Help create the eco-sanctuary for American wild horses

Contact Anne Novak at 415-531-8454 or by email via if you would like to help create the Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary for education and outreach close to San Francisco. This will be the permanent home for the WY14, Blondie, Tibet, Lennox, Amore, Sol & Val

Below are some photos of the group of wild horses known as the WY14–wild horses rescued back from the slaughterhouse in 2014 by Mark Boone Junior and Anne Novak.




WY14 grazing for the first time since the slaughter-bound roundup

WY14 grazing for the first time since the slaughter-bound roundup





©Cynthia Smalley


PM WY14 May 26 offload




Ghost Dancer arrives in California

Ghost Dancer arrives in California


PM WY14 Saved May 2014 Neutral Zone




Herd Was Slaughtered


PM WY41 Chute




Below are the Wild Horse Ambassadors who will have close contact with people at the Eco-Sanctuary


Amore was recently rescued front he Oklahoma kill pen. She was a riding horse.

AMORE Kill Pen with Braids




Lennox was rescued from the Fort Mc Dermitt roundup and slaughter auction in Fallon, Nevada in 2013



PM Lennox A August 2014


PM Lennox


Tibet and Blondie were both yearlings facing their 3rd Strike and were saved




Blondie & Tibet Jan 5 2013



Blondie Tibet Oct 27 2013


March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013


March 3, 2013

March 3, 2013


Blondie & Brownie at BLM Litchfield corral with Inez Sept. 2012

Blondie & Brownie at BLM Litchfield corral with Sept. 2012



Val and Sol are from the Twin Peaks HMA and were saved as weanlings when BLM was selling truckloads of wild horses to kill buyers. Some scoundrels were collecting young ones to live ship for foal sashimi in Asia.

PM Val Set Me Free


PM Val & Sol Ears


PM Val Sol Trim C June 27 2015 FB



PM Val Sol Etoile Weaned 2010
Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

22 thoughts on “Help create the eco-sanctuary for American wild horses

  1. Please save these horses! There is no need to do cruel things to beautiful, innocent animals.

  2. Poor babies ripped from their families, their home and life as they knew it forever 🙁 of course an a Eco Sanctary for Wild Horses is needed. These poor babies require different care as they are scared confused and I’m sure very depressed. If tax payers money can be used to cause this terrible distucion then surely it can also be used to help them!

  3. Please help if you can. These horse deserve protection that the1971 Wild horse and Burro Act was created to do. I could not imagine my child being ripped from our family as these were. Yes, they have feelings and need family too. It breaks my heart to see them in corrals when they should be free on the range where they should be.

  4. These wonderful creatures are our legacy that was entrusted to us to help them and ensure their continuance in this great nation of ours. We cannot, and must not keep exploiting these Living National Treasures as , in the end, we as a people, and as a nation. will only destroy ourselves and become a disgrace to each other, the Nations, and to God. Our words will become hollow and worthless, and our deeds that we do will be meaningless, insomuch as advancing ourselves, if we continue to abuse nature and God.

  5. Please help our Mustangs in any way that you can. Sign a petition, write a letter, make a phone call, speak out, volunteer, donate. Be supportive, they need to know we care about them now and in the future. It takes a village of good people to have a positive outcome. Build together. Thank you for all you do.

  6. The Bureau of Land Management is an agency consisting of heartless and soulless zombies whose sole existence is based on money. Money governs their lives. They have already sold their soul to the devil for money and power. These beautiful amazing spiritual beings we call Horses, were sent to us from God to color our lives in the wild. Can anyone imagine gazing at the horizon and not seeing these magical beings running wild against the wind. It would be against God and His creation. But does BLM understand God? Do they believe there is a God? That is the big question. If someone is conscienceless it means they have no soul. Our horses, our heritage is in the hands of these unacceptable “humans” who in my estimation are not human at all. Way back I was with another group and we kept sending petition after petition that met with deaf ears. However, a friend told me that if we are able to collect one million Petitions and send them to the White House we will definitely have results. My heart breaks when I think of horses taken to be slaughtered. My soul weeps. This cannot be happening in America. But on the other hand America as we knew it is gone with the wind of change. Those that are running the country are sociopaths and psychopaths. Why else would they approve that Wild Mustangs born free to roam should be captured and sent to slaughter houses. The thought makes me cringe. Please, let’s work on those Petitions. Who knows, everything if possible if we try and everything is possible with God.

