One thought on “French report on wild horse crisis (2010)

  1. Not only is this wild horse or donkey hate game in the USA, but Canada, implements this wrongful practice through some of there land management facilities, to abusively harm, control wild mammal’s. This is the sick behavior of some of Canada’s land management governmental facilities. Canadian’s who violently violate the existence of God’s wild life, or animals, in their slaughter houses or round-up’s, should be put out of business forever. I wish someone would tell me why do politics always go after Gods creations for the wrong reasons and in the wrong manner. Again………again these waste of time experimenting on wild life, causing harm to them, taking them from their usual activity to be exterminated like trash beneath feet, roping them like savages, wrongfully torching their skin to create a holocaust appeal, feeding them yellow / dried hay as if they don’t care, taking them wrongfully into captivity to practice shooting ranges, all while failing to acknowledge openly that they are legally capturing, punishing, killing Gods creatures, because they are atheistically stupid, foolish, ignorant, cold blooded killers.!

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