Wild horses rescued from slaughterhouse are stalked, harassed by pro-slaughter & pro-sterilization advocates

Retaliation scheme against Protect Mustangs for speaking out against sterilization and slaughter

The pro-slaughter, pro-experiment on pregnant mares, pro-sterilization, pro-pzp advocates are posing as horse advocates in the “Sinister Solutions” group on Facebook. They broadcast the BLM agenda on their Facebook page sprinkled with BLM employees. It’s like an endless biased talk show. They bash and lie about real advocates championing the rights of America’s wild horses and Facebook lets them do it.

Several members of Sinister Solutions started a new group to lead the smear against us, the WY14™ and Protect Mustangs™. They are spreading lies, bashing, bullying and harassing us. They want to hurt the March pasture board fundraiser for the Wyoming 14™ (WY14™) https://www.gofundme.com/MustangPasture3-16 and they want to hurt the wild horses.

The sinister group launched a Facebook page to find the WY14™ in their private location so they would lose their safety. Now their location has been disclosed to many pro-slaughter people. What is the real motive of the group run by BLM supporters?

Several haters and jealous people also joined the Facebook group to be part of the hate-fest. Their goal is to hurt donations for the WY14™ so the orphans of slaughter can’t pay their pasture board for March. They are trying to put them at-risk.

These online bullies are not only hoping for neglect but they are interfering in our program and work. It seems they are also threatening to cause harm. The pro-slaughter, pro-sterilization advocates are plotting to “swoop in to take them”. . . But we aren’t going to let that happen.

We have contacted the authorities. Protect Mustangs has enlisted an armed security guard for an additional $1000. per month after receiving screenshots of the stalkers plotting in the Facebook group. The WY14™ board is $2,500. Security is now $1000. and then GoFundMe/WP takes 10% combined for processing. That makes the total $3,850. per month until we can move them to a new location. I pray that’s very soon so the WY14™ can know peace again. Please donate here: https://www.gofundme.com/MustangPasture3-16

If you are hearing lies about missing horses or anything else, please call me and ask any questions. My number is 415-531-8454. You can also email us at Contact@ProtectMustangs.org All the members of the herd known as the WY14™ (14 + 2 foals) are fine and well cared for on a daily basis. Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist, will attest to that. You can read his report here.

You will remember that I spoke about the one mustang who escaped during loading from the layover sanctuary last August. His name is White Socks and he was invited to stay at Dreamcatcher for the winter. The haters and pro-slaughter people have been spreading lies to create hysteria that he was missing when we had already told supporters he was there. They even went as far as to violate copyright laws to harass and bully us. This is vicious, illegal and there’s more to it.

The WY14™ are sad that their peaceful eco-pasture has been ruined by stalkers with telephoto cameras posting smears on Facebook, spewing jealously, hatred and bad energy. The WY14™ were starting to get better after all the trauma from the BLM roundup where everyone over the age of 2 was killed at slaughter for human consumption. Now they are being persecuted again. . .

Keep in mind all this is happening when a few members of the WY14™ are going to contribute foals. These fertility-haters are spying on the pregnant mares, making false claims to animal welfare agencies and then rushing off on Facebook to spread gloom and doom about their pregnancies, calling them “rank”, “inbred”, and “ugly”, etc. This is so  wrong.

Right now the WY14™ need your help to share and donate for their March pasture rent. Please help them here: https://www.gofundme.com/MustangPasture3-16 Please share often so others can help donate too. This makes a big difference.

Please keep the WY14™ in your prayers and PRAY we find the land for their permanent Eco-Sanctuary in California ASAP. This is an emergency now!

With love,

Anne Novak
Volunteer Executive Director

Protect Mustangs is a nonprofit organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

Below Susan Humphrey shares her view on wild horses–calling them feral and pests. http://magicvalley.com/news/local/utah-wildlife-board-urges-blm-to-remove-some-wild-horses/article_9721b046-d207-11e3-964d-001a4bcf887a.htmlBelow Susan Humphrey is speaking about Anne Novak, Executive Director of Protect Mustangs in a public Facebook group.


23 thoughts on “Wild horses rescued from slaughterhouse are stalked, harassed by pro-slaughter & pro-sterilization advocates

  1. It is truly a shame & I have witnessed it ! I am sorry that Anne now has to spend money on security. But understand the need after my recent conversation & suggestion about the trespassing ! One would think those caring about horses wouldn’t even think of doing those things ! For me , I find it unbelievable ! But have seen it !!

