Underpopulation, sterilization, pesticides and Pandora’s box

Watch the Pro-Cattle, Pro-Sterilization, Pro-Slaughter Activists Push to Wipe Out America’s Wild Horses and Burros in the House Committee on Natural Resources

When advocates stop fighting for wild horses and burros to remain really free in large numbers on public land put aside by Congress for their principal but not exclusive use, then we have a problem.
When advocates go along with BLM’s overpopulation myth and their agenda for “fertility control” we have a problem.
When the advocacy is divided over forced drugging wild mares with Pesticide PZP, as defined by the EPA, we have a problem.
Now wild horse haters and special interest groups are gaining ground in Washington with YOUR elected officials! Are YOUR senators and congress people representing your voice in government or are they representing Dirty Money?
Never underestimate the Pandora’s Box known as PZP and other methods used to manage underpopulated wild horses to EXTINCTION.
American wild horses & burros have the right to be an essential part of the thriving natural ecological system on public lands!
Contact your elected officials today! Senators are in office until July 1: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ ASK that they stop the assault on wild horses and PROTECT them!
PUBLIC comment allowed for 10 Business days after the Natural Resources meeting, which is July 7, 2016.  EMAIL: the Clerk: aniela.butler@mail.house.gov

Protect Mustangs is an organization who protects and preserves native and wild horses.

11 thoughts on “Underpopulation, sterilization, pesticides and Pandora’s box

  1. I HAVE contacted all of Virginia’s senators, congressmen & etc. INCLUDING TIM McKAINE and it’s all about the money!! Sally Jewel, the Government, BLM, are interested only if it is $$$$ in their pocket & votes for them!!! I will not vote for any of them!! It is wrong & yet they back the WELFARE RANCHERS!!! Leave OUR Wild America Mustangs FREE. They probably get free beef for rounding up & shipping off for slaughter our horses!!!

  2. This is horrific,leave the animals alone.
    We should be shipping off all those responsible for trying to rid american wild horses and burro’s from our landscape.
    People will not put up with this treatment any longer.
    Please have a heart.Animals feel pain and they suffer.
    I will tell everyone I know to speak up.
    This land is as much theirs as people’s,when are men going to realize they are hurting all.

  3. I contacted the committee right after the session yesterday and made some of the excellent points above. These are right to the point. We must be firm and persistent, most of all for the horses sake! They are depending upon us to make a positive difference for them and not left people blinded by greed or complacency continue to do them in!!!!

  4. BLM Wild Horse and Burro program must be overhauled with managers who can read and understand the science presented to them about the benefits of wild horses and burros on public land.

    Instead they listen to their cronies who say wild horses and burros do the damage. Not so!

    The methods they have used over the years are not sustainable so now they cry ‘wolf’ because of the costs of caring for them in overcrowded corrals and in their so called long term holding facilites. They should have thought about the future costs of their actions a long time ago!

  5. You need to go where the horses are and observe them and maybe you will develop empathy and understanding about what they are about, and will change your plans. You are too detached from the situation.

  6. Does NO ONE have sufficient lands/acreage ANYWHERE to create a sanctuary for these creatures?!?! How many tens of thousands have died already, while we try to work through government channels? yes, continue that work and advocacy, but it is time for and ARK somewhere to save them before they’re all gone!!!

  7. What is within us that demands that we kill living beings indiscriminately? There is plenty of land, plenty of food, plenty of what is needed to take care of these horses. They have no voice, no choice…we are supposed to be stewards of this amazing planet NOT DESTOYERS of it and its inhabitants for profit! We have
    truly lost our way when we decide that the only way to solve a problem is to destroy it and then profit from it! We must together decide that “enough is enough” of the killing and abuse we seem to so easily perpetrate on those with no voice and no choice. PLEASE be willing to help instead of hinder, to love instead of hate, to stand for what’s right and good and NEVER accept anger and death as a way of making money or benefitting in some other way. All of life is depending on our ability to “wake-up” from the nightmares we are creating and bring love and compassion onto the planet. God knows these animals are depending on us to take care of them!!

  8. I have written so many emails. Made so many calls. Even had face to face meeting with my Representative’s Executive Director. I discussed in detail the HORRIFIC actions of our FEDERAL GOVT against wild horses and burros. I explained that our tax dollars should NOT be spent to SLAUGHTER wild horses so that WELFARE ranchers could have more land for their stock. They are then making PROFITS off of my & your public lands. The ranchers have BLOOD on their hands. The BLM has blood on it’s hands. I have written Secretary Jewell (blood on her hands) re the BLM selling wild horses to kill buyers and asked her WHY? The Office of the Inspector General INVESTIGATED The BLM & what was happening to OUR WILD HORSES and produced a report VERY CRITICAL of the BLM. But THE JUSTICE DEPT WILL NOT PROSCECUTE! Why??!! So Our Govt Officials do not respond, my elected officials do not respond and HORSES/BURROS are DYING!
    We need the MEDIA to expose this entire CRUEL MESS!! HELP!!

  9. if anyone kept their animals in the horrible conditions that the blm does, they would be prosecuted for animal abuse, which, by the way, IS A FELONY. everyone who has turned a blind eye to the abuse, or has helped to cause it, WILL have to pay the price for it. either here, or after their death. please don’t keep torturing these horses and burros, just so rich ranchers can have more land to graze their cattle on. mr mcclintock doesn’t understand why we don’t “harvest” horses….IT’S BECAUSE WE DON’T EAT THEM, YOU IDIOT!! WHAT NEXT? WILL WE “HARVEST” DOGS BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE EATS THEM?

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