  7. I would agree with Karl that we need to think of this issue as the canary in the coal mine. Hence we have got to fight it tooth and nail, because yes it is about the horses but it is also about our identity as a nation–who we are, what we believe in, and how we want this country to operate. It needs help. Part of resolving the wild horse issue, until we have won and the horses and burros are free as per the 1971 Act, is taking care of the ones in holding and that have been ripped off the range–their bands forever destroyed. Each of us, whether we adopt individually or house them at a sanctuary of this nature, is helping to take the pressure off these babies and helping to show what the true American spirit is.

  8. We need to save these horses. protecting caring and saving animals will save us. Love

  9. I very much enjoyed these photos, thank you! I will be donating to help with the eco-sanctuary, it is a wonderful idea. What a world it would be if everyone cared for God’s creatures, as He calls upon each of us to do! Thank you for your tireless efforts for all the horses!

  10. Why is it that the government is so busy destroying areas around but he world, including our own country? Who are our leaders? Profiteers? Gangsters? Robber barons? This is not the country I had put the uniform on to protect! I wanted a country that its representatives would shield and protect our environment and natural resources. What we have here are profit making bums, taking advantage of everything and everyone. It matters little what political party or affiliation. If they take advantage of natural beauty and the public’s welfare, they are out and out bums!

  11. What a wonderful home an Eco-sanctuary would be for these horses. Every day America’s Wild Horses are subjected to so much change and so much horror, simply because they are being managed in a way that is going to destroy them. It absolutely breaks my heart, and the hearts of thousands of people in this country that have to watch it. We fight it every day…every single day. Every single day in this country there is a Mustang that has been ripped from freedom that is in grave danger, either in a kill pen or somehow already in Mexico or Canada for slaughter. It is not right. It is not fair. A solution for the permanent wellbeing and safety of Mustangs and the protection of all horses from slaughter needs to be implemented NOW AND I MEAN NOW!!!

  12. Wow! They are absolutely beautifull.
    Can’t understand how anyone could
    Kill their parents.
    Would love to see the eco sanchuary
    Built. A dream come true for these beauties. They are our history. Extinction is forever.

  13. These horses deserve freedom! Help create an eco-sanctuary be a part of saving our wild horses.

  14. With all the horros you hear, read, and see. Its wonderful to see caring people such as yourselves stepping up to the plate and hitting a homerun.

  15. From such a terrible tragedy, these remnant Wyoming wild horses were bravely rescued. Now it would be wonderful if they could get a permanent sanctuary to restore their lineage, and eventually restore Wyoming’s sorely missing wild horses. This would be a beautiful and just dream come true.

  16. Anne Novak of Protect Mustangs has done a wonderful good deed & given 14 horses a wonderful home. They are now free from round-ups & PZP experiments.

    They will have food, shelter and protection for the rest of their days.

    More eco-shelters should be established across our great lands. Our wild horses need our protection not rounded up, taken away from their families.

    Thank you Anne Novak for all you do to bring the plight of our wild horses and burros to the attention of the media .

  17. I just want to say that a safe forever home is very important so they don’t have to change places anymore. The Wyoming 14 have been through hell and back lets all join together and put them in a nice forever home where they are free to roam the range and be safe for the rest of their lives!!

  18. Thank you Anne Novak ! You have championed the cause of protecting these beautiful Mustangs and brought media attention to these wonderful animals by advocating on behalf of them. You have spoken out for them and your passion for their cause is truly contagious. ..It’s such a wonderful thing you’re doing…

  19. The sterilization program proves our government knows no bounds. This atrocity is being perpetrated on our public lands and I am outraged that there are some that even championed sterilization. I am indignant that they are zeroing out this great american symbol of freedom. It’s a national scandal and will have far reaching effects as wild horses are a keystone species in the diversity of the open lands. ‪#‎MadAsHell‬

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