  2. Our Wild Mustangs reflect total beauty, for someone to say they are ugly is because they look with hatred. Thankfully these horrid people do not make decisions. They have one purpose in life and that is to cause problems. I would wish for horse thieves to be hung like before. To make threats against a animal that has done nothing to you reflects you have very serious character flaws. The thoughts of eating horses is akin to human consumption. Appalled by such callous people who need to get a life…..of their own.
    Best Wishes Anne

  3. Call out these pro-slaughter & pro-sterilization “advocates” and use their lies against them. Wild horses are an inheritance of ALL Americans and the majority of Americans, who want wild horses to remain free, are being ignored by ranchers and the BLM. They don’t own all of the land, especially not public land. Greed speaks for the ranchers and we need to drown their voices out. There are more of us! I don’t eat meat…how about you?

  4. It must really bother the Pro Slaughter folks to find a little herd of wild horses growing up in a private range area that affords them the freedom so many of our symbols of the American West have been robbed of—–while being managed to extinction. The woman leading the charge to open a slaughter house on American soil attacking the woman leading an organization dedicated to saving and protecting the wild horse——hate crime based to me! It has come to posting armed guards to protect our horses in this Country because of the dangerous behavior—temper tantrums—of some who only see them as objects to experiment upon, truck to the borders for murder or to collect a pay day from as governmental contracts are awarded to puppets. Who is next—you or I?

  5. The ringleaders of the hate-group masquerading as “advocates” are openly pro-slaughter and/or pro-sterilization. Good-hearted, true wild-horse advocates — those who do not support slaughter or sterilization, and who would never knowingly associate with those that do — should be aware of the mentality of the leaders driving the group. Their insidious goal is to discredit and destroy the hard-working, unpaid director of Protect Mustangs: Anne Novak. Spreading outright lies and insinuations, they have sown doubt, division, and discord among advocates. Their lies have been shown to be false, but the stalking and harassment continue. Now, because of the imminent danger to both Anne and the horses, the herd must be relocated. In the meantime, armed security had to be hired to keep trespassers and potential horse-snatchers out. Ironically, those who accused Protect Mustangs of too much fund-raising, are forcing Anne to raise more money to cover expenses made necessary by their own mischief. Eventually, real advocates will see the truth and cut ties with those who misled them.

  6. … when deciding to choose which side to B E. O N. for me it is either conscience or self will ( which can be described in many, mostly negative, ways. Either you are for life or you are not. The assault on the wild equines & their “domesticated brothers & sisters is not life. The myriad of assaults includes the various sterilization / zero out / negligent killing, actually. There ain’t. No lone ranger or even the Texas rangers of old to rescue the creatures from this treachery perpetrated by crooks creeps criminals & cohorts _ we know who most of them are _ some dress in work clothes _ some wear suits. * the d o i’s b l m the u s d a’$ wildlife ser the forest ser _ a p h I s f s I s the f d a (negligence) oil gas mineral livestock corporations, safari club int. Protect the harvest _ suits of all shapes sizes & colors in fed & state govt _ lobbyists & lawyers. If any are not perpe(traitors) then it behooves them to prove … otherwise. This I S. B E I N G. Called america’$ atrocity. Zeroing out is genocide. It is truly shameful that devious deception operates thru the human race. Where is the Great. Spirit _ where is Divine Intervention. Mankind worldwide for the most part has become the dupe of “bad medicine”. Pray for _ stand up for the innocents. Seek to stop the carnage.

  7. They are interfering with your right to do business as Protect Mustangs!!!! What MORONS can sit behind their computers for hours and slander a non-profit — I guess they have nothing to offer the world except their hate and jealously that you are still here and standing strong.

  8. The cattlemen lobby and the horse meat industry are behind the push to “manage” the wild horses, and it appears that BLM is being greatly influenced by these people who are only motivated by greed. Just praying for solutions is not working. We all need to contact our representatives and try to get them to act.

  9. I saw this, too. It gave the appearance that the group was fighting amongst themselves. This certainly explains a lot.

  10. This group attacking Protect Mustangs work is on the side of the enemies of wild horses and burros and their legal right to live in freedom and naturally upon the public lands. They want to do all the opposite of what the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act truly mandates! Their harassment of PM shows their colors and it is not for the wild horses in the wild!

  11. Perhaps Protect Mustangs needs Earthjustice (at earthjustice.org.) to file a lawsuit in their behalf, if for nothing else than the slander and the lies that the BLM and their ranching advocates are spreading. If the BLM and others are violating the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, that would be another and a greater, reason to file a lawsuit against them. Protect Mustangs should really look into this possibility.

