment of animals and wildlife.

  25. Dear secretary Jewell. Our Wild Horses have been rounded-up,removed from their home,separated from their families/their young.In which some of their young have die trying to keep up with their mothers just so the Ranchers can replace them on public land with their cattle,one life is not more important then another. I feel the persecution of our Wild Horses needs to stop now set them free.I also feel they are being molested by the experiments that BLM is doing,They are using PZP that is a pesticides that we would not even use on our women for birth control.Who gives us this right?However Secretary Jewell at this very moment our Wild Pregnant Mares are being move from Palomino Valley to Indian lake aka Broken Arrow Area to perform a Nazi-Type Steralization experiment on them that is not only unhumane but should never happen.Please stop this from happening and return them back home to run free the way it should be.What did our Wild Horses ever do to deserve this treatment from us besides be a Horse.Thank You Secretary Jewell,Please support us.

  26. Somewhere, somehow this has to be illegal in a letter of the law and yet, also down deep into our hearts and the pits of each and every one of our stomachs we know this is just plain morally wrong. Our wild horses are protected and we as humans are their protectors. The BLM was given this honor and has done little to nothing but exploit the care and concern of these majestic creatures. They (the BLM) cannot be trusted to be the guardians of our horses and other wild resources any longer. I was bold faced lied to by them at the Cold Creek, NV roundup September 2015 and would testify to that fact! These wild horses are not ours to use for any sort of biological experimentation that screams eugenics when you peel the layers back into the historical context of what has been happening to the populations = decimation to extinction. Their {inflated} population numbers have never been proven on any HMA, the Cold Creek NV is a great example, please investigate this! I am appalled at what is happening on my watch as a citizen of this great country and a lover of our wild creatures to the wild horses. Who speaks for these animals? Who is a rightful guardian with their best interests in mind? It certainly isn’t who we are paying — the BLM, that is for certain. Follow the money, shine the light. This is already out of control, who let this happen, who is signing the orders? Atrocity!

  27. I am disgusted by the injustice that is taking place. Man seems to think that he owns everything on our dying planet, and at the same time is ignorant to the fact that our planet is being killed at his hand. Wildlife does not belong to us. We are at a point where more and more species which were once abundant are being put on the endangered species list. Extinction in eminent. These majestic wild horses and burros are certainly no exception. As with other captive mammals, land and sea, experimentation is cruel and abusive. Furthermore, there is nothing to be gained. I’d like to know the factual, scientific reasoning for the experiments and sterilization. Of course that will never happen because there is none. We’ll just be fed the same b***s***, the same lies. What good can come from it? NONE! There are other captive species that are being “studied” in order to help those in the wild. It’s absurd. And it breaks my heart to watch the spirit of these wild horses and burros being broken. As Tracy Mohr stated, splitting up the social dynamics that exists among the herds is wreaking havoc. Not only is the BLM stealing from nature, it is also stealing from us and putting the booty into something that should not have ever been even remotely considered. It saddens me deeply to watch the roundups that result in captivity. And it saddens me that the people of this country are either unaware or turn their heads the other way. The horses and burros need to be free, roaming THEIR land, the land that Mother Nature intended for them. Mankind is a monster. There is absolutely nothing positive that comes from the superiority complex that Man has self-endowed himself with.
    The link below is a 5 minute video that exemplifies just how urgent it is to leave Mother Nature’s creatures to do what they do best. She is very smart. It’s called “How the Wolves Changed the River” and is applicable to all living creatures and the environment that must be stabilized. Stealing these magnificent wild horses from their home is criminal. They should not to be meddled with. Awareness is the key to put an end to this horrific trade.

  28. What is BLM thinking? To spend 11 million dollars on using pesticides, spaying and other experiments when they can’t even give the horses proper shade and protection from the winter. Left to freeze to the ground and babies left without their mothers who are sent to slaughter. I want to know who has approved this awful plan! It makes no sense! Is there a pay off some where? Explain why! BLM use science and common sense! Go to CNN or another news station tell the public of your plans and see what they say! Stop your back room plans and hiding your actions and be transparent to the public.

  29. As a citizen of the USA, a Zoologist, and a horse rescuer, I am horrified that OUR beloved Wild Horses are not left in peace. The 1971 Free Roaming Act was supported by over 90% of the American population, and passed unanimously by both houses of congress because a population of two million WILD HORSEs had dropped to less than 25,000 via the acts of greedy ranchers and associated slaughterers. The true population of Wild Horses today is confirmed by those private persons who have access to their lands to be at 25,000 or less. In spite of the legislation, no improvement in 45 years thanks to the actions of those same greedy ranchers, energy companies, hunters, and horse hating slaughter advocates who covet the public land for their private profit. But what is remarkable is that the US government via the BLM, the very agency put in charge of the care and preservation of the Wild Horses are now deeply under the influence of those very ones who covet the lands for private profit.

    As a scientist I am equally horrified that these American Icons are quietly being submitted to experimentation from field castration and spaying, which any damned fool knows is exceptionally dangerous, to experimental use of chemical forms of sterilization – and rest assured these pesticides are exceptionally dangerous to our UNDER populated Wild Horses and their use is completely unacceptable.

    I submit that it is way past time to look at the truth. PUBLIC PROPERTY CANNOT BE USED FOR PRIVATE PROFIT. OUR Wild Horses and Burros have sustained OUR lands for eons whereas the bovine that are now over grazing them destroy the grasses and deplete the land so severely that it may never be restored. There are many scientific studies that prove that the equine do not destroy the grasses but rather maintain it, replenish it, and clear the lower brush preventing forest fires.

