Is your representative in Congress pushing for America’s wild horses to lose their federal protections?

Stop elected officials who want to ruin the 1971 Free-Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Protection Act!
READ the shocking letter written last year by elected officials who seem to be supported by special interests groups:
Notice the following points in their letter:
These elected officials call the wild mustangs just “horses” most of the time not “wild horses”. Obviously, this is a constructed subliminal move to wipe out the WILD ones that are to be protected since 1971. [Note: Be sure to always refer to mustangs as wild horses]
Members of Congress, elected by the public but who seem to serve special interests, seem to make false claims of: “overstocking” in HMAs, failure to “dispose” of horses and burros, significant ecological “damage” to riparian areas, “overgrazing” and “compromised water” resources, etc.
We know the public has been telling these elected officials the truth for years so why aren’t they listening? Are they getting paid off?
They also claim “adoptions have “fallen almost 70 percent” in the last 10 years. Is this true?
Is this why the BLM makes it so hard to adopt wild horses due to the worst customer service in America? Do they want the adoption program to fail so they can kill them all?
The BLM always wanted to “dispose” of our cherished wild horses & burros. Sterilization is the next best thing in their eyes. They NEVER wanted to use PZP. They label return-native wild horses as “INVASIVE SPECIES” aka PESTS as you see in their letter. Just like the PZP Pesticide applicant classified them in their 2012 PZP application.
The signers of the letter seem to falsely claim: “Improper management compromises equine health, habitat conservation efforts and allows for resource degradation and encroachment by invasive species that will affect wildlife, livestock producers and recreationalists for decades to come.”
What about the cattle and sheep at more than 100 head of livestock to 1 wild horse that is grazing on public land? Do they think the American public is so stupid to buy into the myth that range degradation is the fault of wild horses?
Contact your elected officials across America to let them know you want your voice in Congress to stand up for what’s right, stand up for the 1971 law, keep America’s wild horses federally protected and never give them to the states!
The letter to Neil Kornze, the Director of BLM, was signed by the following elected officials from the Republican Party:
Sens. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.)
Mike Crapo (R-Idaho)
Steve Daines (R-Mont.)
Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.)
Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.)
Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)
Dean Heller (R-Nev.)
Mike Lee (R-Utah)
John McCain (R- Ariz.)
James Risch (R-Idaho)
Reps. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.)
Mark Amodei (R-Nev.)
Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)
Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.)
Raul Labrador (R-Idaho)
Steve Pearce (R-N.M.)
Adrian Smith (R-Neb.)
Chris Stewart (R-Utah)
Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.)
Now in April 2016 Rep Chris Stewart’s plan has gained momentum as you see in the video below
Links of interest:
Letter to BLM’s Neil Kornze asking for the states to grab control of America’s federally protected wild horses & burros:
PZP Application calls wild horses and burros “PESTS” to get the pesticide approved:
READ the Associated Press article from 2014: Rep. Chris Stewart’s bill seeks to allow states to manage wild horses

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

16 thoughts on “Is your representative in Congress pushing for America’s wild horses to lose their federal protections?

  1. There are no unwanted wild horses or burros in America! When we are given time to plan and arrange for adoptive or foster homes we can get the job done. It is increasingly unclear to the American taxpayer why the BLM appears to place these American icons in death’s way with constant crisis management. We need emergency hay water and shelter at times due to our changing climate and the harshness it places on our reserve land. It is well understood we need cattlemen who pay their taxes and fair share lease money on public lands where the cattle they own are free to graze and destroy without the resource without ever looking back. How does giving these people free decision making at the State level, over wild horses and burros accomplish these needs? It will not—-it will confirm a death sentence without transparency to American Wild Horses and burros. Please do not stack that house of cards against the Wild Horses as voters watch to see what will happen next!

  2. As a taxpaying U.S. Citizen, I must stand up for our federally protected Iconic American Mustangs. These persons trying to push to have them wiped out have no authority over them. They belong to the taxpayers of this Country as a part of our freedom as well. I demand a 10 year moratorium on any activity related to rounding up, birth control, and experimental sterilizations and demand that funding be used for scientific study of the American Mustang. Scientists, ecologists and biologists to provide factual information regarding our remaining Wild Horses. The information being provided by the BLM is inaccurate at best and does not take into account the death rate of newborns and aged Mustangs. There is not an overpopulation, as actual data is not available which is why we need to learn more about the herds. Most herds are at non viable levels at this time and to further remove them or sterilize them will put them on the brink of extinction. The BLM should use funding to create eco sanctuaries for the wild horses in holding so as not to further abuse them. I must insist that as a Citizen who pays for all of the above and the salaries of persons who believe they have the authority to make decisions, I have the right to say this must stop. Leave our wild horses alone and place a 10 year moratorium on all herd reduction activities until proper data is available!!!