  12. The people actively attacking Protect Mustangs and the Wyoming 14 are easily pegged as pro-slaughter, pro-PZP, pro-sterilization. Their agenda requires that anything that interferes with cattle and sheep grazing on our public lands must be removed. Those people must be called out and exposed for what they are.

  13. Wow the hatred for the Wild mustangs run deep in these bullies.The Ranchers and BLM should be punish for all that they are doing.Who gives them this right to graze their Cattle on public land? The public land should never had been a options when the life of the Wild Mustangs is at Risk.The public land is home of the Wild Mustangs and should remained that way.Anne Novak and us should never had to fight or protect them but here we are because of BLM is not protecting them and I thought that was their job.I want BLM level out or replace with ppl who will protect them.They are breaking the Law and the more they break the Law we will continue to provide awareness to the public.I stand behind our Wild Mustangs,I stand behind Protect Mustangs,I stand behind you Anne Novak.

  14. We received a screenshot explaining more of Susan Humphrey’s views on America’s wild horses. It’s from an article called “Utah Wildlife Board Urges BLM to Remove Some Wild Horses”. Humphrey says, “It is time the Western states take over the running of their public lands. The federal government is full of special interest groups and red tape that bog any kind of process down. Each state knows what is best for their particular state. The Wild Horse and Burro Act should be repealed. It has been a financial nightmare. These are feral domesticated horses, the same species as all other domestic horses worldwide. The Spanish Colonial breed of horses have been saved by private individuals and groups. The feral “mustangs” are a mix of many breeds released or escaped, mostly in the last 100 years. There are many sanctuaries of BLM horses paid for with private funds. Most welcome visitors and have their BLM horses in a natural setting where they can be observed and cared for. Horses aren’t an endangered species but running “free” they are an invasive pest, much like the feral pigs now in at least 35 states.” Cross-posted for education purposes from: http://magicvalley.com/news/local/utah-wildlife-board-urges-blm-to-remove-some-wild-horses/article_9721b046-d207-11e3-964d-001a4bcf887a.html

  15. Susan Humphrey is completely WRONG. If she wants her comments to be considered even remotely true, she should take a cross-section of these horses DNA. And, wild horses are absolutely NOT “pests”. If they were pests, you would have to consider every wild animal that happens to be personally inconvenient to certain people, “pests.” I would tell her to READ A BOOK! You can’t just disavow science!

  16. These pro-slaughter, pro-experiment on pregnant mares, pro-sterilization morons are just that, morons – uneducated idiots. All you have to do is look at the work that Anne /Protect mustangs do and you can see that’s its all in a good way for the greater good, to protect the horses the land they have and to save them from experiments, slaughter, cross boarder slaughter, poisons and to to keep them out of the hands of these cruel, money grabbing morons hands. The people need to see the truth all over the world of whats really going on, take your stand and show your support.

  17. … truth be told _ the self serving liars, blind to the truth. Truth be told : the perpe(traitors) ‘ll only (possibly, if criminality is not their game) cease their assault when the enforcement of law is out upon them. Demolish the Burn’$ Amendment _ reinforce the free roaming act. Help the S A F E. Act to be passed.

  18. This is sickening, uncalled for and definitely just wrong. First and foremost, the public land is just that. It belongs to the American Citizens whose tax dollars support these lands not the states, the BLM, the DOI, USFWS or any of these people posing as advocates. The horses also belong to the tax paying American Citizens as well and our tax dollars are paying for the round ups they continue to do without considering any input from the actual owners, YOU and I. To put the horses safety in jeopardy and attack Anne who is doing everything she can to assure they are healthy, happy and loved is only hate and can only be described as that. Now is the time to donate however much you can and it is also time to make our voices be heard, as we speak for the horses, by contacting any and all Government and telling them that we do not approve of this and do not want our monies spent in the way they are spending it, no if’s and’s or but’s. We must come together and make as many people aware of the situation with OUR Wild Horses known. make a pledge to tell at least two or more people a day about the issue and ask them to also contact their Local, State and US Government officials to tell them this is wrong, this is unacceptable and that our voices must be heard. They work for us and they need to start listening to what the majority of the Citizens, from whom their pay checks come from, want and demand. It is time to start a movement and make this happen, shake things up and shut the pro slaughter, pro PZP, pro Gonacon and pro experimental liars and haters up once and for all. We can do this together!!!

  19. If there is a group effort or single ones that want to save horses from being slaughtered, it’s the best rescue ever. These horses were not meant to be killed and consumed to eat. They brought your relatives across bad terrain and ungodly travels to settle this county and what thanks do they get in return ? Slaughtering is cruel, savage, inhuman, barbaric and horrific along with being despicable with all that is nature.

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