    We must operate from truth not greed. It still may not be too late if the government will resort to these truths. If for no reason, but for the right of Americans to glory in the sight of these beautiful animals, OUR WILD HORSES living wild in their natural setting.

    Wild Horses and Burros belong to us. Stop finding ways to harm them.

    Experimentation with PZP, GonaCon™, SpayVac® all of which are pesticides that classify wild horses preposterously as pests. This would be funny if it were not so startling true. How dare you even consider doing this to any animal much less our Wild Horses? If it were other companion animals like cats and dogs, would you even consider it?

    Once again I remind you PUPLIC RESOURCES ARE NOT FOR PRIVATE PROFIT. Tell the BLM to stop leasing public lands to greedy ranchers for cheap over graziing and to go out and collect the grazing fees from those who owe back fees for years such as in Cliven Bundy.


  30. STOP rounding up mustangs and wild burros. They are not the property of the BLM – OR – the handful of ranchers using land owned by ALL the American people.

  31. Dear Secretary Jewel

    Anne Novak of Protect Mustangs has gone to great lengths to draft an anti cruelty bill to protect our wild horses & burros. It is the job of the Department of Interior to protect our wild horses & burros as well as all animal life. Cattlemen be damned. Do the right thing for the horses & burros. They were on this land long before us.They derservevto be loved, protected & cared for and allowed to run free on their land.

    They are not to be rounded up, sold for meat or experimented on in any way shape or form.

    Horses and burros have always been mankinds helpers. They deserve so much more than we are providing.

    Listen to the people who taxes are being used to continue the atrocities against the wild horses & burros.

    Listen to the people raising their voices to protect the voiceless.

    It is in your power to stop the BLM & their ruthlessness against our horses & burros!

    Listen to the people not the cattlemen & lobbyists.

    Respect fully,

    Kathi Stack

  32. Unfortunately, the government and Secretary Jewell truly believe that they own the so called “Federal” land which is not at all federal. Federal Reserve is not federal. Nothing is federal. The land and the Mustangs belong to the people of the United States of America. They are our horses and we are disgusted and sick at heart of seeing them being chased by helicopters and having their young trampled while they are running and being chased by the evil witch of the North, Secretary Jewell. I am willing to bet that she is being paid by the ranchers to get rid of the horses so their cows will have more land to graze on. This is all about the money. The more money they have the more they want. The suffering of the horses is irrelevant to them. However it is relevant to us. This has to stop but how do we stop it? That is the big question. I challenge everyone who has posted here to come up with an answer. Words ladies and gentlemen are cheap. What we want to see here is action. I have been fighting for the horses with words for years. I have been signing petition after petition. Nothing helped. Innocent lives are being butchered. These horses were born free to roam. Watching them is magical as they blend with nature. Their beauty is unimaginable. They are spiritual beings created by our God and Creator to color our lives. The Universe is watching and I know she is not pleased with what is happening in America. The brutal and inhumane treatment of these horses who were born to be free is totally unacceptable. But our government does not listen to us. Our government in fact does not listen to us about any topic, never mind the horses. To them the horses are expendable. Those people whom we voted to protect us in Congress do not give a damn about the fate of the horses.
    I am so disgusted and cynical about what is happening in Washington that I consider the 2016 elections another theatrical production. Here we go again. Let’s watch another play on the Washington stage. We know of course that nothing will change. Absolutely nothing. Will the next government, Democrats or Republicans be more humane and have a heart that beats and hurts for the animals and especially for the Wild Mustangs? I very much doubt it.

    Thank you!

    Kallya Georgiades

  33. (The Beaty’s Butte pregnant mares and members of their herd seem to have been rounded up because Country Natural Beef, a supplier of Whole Foods Market, was pushing for the roundup. Do they want the federally protected wild horses gone so they can use the public grazing land for more grass fed beef?) – That says it all to me PUBLIC LAND for grazing, Protected FREE Wild Horses – Stop the round ups, Leave them alone, protect and respect, the land does not belong to the farmers or the gov it belongs to the animals, leave the wild horses alone.

  34. Have you seen the FACT SHEET on PZP published on Protect Mustangs, today?
    Please go there and read it. FABuLOUSLY done! Congratulations to them for doing a magnificent job.

  35. Why should the BLM stop when they are making money from the ranchers to get the horses out! As long as they are pocketing money from whoever to keep the horses gone it will never stop, it goes all the way to the top.( meaning the President), if not it would have stopped by now. I personally don’t want my tax dollars used in this way and I would like to see some of the money for grazing finally paid back by the ranchers. Like I’m sure they need it anyway, if you know who they are. I personally don’t use anything related to them.

  36. First chance I’ve had to read this and I’d like to say first of all that yes it’s time to hone in on the Crown Jewell Herself. We need to keep the pressure up because ultimately this is all happening under her watch. She is our employee and she has been unresponsive to our needs for far too long, in addition to watching as the BLM wastes millions of our hard earned dollars. 1.3 billion is laughable. I also want to say to this amazing group of people here that I appreciated every one of these meaningful comments and that it is, we all know, time to show up with signs at Ms Jewell’s “headquarters.” Dictatorship no more. The 80% out here far outnumber the few cattle barons.

  37. I totally agree with all the comments above. I too have been signing petition after petition to stop the BLM and for Jewell to do something about what is going on with our wild animals, horses, wolves etc. But nothing good ever comes of it. We are helpless and with the new election coming I do not want to vote for anyone who is not dedicated to stop any crueltly of our wildlife or our companion animals. Very scarey indeed. I see our state slowly going down the drain because of greed that is consuming our freedom. All these criminals need to be exposed and shot !!!!!!!

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