  3. Rep Stewart,

    Any time the BLM talks about wild horse and burro populations, they ALWAYS use the term ‘estimate.’ Never precise numbers – we all know that’s because the BLM has not done a count in 20 years! That’s right: 20 years! This is what the experts say: well-renowned, well-respected, highly-experienced advocates who have been involved with the horses and have been observing, photographing, protecting, fighting for them, *and counting them* for decades. They know how many horses there truly are – the BLM are grossly exaggerated and you know it.

    And at this point, after insisting the numbers are SO much higher than they truly are for so long, they risk everything if they finally do what the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act obliges them to do. They’d have to admit they are dead wrong!

    Elected Representatives are SUPPOSED TO represent the wishes of the majority of their CONSTITUENTS, not the wishes of special interest groups or welfare ranchers or large corporations whose only interest is their wallets. You were elected to serve at our pleasure. So please do your job!

    Public land belongs to the public! The wild horses and burros belong to the public! And neither you nor any of your fellow representatives nor the BLM has the right to go against everything the American public wants just so you can all pander to the ranchers, frackers, etc..

    PLEASE, PLEASE do not allow the situation to get even worse! Please do not allow any budget changes which would impact the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.

    The BLM needs to stop doing everything in its power to cause the extinction of our wild mustangs – it’s your job to stop them!

  4. To any horse person or environmentalist , the statistics are flawed to take yet more land for cooperate greed !!! Like Native American sacred sites .Usual set of suspects envolved here John McCanin , Jeff Flake , all of them actually !!! Despicable injustice in progress !!!

  5. We want our wild horses and burros free and protected by the Act of 1971~ thats it

  6. This attempt to eliminate the wild horses on their rightful legal lands in the West is motivated by petty-minded greed and selfishness, which is precisely what is killing life on this planet. These Representatives are representing crassness and ignorance, not wisdom and enlightenment by attacking the public lands and their altruistic values! This effort must not prevail! Please contact your representatives and senators and raise a vociferous and well-substantiated protest to this as soon as possible. Do it in honor of your ancestors, for it will carry on a fight that is truly for benign progress for not only humanity but for the Rest of Life, including the wild horses as restorers and healers of the life community. See my book and catch our interview done on Thursday out where the wild horses used to roam and some few still do. This is on American Wild Horse Institute FB page and webpage and also linked through my page

  7. As a Native American it hurt’s my Heart an Soul to see what our us government an the BLM have an our doing to our wild Native wild mustangs an burros these are our american Icon’s that are to run Free on our lands . the government has taken everything from my people please I beg you let them run Free .

  8. Please if Neda or Laura lee or anyone that has cold hard facts that can proven photos docementation ! I need all I can get to go have a apt with Danes here in Montana ! I’ve followed for years but have no printed facts to win him over ! If any one of you will help I will follow threw ! My address is 31 fern hollow trout creek Montana 59874 Betty Goodman house 406-552-5317 I will try to change my states mind

  9. Their is absolutely no real reason to get rid of our wild horses. It is a lie that there are too many of these beautiful wild iconic horses. This is a sin against our ecosystem to declare there are too many wild horses. They improve the land. Cutting back on the risk of fires
    by reseeding the land. Wild horses unlike ruminates (cattle, goats, sheep,t digest the seeds thoroughly) have the ability to deposit whole seed back to the earth keeping it green. Wild fires are on the rise. Our wild horses should be considered endangered now!!
    The real reason their HMA’s are overriddden by cattle is greed. The land
    Is overpopulated with cattle on land that belongs to the horses. Soon that land will be used for fracking. We pay the taxes to care for federal land. I demand it be given back to our iconic wild horses. Our earth is crumbling before our eyes. We can change this
    by letting our wild horses run free. They did a great job. No birth control , no slaughter, no more lies to try to justify greed.

