Emergency roundup that’s been planned since 2014 starts Monday

Stop the Roundups!

More wild horses will be removed forever

ELY, Nevada – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Ely District is scheduled on Monday to begin a helicopter roundup to wipe out approximately 100 wild horses from public and private lands adjacent to U.S. Highway 93 and State Route 322 in and outside the Caliente Herd Areas Complex and Eagle Herd Management Area in eastern Nevada. This issue could be resolved with fencing but they would rather spend the taxpayers money for the next 20 years to warehouse wild horses or send them to slaughter after the American taxpayer has fattened them up with hay.

The District will remove up to 50 wild horses from between Pioche and Eagle Valley that have moved outside the Eagle HMA in search of forage during last years drought. Now that the area is getting enough precipitation the BLM could simply push them back onto the HMA to save the taxpayers money. The Arbitrary Management Level (AML) for the Eagle HMA is 100-210 wild horses. The current population is 1,370 wild horses.

The District will remove up to 50 wild horses from Oak Spring Summit west of Caliente that have moved outside the Caliente Complex in search of forage. Why is the Caliente Complex managed for zero wild horses? The current population is 796 wild horses.

The roundup is expected to take four to six days to complete. A veterinarian will be on site during roundup operations, which will be conducted by a contractor.

The native wild horses will be removed forever, transported to the Axtell Contract Off-Range Corrals in Axtell, Utah, where they will be offered for adoption to qualified individuals if the BLM’s customer service improves. Un-adopted wild horses will be at risk of being sold to slaughter middlemen after 3 strikes in BLM’s failed adoption system or placed in long-term pastures where they will be humanely cared for and treated, and retain their “wild” status and protection under the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act until they are over ten years old and then they legally can be sold by the truckload to a slaughterhouse in Canada or Mexico according to the Burn Amendment to dispose of wild horses and burros.
The BLM claims they do not sell or send any wild horses to slaughter. They sell them to the middlemen who then sell wild horses to slaughter. This way the BLM’s hands don’t get dirty.

The Eagle-Caliente Complex Emergency Gather is no emergency as it’s been planned to appease ranchers and county commissioners with greased palms since 2014. The impacts are described and analyzed in the Ely District Public Safety and Nuisance Gather Environmental Assessment available at http://1.usa.gov/23ws5je but almost no maps or data appears there. This is the bulk of the information

Have you wondered why no well funded group is challenging the roundup in court or mediating for alternative holistic management solutions? Is the BLM using fertility control or just removing all the wild horses?

Follow the money . . . Know what resources (renewable energy, tracking mining, etc.) are about to erupt in that area. Keep in mind this is the same BLM office and cast of shady characters who are involved in the Water Canyon GONACON™ EXPERIMENT.

The roundup Hotline has been established at 775-861-6700. A recorded message will provide updated roundup activities. Roundup reports will be posted on the BLM Ely District website at http://on.doi.gov/1lGnDYC.

Please go to the roundup if you can at your own risk, document and now that it’s 2016 be sure to report animal cruelty to the FBI if you see it. But be careful because this part of the country is run by wild horse hating scoundrels pretending to be otherwise.

For more information from a BLM employee, contact:

Ben Noyes, wild horse and burro specialist
BLM Ely District office
702 North Industrial Way
Ely, NV 89301
(775) 289-1800

Pm BLM Spin


Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

11 thoughts on “Emergency roundup that’s been planned since 2014 starts Monday

  1. If they could be as relentless to saving & giving good Humane care , the entire USA & more would be thrilled beyond description !

  2. BLM has had an evil plan in motion since forever, they are crooked and breaking the law. Roundups of the Wild Mustang law of 1971 states there is to be no harassing , branding sterilization or removal of the horses from their HMA lands. How does BLM get away with this crime? It is due to Congress giving them a green light to commit crimes. Where does our tax money go? To the very cruel none proven sterilization practices that BLM documents state are not proven just hit and miss. None of this will change as long as there are no term limits on Congress. Prostitution is illegal, yet our politicians are being bought by big money Corporations. These icons are vitally important to our eco system. Ever wonder why wild fires are so out of control? These majestic horses eat the dry scrub which helps stop the wild fires. Eco system dying based on the over abundance of cattle, California in a methane gas leak further destroying our planet. Caused by oil Corporations that rake in money yet make no repairs. The horses were removed the BLM lied about numbers and over population. The BLM plan is to make the herds non reproducing thus removing their wild horse status. Then they plan to remove them completely. The Gonacon was mentioned in their 2008/2009 plan for extinction. This document was on the internet, stating in house only memo. All involved were named and what roles they played were stated. Very disgusting and disturbing. Even Sally Jewel talking about 10,000 horses that would be the easiest to ship to Canada out of holding facility in Kansas. We need major changes on how this Country is being ruined by elected officials.

  3. YOU MEAN YOU WANT ME TO CONTACT THE SAME FBI WHO MURDERED MR. FINICIUM? SCREW THE FBI: “Please go to the roundup if you can at your own risk, document and now that it’s 2016 be sure to report animal cruelty to the FBI if you see it.”

  4. The horses belong to the American people. They are a National Treasure and we should be protecting them. The BLM is funded by tax payers. They work for WE THE PEOPLE! We want this brutal and barbaric attack on our horses stop NOW! We want an account of where the. Only is going and WHY? We will not stop fighting for our horses and SOMEONE is going to be help accountable! Accountable from the TAX PAYERS, THE ANIMALE CRUELTY PROTECTION groups, and BY GOD ALMIGHTY! Evil people will be punished!
    GOD please watch over our beloved horse and stop the evil doers that are the definition of GREED! Amen!

  5. Please leave our wild horses alone there not harming anything . There beautiful and thats what this country was built on. Our greatest presedents rode horses in wars.. They havent done anything to anyone for you to want to destroy them. If anything the ranchers should have to make there herd small cause the can share with the wild horses.

  6. Taxpayers will be taking care of these horses for 20 years why don’t we just take some of that tax money and building regular fence instead of scaring and harming the wild horses

  7. You people are delusional. This was not planned in 2014, this was planned because we have had more than 5 vehicles hit horses, with injuries to people. Those people are my friends and family. When another person dies here because horses are on the road, looking for food and water, because there are too many of them, i will use all of my power to make sure you are named in the lawsuit.

    We don’t have any deer or other widllife anymore, all we have is horses of poor genetics that are destroying everything, including cars and the people in them.

    i hope you suffer just like the horses you claim to protect, from some hundreds of miles away. We find them dead all the time, no dead deer, no elk, just horses.

    Remember, when someone dies, the lawyers will come calling.

  8. So 58000 Mustang suffering in shitty horrible BM pens isn’t enough! No Shade no Shelter NO Vet care ! This is a complete outrage !! Stop this horrific unnecessary round ups NOW !!!! Leave the mustang Alone and Release the ones already in BLM pens !!!!

  9. The BLM’s goals and actions for decades toward the wild horses and burros have not changed. The public opinions have not changed. For decades.

    The BLM does not understand that it does not own the horses and burros.

    The public does not understand that it does not own the horses and burros either.

    The wild horses and burros belong to themselves.

    If that can be understood by both sides, and members of the public are able and willing to “get the herds away from highways where accidents are happening,” to non-gov’t private lands and sanctuaries, those BLM employees who are mature, open-minded and reasonable adults may accept a program for the herds.

    It will require:
    1. Dedicated adults
    2. Land, fence and water
    3. Caretakers with knowledge of horses
    4. Patience, determination, and respectful dialogue
    5. Lifetime commitment
    6. Belief in making it so

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