Wild horses living in freedom often show ribs, hips, back in February

Here are some photographs taken in the Reno area showing wild horses in the wild. They are predominately Virginia Range wild horses. Have some of these mustangs received PZP treatments already?

PM Ribs Arrows VR Feb 2016




Photos by Wendell Stockdale

Wild horses in high desert sanctuaries with acreage often show ribs at the end of winter. We will post some photos after we sort through what has been sent to us.

3 thoughts on “Wild horses living in freedom often show ribs, hips, back in February

  1. PZP is bad news for wildlife, if PZP was administered to these horses as suspected, then we have additional evidence of harm.

  2. Yes, there is heavy PZP darting going on in Virginia range and many who live there report very adverse effects on the wild horses there, including abortions and losing hair, festering sores on the body, etc, and claim that this appears to be caused by the PZP, or other experimentations on these freedom-deserving horses. All the while they ignore my Reserve Design proposal–the right course of action! See http://www.gofundme.com/mstngreservedesign

  3. If the PZP Pushers and BLM think PZP is harmless to mammals, they shouldn’t mind proving it by getting darted.

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