  10. As a taxpayer and a voter I ask you to do the job we the people asked you to do. Please follow the original conditions put into law Act of 1971 to protect and preserve the wild horses and burros for future generations. Stop adding and subtracting to this law to suit huge livestock conglomerates agendas.
    This being a weekend for remembering the brave men that have fallen for our rights you have an obligation to their memories to do what they died for. That is the voters rights and the lives of the majestic beings that carried these men into battle for those rights. You are an elected official and you swore to carry out the laws we the voters put into place. We want our wild horses and burros free to roam and the livestock managed no vis versa. Thank you for your time.

  11. The Great Basin, covering the 7 Western States of America and currently managed mostly by BLM, is being destroyed. The Over-Population of Cattle is destroying the 11 Western States, and the 7 Western States of the Great Basin, a delicate matter of requiring restraints that govern delicate Ecological Zones.

    This is not being accomplished, and this is what Taxpayers, as well as those who choose as a priority Humane Principle’s, expect of our government — to manage these lands in a proper and jurisprudent manner of regulatory as well as ethical standards.

    If you do not understand this point, nor adhere toward a proper management principle, you will simply be voted out of office — as well as others who have acquired such negative attributes to shove ethics as well as Humane Principle’s of Conduct out the back door, and for nothing more than greed. America and American’s will not tolerate this type of mind-set any longer, of such immoral conduct and abuse of our lands and wildlife alike. Bank on it . . .

  12. Until the BLM fulfills its federally mandated empirically proven herd count, I cannot advocate ANY untoward actions, including contraception, against the wild horses and burros. This self-induced “crisis” generated by those who would destroy the American people’s horses as the first move in privatizing the American people’s public lands, should be ashamed of themselves. Who, I may ask, among you wishes to come forth into the light of public scrutiny for what you are about to do?

  13. I am a taxpayer and as far as I know that means that elected officials work for the people. Our wild horses are federally protected under the free roaming act of 1971 for both wild horses and burros. They belong under this protection and should NEVER be transferred to the individual states. There is no sight more beautiful than to see them running across wild open spaces. I am so tired of the BLM and their round ups because they think there are to many horses in a certain herd. Open your eyes you crooked agency. There are not that many. I am tired of this government agency working for the cattle industry and trying to eliminate the wild horses and burros. These majestic animals do not hurt the environment in any way but take a look at cattle and see how the land is left after they have grazed. With all the problems with very bad elected officials who will want to get re-elected I say no way as you are in the pockets of the wrong people only out for greed and profit and will stop at nothing to get what they want even buying senators. We the good American people would like the BLM and these senators and representatives to leave our wild horses and burros alone and take care of them the way you should by helping them not sending them to kill buyers. I am sorry for the rant but my heart hurts from all the hate that I am seeing from elected officials and the BLM. Please stop and do something good for our country for once. Stand up and do the right thing.

  14. There is no over population of horse’s and burros.
    From my research for the past couple of years there are elected officials from America’s Western states and states that border Canada have been planning a conspiracy all backed up by Cattemen’s Association, Livestock Association’s, Oil and Gas Drilling Industry and the Mining Industry to take over and gobble up Public land’s for their own use to profit for themselves selling are Natural resources to foreign countries and most of these companies are own by foreign countries especially Mining companies.
    They destroy many species of birds, animals, reptiles and other living creature’s the have lived and called are Public Land’s their homes for thousands of years.
    When are done plundered are Public Land’s will be a barron waste land that will not be able to inhabit any kind of life.
    I don’t need to live out west to see what damage cattle and sheep damage is done on land. I have exspierced this from three generations of my family raising livestock. I have also seen the damage caused by Fracting because this is going on in my own backyard in Pennsylvania because I live on the Marcellus Shell line whish is one the richest deposits of gas in the world.
    What’s going happen when the have a gas well blow out. I have seen the damage and destruction of a blow out. These gas well fires burn for days and can burn uncontrolled for days.
    These types can burn hundreds of thousands of acres of grass land in a matter of days.
    Most of these elected officials have been for in Campaign funds from these types of Companies to take over our Public Land’s.
    Most information about Neil Kornze has been blacked out and they don’t want the public to know he is and he backed him for Director of the BLM.
    Look up these individuals profiles.
    The all need to be charged with stealing and miss use of taxpayer’s money. They are all nothing but criminals.


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